Table of contents for The Praeger handbook on stress and coping / edited by Alan Monat, Richard S. Lazarus, and Gretchen Reevy.

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Table of Contents
Figures, Tables, Boxes, and Illustrations	vii
Abbreviations	ix
Foreword		xiii
Preface		xv
Acknowledgments	xvii
Introduction	1
Part I: The Stress Concept
	Introduction to "The Stress Concept"	21
	Chapter 1: Stress: A Brief History
		The Twentieth Century: From the 1950s to Richard Lazarus
			Cary L. Cooper and Philip Dewe	31
	Chapter 2: Stress and Emotion: A New Synthesis
		Stress and Emotion
			Richard S. Lazarus..............................................................85
	Chapter 3: Work Stress
		Macro-Level Work Stressors
			Lorne Sulsky and Carlla Smith	125
Chapter 4: The Wisdom of the Receptors: Neuropeptides, the Emotions, and Bodymind
			Candace B. Pert		199
	Chapter 5: Allostatic Load: When Protection Gives Way to Damage
			Bruce McEwen and Elizabeth Norton Lasley	223
Part II: Stress and Illness
	Introduction to "Stress and Illness"	245
	Chapter 6: Dr. Dean Ornish's Program for Reversing Heart Disease
			Dean Ornish.................	257
	Chapter 7: Racial Differences in Attitudes Regarding Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Treatment
		LeChauncy D. Woodard, Marie T. Hernandez, Emily Lees, and 
Laura A. Petersen		281
	Chapter 8: Stress : Myth, Theory and Research
		Stress : Health and Illness
			Fiona Jones and Jim Bright	307
	Chapter 9: The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression
			Andrew Solomon	363
	Chapter 10: Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers
		Stress, Metabolism, and Liquidating Your Assets
			Robert M. Sapolsky	387
	Chapter 11: Psychological Factors and Immunity in HIV Infection
		Stress, Coping, Social Support, and Intervention Outcomes
			Susan Kennedy		431
Part III: Posttraumatic Stress
	Introduction to "Posttraumatic Stress"	467
	Chapter 12: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Terrorism
			Alyssa Lee, Mohan Isaac, and Aleksandar Janca	477
	Chapter 13: Neuropsychological Processes in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
			Julia Golier and Rachel Yehuda	497
	Chapter 14: Growing Up Under the Gun: Children and Adolescents Coping with Violent Neighborhoods
			David F. Duncan.	547
Glossary		575
Index			599
Contributors	603

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