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Chapter 1
Constitutional Democracy	00
	American Government and Politicians in Context	00
	Defining Democracy	00
	The Constitutional Roots of the American Experiment	00
	The Constitutional Convention of 1787	00
	To Adopt or Not to Adopt?	00
Chapter 2
The Living Constitution	00
	Views of the Constitution	00
	Checking Power with Power	00
	Judicial Review and the "Guardians of the Constitution"	00
	The Constitution as an Instrument of Government	00
	Changing the Letter of the Constitution	00
	The Constitution of the United States	00
Chapter 3
American Federalism	00
	Defining Federalism	00
	The Constitutional Structure of American Federalism	00
	The Role of the Federal Courts: Umpires of Federalism	00
	Regulatory Federalism: Grants, Mandates, and New Techniques of Control 00
	The Politics of Federalism	00
	The Future of Federalism	00
Chapter 4
Political Culture and Ideology	00
	Defining the American Political Culture	00
	Political Ideology and Attitudes Toward Government	00
	Political Ideology and the American People	00
	Ideology and Tolerance	00
Chapter 5
The American Political Landscape	00
	A Land of Diversity	00
	Where We Live	00
	Who We Are	00
	Unity in a Land of Diversity	00
Chapter 6
Interest Groups	00
	Interest Groups Past and Present: The "Mischiefs of Faction"	00
	Types of Interest Groups	00
	Characteristics and Power of Interest Groups		00	
	The Influence of Lobbyists	00
	Money and Politics	00
	How Much Do Interest Groups influence Elections and legislation?	00
	Curing the Mischiefs of Faction; Two Centuries Later	00
Chapter 7
Political Parties	00
	What Parties Do for Democracy	00
	A Brief History of American Political Parties	00
	American Parties Today	00
	Financing the Parties	00
	Are the Political Parties Dying?	00
Chapter 8
Public Opinion, Participation, and Voting	00
	Public Opinion	00
	Participation: Translating Opinions into Action	00
	Voting Choices	00
	Counting Votes	00
Chapter 9
Campaigns and Elections	00
	Elections: The Rules of the Game	00
	Running for Congress	00
	Running for President	00
	Money in U.S. Elections	00
	Improving Elections	00
Chapter 10	
The Media and American Politics	00
	The Influence of the Media on Politics	00
	The Changing Role of the American News Media	00
	Mediated Politics	00
	The Media and Elections	00
	The Media and Governance	00
Chapter 11
Congress	00
	Congressional Elections	00
	The Structure and Powers of Congress	00
	Congressional Leadership and Rules	00
	The Job of the Legislator	00
	The Legislative Obstacle Course	00
	An Assessment of Congress	00
Chapter 12
The Presidency	00
	The Structure and Powers of the Presidency	00
	Controversies in Presidential Power	00
	Evolution of the Presidency	00
	Managing the Presidency	00
	The President's Job	00
	Congress and the Presidency	00
	Judging Presidents	00
Chapter 13
The Federal Administrative System	00
	Understanding the Federal Administrative System	00
	Working for Government	00
	The Job of the Federal Administrative System	00
	Holding the Federal Administrative System Accountable	00
	Government's Greatest Achievements	00
Chapter 14
The Judiciary	00
	Understanding the Federal Judiciary	00
	The Three Types of Federal Courts	00
	The Politics of Appointing Federal Judges	00
	Limits on Judicial Action	00
	The Supreme Court and How It Operates	00
	Judicial Power in a Constitutional Democracy	00
Chapter 15
First Amendment Freedoms	00
	Rights in the Original Constitution	00
	The Bill of Rights and the States	00
	Freedom of Religion	00
	Free Speech and Free People	00
	Nonprotected and Protected Speech	00
	Freedom of the Press	00
	Other Media and Communications	00
	Freedom of Assembly		00
Chapter 16
Rights to Life, Liberty, and Property	00
	Citizenship Rights	00
	Property Rights	00
	Due Process Rights	00
	Privacy Rights		00
	Rights of Persons	00
	Accused of Crimes	00
	How Just Is Our	00
	System of Justice?	00
	The Supreme Court and Civil Liberties	00
Chapter 17
Equal Rights Under the Law	00
	Equality and Equal Rights	00
	The Quest for Equal Justice	00
