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The Monster of Them All
Capsule: Victor Frankenstein's Story, Part I
Sidebar. Charge It: When the Monster Gets Wired
I Am Galvanized: Frankenstein Science, Then and Now
Ten Easy Steps for Setting Up A Mad Scientist Laboratory &
Creating Your Very Own
Sidebar: The Word "Monster"
The importance of parents
Fainting Spells: The Monster on Stage
The Electrifying Monster: Film takes to the Monster
Suture Self: Boris Karloff, not Bela Lugosi, Sews Up a Big
June 16.
Sidebar: Bolt Upright: The Monster Walks
Sidebar: Does the book's subtitle explain it all? The Modern
Prometheus at the Movies: What's worth bringing (back) to
 Sci-Fi Movies and the theme of Frankenstein
Making a Monster the Van Helsing Way.
How to Make Your Own Frankenstein Monster
Mary Shelley Tells a Birth Story: The Teenager Who Wrote
Sidebar: Mary Shelley the fecund writer (her pregnancies and
Map: 1814-1816
A Selection from Mary Shelley's Reading Lists, 1814-1816
Frankenstein in Common Parlance
Excerpt: Victor goes to the mountains and meets the
Sidebar: How sublime!
Capsule: An Orphan's Tale -- The Monster's Story
Frankenstein in the Funnies
Dan Piraro: Why I like drawing Frankenstein's monster
Sit down!: Frankenstein in children's books.
Sidebar: The First Flower Child and the Change in the
Message of the 1931 Frankenstein
Why I'm a Vegetarian. An Interview with the Monster. No,
it's not for health, he asserts, though he attributes his
long life to his vegetarian diet.
Excerpt: Victor describes how the Monster Demands a Mate
Capsule: Victor Frankenstein's Story Part II
Sidebar: It Wasn't Incest! Victor Frankenstein defends his
marriage to his first cousin Here there be monsters. Map of
Victor's travels to Scotland back, until his marriage
A good cast is worth repeating. The Bride of Frankenstein
Sidebar: I was the bride of Frankenstein. Elsa Lanchester
Pyramid Themes: Frank in Egypt, Intentionally or Not
Sidebar: The creation of the second monster.
Song: Frankenstein's Valentine
Frankenstein: The Musical?
Sidebar: Rocky Horror Picture Show
Capsule: "All at Sea": Walton's Story
Polar Opposites. Does Victor renounce over-reaching and will
The Jabbermock: A Cautionary Tale on Messing in God's
Domain without a permission slip in the style of Lewis
Monsters on ice.
Lurching Ever Onwards: Charles Addams, Ted Cassidy, and the
The Monster Gets a First Name: Television Embraces the Comic
Side of Horror. Sidebar: Living with the Munsters in
Waxahachie, Texas.
From Ice-olation to the Fireside Hearth and Back Again: the
Nesting-Doll Shape of the Story.
Sidebar: Safie's Independent Mother and Mary Wollstonecraft
Chart: Simulacrum and disfigurations: The story line in the
novel versus the 1931 film
Missing Persons advertisements.
Kenneth Branagh's Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
A Frankenstein Quiz
13 ways of Looking at Frankenstein
Of Gods, Monsters, and Homosexual Panic
What to do if you meet a monster: an etiquette guide
The Son of the Bride in the House of the Ghost of
Frankenstein: Successor Universal Movies after Whale
The Way of all (Pumpkin) Flesh
How They Died
Sidebar: Fire and Ice in the Frankenstein story
A monstrous crossword puzzle
A hammered-out plot
Herr Frankenstein is greatly changed:
 Comic book artists draw on the Monster's story
A Brief Introduction to Sequential Art: Comic Book Trends in
Portraying the Monster
Sidebar: Bleeds, Splash Pages and Two-Page Spreads
The Roles of Women in Monster Comics
Collectors: Donald Glut
Bill of Lading to Chick Young and Wilbur Grey. A bill of
lading that demonstrates what happens when weirds collide.
More precisely, when Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein,
the Wolfman, and Dracula (with a guest non-appearance by the
Invisible Man)
Monsterbilia: Frankenstein action figures, lights, candles,
salt and pepper shakers, etc.
Sidebar: The book of life and death
The Animated Director: Tim Burton's windmills and other
Frankenstein icons
Collectors: Forrest Ackerman
A Frank Success. The Frankenstein Stamp
All Stitched Up: The 1818 versus 1831 editions. A publishing
Frankenstein v. Bialystock
A Frankenstein Film Test: Can you identify which of these
films was never made?
"You've been overexposed." A memo from the Monster's agent
Putting the Monster Behind You

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Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft, 1797-1851 -- Characters -- Frankenstein.
Frankenstein (Fictitious character) -- Miscellanea.
Horror tales, English -- Miscellanea.
Scientists in literature -- Miscellanea.
Monsters in literature -- Miscellanea.
Frankenstein films.