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How to Use This Book
 Focus Points
 Table of Focus Points
 The Mushrooms
 Terminology and Names
Identifying Wild Mushrooms
 Picking Mushrooms for Identification
 Working with Mushrooms at Home
 Learning from Experts
Collecting, Preparing, and Eating Wild Mushrooms
 In the Woods
 Field Equipment for Hunting Edible Mushrooms
 Consider the Substrate
 In the Kitchen
 Safety Precautions for Trying New Mushrooms
 Preserving Wild Mushrooms
From the Store
 1) The Button Mushroom and the Portobello: Agaricus bisporus
 2) Porcini: Various Bolete Species
 3) The Enoki: Cultivated Flammulina velutipes
 4) Oyster Mushrooms: Pleurotus ostreatus and Others
 5) The Shiitake: Lentinula edodes
Poisonous Look-Alikes
 Amanita Species
 Galerina marginata and Similar Species
 Chlorophyllum molybdites
 Poisonous Mushrooms in the Lepiota Group
 Poisonous Boletes
 False Morels
 Poisonous Clitocybe Species
 Inocybe Species
 Cortinarius Species
 Entoloma Species
 Jack O'Lantern Mushrooms: Omphalotus Species
 Poisonous Russula Species
 Poisonous Agaricus Species
 Gymnopilus Species
Recommended for Beginners
 6) The Old Man of the Woods: Strobilomyces floccopus
 7) The Chicken of the Woods: Laetiporus Species
 8) Black Morels: Morchella Species
 9) Yellow Morels: Morchella Species
 10) Giant Puffballs: Calvatia gigantea and Others
 11) The Devil's Urn: Urnula craterium
 12) Boletus parasiticus
 13) The Black Trumpet: Craterellus cornucopioides
 14) Craterellus foetidus
 15) Hericium Species
 16) Hedgehog Mushrooms: Hydnum repandum and Hydnum umbilicatum
 17) Lactarius indigo
 18) The Cauliflower Mushroom: Sparassis Species
Experience Required
 19) The Prince: Agaricus augustus
 20) The Meadow Mushroom: Agaricus campestris and Others
 21) Albatrellus Species
 22) The Jelly Ear: Auricularia auricula
 23) Boletellus russellii
 24) The King Bolete: Boletus edulis and Others
 25) Boletus griseus and Boletus ornatipes
 26) Boletus illudens
 27) Boletus pallidus
 28) Boletus subglabripes and Boletus hortonii
 29) Boletus zelleri
 30) Eastern Chanterelles: "Cantharellus cibarius" and Others
 31) Western Chanterelles: Cantharellus Species
 32) Cantharellus appalachiensis
 33) The Smooth Chanterelle: Cantharellus lateritius
 34) Pine Spikes: Chroogomphus Species
 35) Clavariadelphus Species
 36) The Shaggy Mane: Coprinus comatus
 37) Craterellus tubaeformis
 38) Fistulina hepatica
 39) Ganoderma lucidum and Ganoderma tsugae
 40) Gomphidius Species
 41) Gomphus clavatus
 42) The Hen of the Woods: Grifola frondosa
 43) Gyrodon merulioides
 44) Gyroporus castaneus
 45) Gyroporus cyanescens
 46) Ischnoderma resinosum
 47) Lactarius deliciosus
 48) Lactarius rubidus
 49) Lactarius thyinos
 50) Lactarius volemus
 51) Brown Leccinum Species
 52) White Leccinum Species: Leccinum holopus and Others
 53) Leccinum rugosiceps
 54) Puffballs: Lycoperdon Species and Others
 55) Half-Free Morels: Morchella Species
 56) The Train Wrecker: Neolentinus lepideus
 57) Stinkhorns: Phallus impudicus and Phallus hadriani
 58) The Gilled Bolete: Phylloporus rhodoxanthus
 4 in the Wild) Oyster Mushrooms: Pleurotus ostreatus and Others
 59) Polyporus squamosus
 60) Polyporus umbellatus
 61) Russula flavida
 62) Russula virescens
 63) Stropharia rugosoannulata
 64) Suillus americanus
 65) Suillus cavipes
 66) Suillus granulatus
 67) The Slippery Jack: Suillus luteus
 68) Suillus pictus and Suillus lakei
 69) Suillus pungens
 70) Tylopilus alboater
 71) Tylopilus ballouii
 72) Xanthoconium affine
 73) Xanthoconium separans
 74) Xerula Species
 75) The Horse Mushroom: Agaricus arvensis
 1 in the Wild) Agaricus bisporus
 76) Agaricus Species (Unidentified)
 77) Honey Mushrooms: Armillaria Species
 78) Armillaria tabescens
 79) Boletus Species (Unidentified)
 80) Catathelasma Species
 81) The Shaggy Parasol: Chlorophyllum rhacodes
 82) The Blewit: Clitocybe nuda
 83) Clitopilus prunulus
 84) The Gypsy: Cortinarius caperatus
 85) Flammulina velutipes
 86) Hygrophorus Russula
 87) The Lobster Mushroom: Hypomyces lactifluorum
 88) Laccaria ochropurpurea
 89) Lactarius deceptivus
 90) Lyophyllum decastes
 91) Macrolepiota americana
 92) The Parasol Mushroom: Macrolepiota procera
 93) Marasmius oreades
 94) The Deer Mushroom: Pluteus cervinus
 95) Pluteus petasatus
 96) Russula claroflava
 97) Russula variata and Russula cyanoxantha
 98) The Shrimp Russula: Russula xerampelina
 99) The Matsutake: Tricholoma magnivelare
 100) Tricholomopsis rutilans
 Artichoke Shiitake Pizza
 Asparagus Garnish with Mushrooms
 Beef Stroganoff with Wild Mushrooms
 Bigos (Polish Stew)
 Candy Cap or Matsutake Waffles
 Chanterelles in Brandy Cream Sauce
 Chicken of the Woods with Lemon Cream
 Five-Spice Beef with Enokis
 Glazed Duck with Cranberry and Mushroom Stuffing
 Jaeger Sauce for Schnitzel or Steak
 Lamb with Mint and Mushrooms
 Marinated Mushrooms
 Matsutake-Persimmon Casserole
 Mushroom Quiche
 Mushroom Ravioli
 Pasta with Hedgehogs, Bacon, and Tomato
 Polish Pork Chops with Russulas
 Porcini Sauce for Pork Roast
 Portuguese Steak with Mushrooms
 Salted Mushroom Salad
 Shaggy Mane Soup
 Shrimp-Stuffed Morels
 Spinach Mushroom Ricotta Pie
 Stuffed Mushrooms
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 Mushroom Guides and Readings
 Tree Guides
 Cooking Mushrooms
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Glossary and Index

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