	Equal Protection of the Laws: What Does It Mean?	00
	Voting Rights	00
	Education Rights	00
	Rights of Association, Accommodations, Jobs, and Homes	00
	The Affirmative Action Controversy	00
	Equal Rights Today	00
Chapter 18
Making Economic and Regulatory Policy	00
	A Brief Introduction to Making Public Policy	00
	Economic Policy	00
	Fiscal Policy	00
	Monetary Policy	00
	Promoting the Economy	00
	Regulating the Economy	00
	The Deregulation Movement	00
Chapter 19
Making Social Policy	00
	The Role of Government in Social Policy	00
	The Early History of Social Policy in the United States	00
	Types of Social Policy	00
	The Expansion of Social Policy in the Twentieth Century	00
	Social Policy Challenges for the Future: Health, Education, and Safety	00
	The Politics of Social Policy	00
Chapter 20
Making Foreign and Defense Policy	00
	Understanding Foreign and Defense Policy	00
	Foreign and Defense Policy Priorities	00
	The Foreign and Defense Policy Administrative System	00
	Participants in Foreign and Defense Policy	00
	Foreign and Defense Policy Options	00
	Special Problems in Defense Policy	00
	Prospects for the Future	00
Chapter 21
California: Historical Perspective	00
	A Lure and a Challenge: California's Land and Climate	00
	Native American Settlement	00
	Spanish Exploration and Settlement	00
	Mexican Control	00
	Early Years of Statehood: The Big Four	00
	Revolt against the Railroads: The second California Constitution	00
	The Progressive Era: Hiram Johnson and Clean Government	00
	The Twentieth Century: Rapid Economic Growth	00
	California in the New Millennium	00
Chapter 22
Democracy, California Style: Political Participation 	00
	Voting: Who Can Vote?	00
	Elections	00
	Direct Democracy: California's Electoral Dilemma	00
	Campaigning for Votes	00
	Empowering California Voters	00
	Vote-Counting Difficulties in California	00
	Beyond Electoral Politics	00
	California's Tradition of Unconventional Political Participation	00
Chapter 23
The California State Legislature	00
	The Role of the California Legislature	00
	The Making of a California State Legislator
	The Legislative Universe	00
	Leadership in the State Legislature	00
	The Legislative Committee System	00
	The Legislative Process	00
	The Hidden View of Lawmaking	00
Chapter 24
The California Executive and Bureaucracy	00
	Governor: Supreme Executive Authority	00
	Becoming Governor	00
	The California Plural Executive	00
Chapter 25
The California Judiciary	00
	The California Court System	00
	The Variations in California Law	00
	The California Jury System	00
	Trends in the California Judicial System	00
	Punishment in California	00
	Reforming the California Judicial System	00
Chapter 26
Local Government in California	00
	California County Government	00
	Funding County Government	00
	California Cities in Transformation	00
	The Legal Framework and Formation of Cities	00
	The City Council	00
	The Municipal Bureaucracy	00
	Special Districts	00
	School Districts in California	00
	Councils of Government	00
	The Future of Local Government	00
Chapter 27
California Fiscal Policy	00
	The California Structural Budget Gap	00
	The California Budget: Politics and Key Players	00
	Major Sources of State Revenue	00
	Major State Expenditures	00
	Financing Local Government	00
	The California Budget Process	00
	The Effect of Direct Democracy on the Budget Process	00
	The State Economy: The foundation of Fiscal Policy	00
	The Future of the California Political Economy	00
Sustaining Constitutional Democracy		00
	The Case for Government by the People	00
	Participation and Representation	00
	Reconciling Democracy and Leadership	00
	The Democratic Faith		00
Sustaining Constitutional Democracy		00
	The Case for Government by the People	00
	Participation and Representation	00
	Reconciling Democracy and Leadership	00
	The Democratic Faith		00
The Declaration of Independence	00
The Federalist, No. 10		00
The Federalist, No. 51		00
The Federalist, No. 78		00
Presidential Election Results, 1789-2000	00
Presidents and Vice Presidents	00
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