Table of contents for The life of meaning : reflections on faith, doubt, and repairing the world / Bob Abernethy and William Bole ; and the contributors to PBS's Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly.

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Chapter 1: The Meaning Makers
1. Limning the Rites of Death: Thomas Lynch
2. Staring Down the Gods of War: Chris Hedges
3. Exposing the Spiritual Crisis of Modern Medicine: Rachel Remen
4. More Than Is Dreamt of in Your Theologies: Marilynne Robinson and Sir John Polkinghorne
5. Naming the Real: Marianne Williamson and Tilden Edwards
6. Discovering Things "Nobody Knew Before but God" Francis Collins
7. Waltzing with the God of Chaos: Barbara Brown Taylor
8. The Meaning of Mud: Phyllis Tickle
Chapter 2: Evil and Suffering
9. A Faith Difficult to Understand: Menachem Daum
10. Easing the Divine Suffering: Irving Greenberg
11. Evil Acts, Sacred Places: Edward Linenthal
12. Like Living in the Book of Job: Thomas Lynch
13. Damning the Disease, Not (Ultimately) the Deity: William Abernethy
14. Smells Like Hope: Madeleine L'Engle
15. Redeeming the Devil: Desmond Tutu
16. "Hope Dies Last": Studs Terkel
Chapter 3: Prayer and Meditation
17. The World's Prayers: Carol and Philip Zaleski
18. Through the Valley of the Shadow: Harold Kushner
19. The Former President on Unanswered Prayer: Jimmy Carter
20. Warming Oneself Before the Glow of God: Desmond Tutu
21. Talking to God Straight, and Angry: Stanley Hauerwas
22. On "Wintry Spirituality," and Napping: Martin Marty
23. Praise Every Three Hours: Phyllis Tickle
24. The Jesus Prayer and Praying with Icons: Frederica Mathewes-Green
25. The Hum of the Universe, in a Minor Key: Robert Wuthnow
26. Finding God's Presence in Darkness: Ellwood "Bud" Kieser
Chapter 4: "I'm Spiritual, but Not Religious"
27. On the Altar of Consciousness: Marilyn McGuire
28. Unlearning Religion: Marianne Williamson
29. Blessing the Doubters: Barbara Brown Taylor
30. With or Without Religion: Phyllis Tickle
31. "We're Spiritual and Religious": Tilden Edwards and Tina Brown
32. Religion Makes Hospice Calls: Martin Marty
Chapter 5: Being Religious
33. Catholicism: All Is Gift / Eileen Durkin 
34. Eileen's Uncle and His Catholic Imagination: Andrew Greeley
35. Stuff Counts: George Weigel
36. Evangelicalism: Is God Still the Center?: Mark Noll
37. "The Inerrant, Infallible Word of God": Richard Land
38. The Genius of Evangelicalism: Randall Balmer
39. Who is Winning-Evangelicalism or American Culture?: Alan Wolfe
40. Mainline Protestantism: God Is Not Going to Whomp You: Martin Marty
41. Vital Signs: Diana Butler Bass
42. The African American Church: Safe Harbors and Defiant Spirituality: Robert Franklin
43. Judaism: The Miracle of Existence: Blu Greenberg
44. Reading the Book of Our Life: Alan Lew, Abraham Lubin, Joel Tessler
45. The Soul is Hovering: Rochel Berman
46. Islam: Bearing Witness to the One God: Seyyed Hossein Nasr
47. The Hajj: Abdul Akhim Mubarak
48. Buddhism: A Message from the Dalai Lama
49. Being Mindful and Engaged: Thich Nhat Hanh
50. The Smaller Sufferings: Helen Tworkov
Chapter 6: Paths up the Mountain
51. The Measure of Diversity: Diana Eck
52. Many Paths, Many Ways: Alan Wolfe
53. Evangelizing by Deed: Jimmy Carter
54. The Only Way to Heaven: James Merritt
55. Is Every Truth True? Robert Wuthnow
56. Our Great Challenge: Seyyed Hossein Nasr
57. The Passions of Jerusalem: David Hartman
Chapter 7: Lives Well Lived
58. Where the Weak and the Strong Dance Together: Jean Vanier
59. "Oh, Annie, Whatever:" Anne Lamott
60. No Return: Scott Neeson
61. Healing Body and Spirit: Scott Morris
62. The Cathedral of Charity: Bill Shore
63. Raging Against Boredom: William Sloane Coffin

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