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Table of Contents
Resistance: A Radical Political and Social History of the Lower East Side by Jeff Ferrell
Intro By Clayton Patterson
Intro - Welcome to Our Resistance: The What and Why of the Tompkins Square Park
	 Rebellion by Alan W. Moore
The Center of the Fringe World by Richard Kostelanetz
Chapter 1 - Revolution Elsewhere By Al Orensanz
Chapter 2 - The Origins of Loisaida By Fred Good
Chapter 3 - Twenty One Years on the Lower East Side By Thomas McEvilley
Chapter 4 - Making Art and Policing Streets By Christopher Mele
Chapter 5 - Beginning My Political History By Lynne Stewart
Chapter 6 - Lynne Stewart: Convicted: A "Chilling Effect" for Legal Community
 		 By Bill Weinberg
Chapter 7 - Homelessness and the Lower East Side By Joe Flood
Chapter 8 - Documenting the Italian-America Civil Rights League By Aldo Tambellini
Chapter 9 - The Midnight Demolition of 172 Stanton Street By Steve Zehentner 
Chapter 10 - Money, Politics and Protest: The Struggle for the Lower East Side
 		By Janet L. Abu-Lughod
Chapter 11 - Christodora The Flight of a Sea Animal By Yuri Kapralov
Chapter 12 - Under the Tar the Beach By Peter Lamborn Wilson
Chapter 13 - Squatting By Colin Moynihan
Chapter 14 - The Tompkins Square Anarchists By Seth Tobocman
Chapter 15 - An Interview with Father George Kuhn, former pastor 
		of St. Brigid's Church. Interview by Clayton Patterson
Chapter 16 - Anarchist Art from the Lower East Side By Richard Kostelanetz
Chapter 17 - "Some Habitation Attitudes and Practices on New York City's Lower
		East Side, 1982 to 2002" By Eric Miller 
Chapter 1 - The Struggle for Space - 10 Years of Turf Battling on the Lower East Side 
 	By Sarah Ferguson
Chapter 2 - Homelessness, Madness, the Power Elites and Final Battles of the East 
		Village	By Seth Farber, Ph.D 
Chapter 3 - Writing the RFP By Joanne Edelman 
Chapter 4 - Leaving the Building (or Then I went Home and Made Lunch)
 		 By Joanne Edelman
Chapter 5 - A Tenant's Story By JoAnn Wypijewski
Chapter 6 - DLA Statement - Squatting on East Seventh Street By Daniel Edelman
Chapter 7 - Cooper Square By Chris Brandt
Chapter 8 - Frank Morales - Interviewed by Aaron Jaffe in the Odessa coffee shop, 
		Avenue A, Lower East Side
Chapter 9 - Squatting on the Lower East Side By Fly with research assistance 
		from RAP, Kurt Allerslev and Steven Englander
Chapter 10 - St. Brigid's Church 119 Avenue B and East 8th Street, New York, 
		NY By Carolyn Ratcliffe
Chapter 11 - Zoning: What is it good for? The Committee For Zoning Inaction
		By Richard Kusack - founder
Chapter 12 - The Soul War for the East Village By Roland Legiardi-Laura
Chapter 13 - Tenants of 47 East Third Street Fight Mass Eviction Attempt
		By David Pultz
Chapter 14 - Timetable By Laura Zelasnic
Chapter 15 - Poems Housing, Preservation, & Development
		 By Tom Savage for Shari Woodard
Chapter 16 - Death of a Neighborhood By Will Sales, Art By Mac Mcgill 
Chapter 1 - A Short History of the Tompkins Square Neighborhood Revolt: 
		1988 to 1991 By A. Kronstadt
Chapter 2 - Excerpts From Each One Teach One: Up and Out of Poverty, 
		Memoirs of a Street Activist By Ron Casanova & Steven Blackburn
		 -- Tent City
		 -- Up From the Wounded Streets
Chapter 3 - May Day! The Tompkins Square Park May Day Riot of 1990
 	By Ellen Moynihan
Chapter 4 - Tompkins Square Park Riot By Police Officer John Mellon
Chapter 5 - Lower East Side Class War and the Subversive Media Spectacle
		By Joshua Rothenberger
Chapter 6 - Tompkins Square Park: 1989-1991 By Chief Michael Julian
Chapter 7 - Looking Back on the Tompkins Square War 	
		 -- Tompkins Square Park and the Lower East Side
		 	 Legacy of Rebellion 
		 -- 'Anarchy' Versus 'Police State'?
			The Stakes Get Higher In The Battle Of Tompkins Square Park
		 -- Tompkins Square Park as Police State
			Demolition Underway; Battle Rages in Courts and Streets!
		By Bill Weinberg
Chapter 1 - The Anarchic Politics of Clayton Patterson and the Lower East Side 
		By Alan Moore with Allan Antliff
Chapter 2 - Trial and Error By Elsa Rensaa
Chapter 3 - Guerrilla Video and the Battle of Tompkins Square Park 
		By Richard Porton
Chapter 4 - Radical Artifacts By Richard Porton
Chapter 5 - Chris Flash - Interviewed by Aaron Jaffe
Chapter 6 - The Underground Press vs. The Mainstream Media: The Story
		Of The Shadow Or "Freedom Of The Press" Is Guaranteed 
		To Anybody Who Owns One By Chris Flash, Editor
Chapter 7 - Activism By an Activist By Kenny Tolia
Chapter 8 - Villains or Victims: Are East Village Artists Willing Agents
		or Gentrification and the Displacement of the Poor? 
		By James Cornwell (aka Jim C.)
Chapter 9 - Poems By Peter Missing
Chapter 1 - Alfredo Irizarry Profile:
Chapter 2 - A Brief History of The Yippies and An Interview With Dana Beal
		By Cheryl Guttman
Chapter 3 - The Living Theatre on Third Street By Hanon Reznikov
Chapter 4 - Jerry the Peddler - The Squatter Movement, Its Anarchist
		Roots, and Its Conductor Interview by John Beresford
Chapter 5 - Garbage Guerrilla: The Mystery Man Behind the East Village
		Art Gang with the Unprintable Name By John McMillian
Chapter 6 - Ben Eagle By Eve Hinderer
Chapter 7 - Taking the Plunge By Osha Neumann
Chapter 8 - Once Here and Again By Michael Rosen
Chapter 9 - Changing the World From His Couch By Virginie Rocky
Chapter 10 - My Loisaida - An Overview By Mary McCarthy
Chapter 11 - Carmen's Garden - Loisaida, l986 By Mary McCarthy
Chapter 12 - William Parker Interview: Land Without Lords
 By Steve Dalachinsky and Jim Feast
Chapter 1 - Alphabet City Finishing School: The Education of an AIDS Activist
		 By Jay Blotcher
Chapter 2 - AIDS on the Lower East Side By Jim Feast
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Lower East Side (New York, N.Y.) -- Politics and government.
Lower East Side (New York, N.Y.) -- History.
Lower East Side (New York, N.Y.) -- Social conditions.
New York (N.Y.) -- Politics and government.
New York (N.Y.) -- History.
New York (N.Y.) -- Social conditions.