Table of contents for I was poisoned by my body--I have a gut feeling you could be, too! : the odyssey of a doctor who reversed fibromyalgia, leaky gut syndrome, multiple allergic responses, naturally and her life 10 years after recovery / Gloria Gilbâaere ; foreword by Merry Alto.

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Important Author Update: Ten years after I was POISONED by my body¿
Foreword (1997) ¿ Merry Alto, M.D.	
Foreword (1997) ¿ Lola Righton, D.A.Hom. 
Foreword (2007) ¿ Greg Dutson, D.C.
Foreword (2007) ¿ S.L. Wiseman, M.Ed.
Author¿s Note ¿ Sixty is the New Forty
Important Note
Prelude to My Story
My Story¿Surviving on Carrot Juice and Rice is NOT Living
Chapter One: 	Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS)
	Diseases and Disorders Associated with LGS
Chapter Two:	Autointoxication: How the Body POISONS Itself
* The Role of the Large Intestine (Colon)
* The Raging ¿Fire¿ Within Us:
Linking Inadequate Digestion and Autointoxication
* Metabolic ¿Burn-Out¿
Chapter Three: 	Gut Reactions: Symptoms of Leaky Gut
* Autoimmune Reactions: The Birth of Allergic Responses 
* Rashes: More than Skin Deep
* Gastrointestinal (GI)/Digestive System 101
o Functions of the Digestive System
o Gastrointestinal Symptoms Associated with LGS
* Constipation and Diarrhea: Essentially the Same Disorder
o Symptoms of Constipation
o Causes of Constipation in LGS and Related Disorders
o Symptoms of Diarrhea
o Causes of Diarrhea and Related Disorders
* Food Intolerance
* Multiple Allergic Response Syndromes (MARS)
* Acute/Chronic Insomnia
o Causes of sleep disturbances related to LGS
* Sudden Hair Loss
* Liver Pain and Swelling: With a ¿Side Order¿ of Ribs
* Brain Fog: Your Mind is Writing Checks Your Body Can¿t Cash
* Understanding Anaphylactic Allergic Reactions
* Heartburn/Acid Reflux
* Dehydration/Mineral Loss
Chapter Four:	Multiple Allergic Response Syndromes (MARS) 
* 21st Century Human Canaries
* Intolerance vs. Allergic Response
* Symptoms of MARS
o Type One Allergic Response
o Responses to Environmental Allergens 
o Type Two Allergic Response
* Effects of MARS
o Life with MARS: Life-Altering
* Stress: Adding Fuel to the Fire
* Different Day, Different Symptom
* Your ¿Internal Toxic Tocsin¿ (ITT)
* Digging Your Teeth Into Multiple Allergic Responses
o Don¿t be Numb to Anesthetics
o False Sense of Security
Chapter Five:		How Did I Get This Way? Identifying Causes = Power
* What Function does the Gut Perform?
o Gut Health = Overall Health
* Destruction of Health Begins in the Colon
* Constipation
o Common Constipation
o Concealed Constipation
o Drug- Induced Constipation
o Laxatives: Short Term Solution, Long Range Impact
* Helpful Drugs: Serious Side Effects
 Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDS)
	Steroidal Drugs
 Acetaminophen (Tylenol)
 Over- the-Counter (OTC) Pain Relievers
 Prescription Pain Medications
* Stress and Your Digestive System
* Candida (Systemic Yeast Overgrowth) = Dysbiosis
o Your Internal Ecosystem
o Dysbiosis Defined
o Candidiasis (Candida)
o Causes of Candida
o Symptoms Associated with Candida
* Parasitic Involvement: ¿What¿s Bugging You?¿
Chapter Six:	Identifying the Problem: Uncovering what Conventional Diagnosis Does Not
* Innovative Alternative Testing
* Live Cell Variable Projection Microscopy
* Intestinal Permeability Testing
* Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis (CDSA)
* Comprehensive Parasitology Testing
* Liver Detoxification Profile
Chapter Seven:	Healing Leaky Gut Naturally: Not Medicine as Usual
* Strategic Healing
* Systemic Cleansing (Detoxifying)
o Therapeutic Functional Foods
o Gloria¿s Rejuvenation Protein Shake
* Cleansing & Supporting the Lymphatic System
o Massage and Lymphatic Stimulation
o Rebounding: Lymph Stimulation and Body ¿Lift¿
o Castor Oil Pack: Lymphatic Value
Skin Brushing: Its Benefits
 Skin Brushes
 How to Skin Brush 
* Colon Health: Waste Management
 Colon Hydro-therapy Defined
 Enemas and Colon Cleansing: A Historical Perspective
 Natural Fiber-Cleansing
 Fiber: Its Functions
 Uncovering the Past
 Healthy vs. Unhealthy Stool
 Bowel Transit Time
* Food Elimination/Challenge Plan
 Charting the Challenger
 Food Elimination/Challenge
 	 Reintroduction Plan
* Food Rotation Plan: 
 A little is Safe ¿ Repetition can Trigger Allergic Responses
* General Dietary Life-Style Changes
 Water, Water, Water
 Organic Food, A Necessary Choice
 If the bugs won¿t eat them, why should we?
 Smaller More Frequent Meals
* The ¿Whey¿ to Supplement Minerals
 We are Electrical Creatures
 	Examples of Mineral Imbalances
 Our Body¿s Electrical System
 ¿My Whey¿
* Nutritional Support and Vitamin Supplementation
o Proteins: A Quick Reference
* Importance of Protein
* Manifestations of Protein Deficiency
* Types of Protein
* Glutamine: Essential for Intestinal Repair
* Ginger: A Natural Digestive Aid
o Ginger: Its Health Benefits
* Aloe Vera Juice: Nature¿s Tissue Repair and Anti-inflammatory
* Candida: Fighting Your Fungus
o What to Avoid
* Garlic: Its Health Benefits
 Garlic: Socially Acceptable Supplementation
* Liver Detoxification and Support
 Homeopathic Support
 Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum)
* Blood Integrity: The Flow of Life
o The Nectar of Rejuvenation
o Plant Life: Its Blood
o Immune Enhancement: Supporting our Defenses
o Cell Regeneration: Charging our Battery
o DNA Repair: Reproducing Healthy Cells
* Enzymes: Life¿s Sustainability
o Digestive Enzymes: Their Functions
o Systemic Enzymes
o ¿I Hurt All Over¿: The Drug Alternative for Pain and Inflammation
o Systemic Enzymes: Their Benefits
o Why hasn¿t your health-care provider recommended systemic oral enzymes instead of drugs with their side-effects?
* Parasites: Eliminating Your Unwanted House Guests
 Intestinal Housecleaning 
 Parasitic Therapies: Natural Solutions
 Parasitic Therapies: Conventional Approach
Intestinal ¿Rotor Rooter®¿
Diet and Parasites
 Natural Relief from Nausea
* Depositing Reserves in Your pH Immune Account
Chapter Eight: 	Emotional Support
* Surviving in a Society That Revolves Around Eating
* Asking for What You Need: Help Others Help You
Acknowledge the Fear
Education and Validation
Chapter Nine: Living with the Effects of Leaky Gut & MARS
* Reaction - Emergency Preparedness
* How I ¿Get Out¿ of Allergic Responses
* My Battered Ration Crate
* My Battered Ice Chest
* Business and Overnight Trips
What¿s Next?
Resources for Testing
Product Resources
Colon Hydro-therapy Resources
Consulting with Gloria
	Educational Travel Programs
	Wholistic Skin & Body Rejuvenation (WSBR®) Programs
	Certificated WSBR® Programs for Health Professionals
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