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Table of Contents
The Crisis
Why is there so much violence in the Middle East? Isn?t there violence on both sides? 
Why should Americans care about violence in the Middle East? 
Why is the Middle East so important to the US and internationally?
What caused the Israeli?Palestinian crisis that began in 2000? 
Why is the violence so intense? 
Isn?t Israel just trying to fight terrorism, as the US tried to do in Afghanistan?
Are all Palestinians terrorists or supporters of terrorism? 
Why are Palestinians in Israel at all? 
Who are the Palestinians? Where did they come from?
What are the occupied territories? 
What does ?military occupation? mean? 
Who are the Israelis? Where did they come from? 
What?s the difference between Jews and Israelis?
Who are the Israeli settlers? Why are the Israeli settlements located outside Israel?s borders? 
What do the Palestinians want? 
What does Israel want? 
Who controls the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip? 
Why does Israel still occupy those areas? 
If Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, why are there so many Palestinians in the eastern part of the city? 
Who are the Palestinian refugees and why are they still living in refugee camps?
What is the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)?
What is the Palestinian Authority (PA)?
Who are the ?suicide bombers? and why are they killing themselves and others? 
Why are only Palestinians carrying out these suicide bombings? 
What is the Wall that Israel is building in the occupied territories?
What does the rest of the world think about the Wall?
Why do South AfricanÿNobel Peace Prize laureatesÿNelson Mandela andÿArchbishop Desmond Tutu, former President Jimmy Carter, and others describe Israel?s policies towards the Palestinians as ?apartheid??
What was the significance of Yasir Arafat?s death?
What does the Israeli?Palestinian conflict have to do with the US war in Iraq?
What is ?transfer?? Why did talk of ?transfer? of Palestinians increase during the build-up to war in Iraq?
What was Israel?s ?convergence plan? for the West Bank, and why did President Bush endorse Israel?s unilateral 2004 plans to annex much of the West Bank?
What is Hamas?
Why did the Palestinians choose Hamas in the January 2006 elections?
What are Israel?s ?targeted assassinations??
Didn?t Israel?s occupation of Gaza end with its withdrawal of soldiers and settlers in 2005?
Why did Hamas capture an Israeli soldier in June 2006 after Israel had withdrawn from Gaza in 2005?
Doesn?t Israel have the right to defend itself against Hamas in Gaza, as well as against Hezbollah in Lebanon? 
The Other Players:
The Role of the US, the UN, Arab States, and Europe
Why is the Israeli?Palestinian conflict so important on the global stage? Why does the rest of the world care, and get so involved, in this conflict in such a small place? 
What is the international response to the Israeli?Palestinian conflict? Is there international agreement? 
Why hasn?t the US been part of that consensus? 
Why is the US the central player in the Middle East? 
What explains the US?Israeli ?special relationship?? 
Is the US an ?honest broker? in the conflict? 
How does the US support Israel? 
Why was the Bush administration so much less involved than the Clinton administration in Israel?Palestine diplomacy? 
What has the George W. Bush administration?s Middle East policy been all about?
Where does US aid to Israel fit in the broader scheme of US foreign aid? Does the US provide aid to the Palestinians also? 
Didn?t the US support creation of the Palestinian Authority? Why did the US treat it differently than the PLO, which Washington usually tried to undermine or sideline? 
If not the US, who else should be at the center of Middle East diplomacy? 
Didn?t the United Nations create the State of Israel? Why didn?t it create a State of Palestine too? Why doesn?t it now? 
Why is Israel so often criticized in the UN? Aren?t other countries just as guilty of human rights violations? 
What is the role of the UN in the Middle East these days? Why isn?t the UN in charge of the overall peace process? 
Why is Israel isolated from Arab countries in the region and in the UN and other international forums? 
Since Jordan?s population is about 2/3 Palestinian and there are 21 other Arab countries, why do the Palestinians insist on having a new state of their own? 
Don?t the Arab countries want to destroy Israel and drive the Jews into the sea? 
How does Israel see its role in the Middle East region? 
What role does Europe play in the conflict? Why doesn?t it do more? 
2000 and Beyond: Rising Violence
Why did violence break out again in 2000? What is this second ?intifada,? and how is it different from the first intifada of 1987?1993?
What was the ?road map? that President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair, on the eve of the Iraq war, seemed so convinced would end the Israeli?Palestinian conflict?
Did the road map have any potential to actually bring about a new peace process?
This whole thing happened after the famous 1993 handshake on the White House lawn. Wasn?t that supposed to end the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians?
What was the Oslo process? How did the Oslo process start? 
Why didn?t the Oslo process work? 
What were Oslo?s ?final status? issues? Why were they so difficult? 
Whose capital is Jerusalem? 
What happened to Israeli settlements and settlers during the years of the Oslo process? 
What would a Palestinian ?state? as determined by Oslo/Camp David have looked like? 
What happened at Camp David? Why did it fail? 
Didn?t Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak make the most generous offer in history to the Palestinians? Why did they reject it? 
What would a real, comprehensive peace have looked like at Camp David? 
Looking Backwards (1900?1991)
What was the Madrid peace conference in 1991? 
What kind of diplomacy followed the Madrid conference?
What happened to Israel and Palestine during the 1991 Gulf war? 
What was the first ?intifada? all about? 
What were conditions like in the occupied territories before the first intifada? 
How did Israel come to be in control of the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem? 
What was the international community?s response to the 1967 war? 
How did the US respond to the occupation?
What was the 1982 Lebanon war all about? What was Ariel Sharon?s role? 
What was the Sabra-Shatila massacre in Lebanon? 
Did the Palestinians demand national rights and an independent state before the 1967 war? 
How was the PLO viewed in the Arab Middle East, the UN, and in the rest of the world? 
What is Zionism? Do all Jews support Zionism?
The Future
What would a just and comprehensive peace between Israel and Palestine look like today? 
Won?t a Palestinian state be a threat to Israel?s security? What about terrorism? 
What would the Middle East region look like with a secure Israel and an independent Palestine living side by side? What would it mean for the US and Americans?
Is a two-state arrangement really fair and based on justice? 
Palestine under the British Mandate, 1923?1947 
United Nations Partition Plan, 1947 
Palestinian Refugees: UNRWA Refugee Camps, 2001 
Oslo II, 1995 
Palestinian Sovereign Areas According to the Sharon Proposal, 2001 
Map of Wall (vs. Green Line)
Map sequence of ?Diminishing Land of Palestine?

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