Table of contents for The built environment : a collaborative inquiry into design and planning / Wendy McClure & Tom Bartuska, editors.

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I. Introduction: Definition, Design and Development of the Built Environment
1. The Built Environment: Definition and Scope, T. Bartuska & W. McClure
2. Four Traditions in the Built Environment, H. Matthews 
II. Central Issues: Human-Environmental-Technical Dimensions of a Quality Environment.
3. Understanding Environment(s) : Built & Natural, T. Bartuska
4. Designing with People: Human Behavior, Culture & User Participation, P. Windley & W. McClure
5. Designing with Environments: Land & Climate, M. Owen and B. Haglund
6. Designing with Technology: Collaborative & Creative Process, M. Taylor & K. Carper
7. Designing with a Visual Language: Elements & Ordering Systems, G. Kessler
III. Design & Planning Components (Levels of Integration) in the Built Environment
1. Products? Industrial & Product Design
8. The Humanly Made Object, C. Bicknell
9. From Craft Tradition to Industrial Design, C. Bicknell
2. Interiors ? Interior Design
10. Cultural Blueprints of Human Existence, J. Turpin
11. Human Nature & the Near Environment, N. Blossom 
12. Interior Design: Contemporary Issues & Challenges, J. Thompson & T. Johansen
3. Structures ? Architecture, Engineering & Construction 
13. Historic & Contemporary Trends in Architecture, K. Keane
14. Architecture as a Cultural Layer, W. McClure 
15. The Fitness Test: Building with Human & Environmental Factors, B. Haglund & T. Bartuska
16. Engineering Contributions, C. Hall
17. Constructing the Built Environment, M. Kirk
4. Landscapes ? Landscape Architecture & Planning 
18. Landscape Architecture through Time, F. Steiner 
19. Landscape Architecture Today: Purpose, Process & Palette, K. Brooks
20. Comparative Campus Planning, P. Waite
5. Cities ? Urban Design & Planning
21. The History of Urbanization, R. Patton
22. The Inherited City as a Resource, R. Baron
23. Cities Today: The Imprint of Human Needs in Urban Patterns & Form, T. Bartuska
24. Urban Planning & Design, M. Owen 
6. Regions ? Regional Planning & Management 
25. Defining and Planning the Regional Context, B. Parmenter 
26. Regional Planning: Historic & Contemporary Examples, F. Steiner 
27. Connections: Products to Regional Planning & Policies, W. Budd 
7. Earth ? Global Policies, Planning & Management 
28. Global Life-Support Systems to the Built Environment, E. Franz 
29. Taking Local-Global Action in the Built Environment, D. Armpriest
IV. Challenges: Designing/Planning a Quality & Sustainable Environment for All
30. Urbanization and the Housing Crisis in Developing Countries, B. Kazimee
31. Livable/Sustainable Communities, W. McClure
32. Conspectus, T. Bartuska

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