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1. Shadows on the Land	Allan C. Fisher Jr.
What were the Powhatan Indians like before the English arrived? And what happened 
when the two cultures met?
2. Virginia's Father	Bruce P. Lenman
The man after whom Jamestown was named was the eccentric King James I.
3. The Virginia Company of London	Dennis Montgomery
The business of Jamestown was business.
4. Captain John Smith	Dennis Montgomery
His admirers credited him with saving Jamestown. Others thought him "an Ambityous 
unworthy and vayneglorious fellowe."
5. Captain John Smith's Christmas	Dennis Montgomery
The first description of a New World Christmas.
6. "no fayre Lady"	Ivor Noel Hume
Portraits of Pocahontas reveal a woman of several faces.
7. Romancing Pocahontas	Dennis Montgomery
For three centuries, artists imagined Pocahontas's rescue of Smith through the lenses of 
their own times
8. "we are starved"	Ivor Noel Hume
During the Starving Time, there was no shortage of finger-pointing.
9. "things which seame incredible"	Mark Nicholls
Cannibalism in early Jamestown.
10. "such a dish as powdered wife I never heard of"	Dennis Montgomery
Seventeenth-century reports of man-eating, now often doubted, were readily accepted 
11. The Mystery of Sir George Somers and His Bermuda Triangle	Ivor Noel Hume
Somers's disappearance remains baffling.
12. The Reverend Robert Hunt	Lewis Wright
Among the first colonists was their first vicar.
13.	John Clarke's Tale	Andrew Gardner
Cold War skullduggery ... 1600s style.
14. Henricus	Mary Miley Theobald
As the colony faltered, the Virginia Company tried to plant a new and improved version 
15. No Wine Before It's Time	Charles M. Holloway
Before tobacco, viticulture seemed a more likely industry.
16. Tobacco	Allen C. Fisher Jr.
Virginia's mother lode.
17. Sailor, Soldier, Scoundrel	Michael Lombardi
Captain John Martin raised the fort that preserved Jamestown and then plotted to create 
his own fiefdom on the James.
18.	Pocahontas's London Christmas	Ivor Noel Hume
What killed Pocahontas?
19. Footprints on the Past	D. A. Saguto
Tracking the first English-American shoemakers.
20. "accepte our poore indevour"	David Robinson
So beseeched the first burgesses, as government by legislature was born in the New 
21. Historical Rivalry	James Axtell
If Jamestown came first, why does Plymouth get all the attention?
22. "the tyme appointed"	Mary Miley Theobold
How did the Indians set the date for their simultaneous attacks on English settlements?
23.	How Was "the tyme appointed"?	Anthony Aveni
Opechancanough may have looked to the skies in determining when to launch his attacks 
against the colonists.
24.	Chanco's Reward	J. Hunter Barbour
The Indian who warned Jamestown of an imminent attack later became the tool of the 
colonists' revenge.
25. Doctor John Pott	Ivor Noel Hume
Jamestown's physician was instrumental in the deaths of more than 600 colonists and 200 
26. "the unfortunate Accident"	Dennis Montgomery
Jamestown's fourth and last statehouse burned. Where remains a riddle.
27. Jamestown Rediscovered	Will Molineux
Archaeologists have unearthed much of the storied settlement's past.
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Jamestown (Va.) -- History -- 17th century.
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Powhatan Indians -- Virginia -- Jamestown -- History -- 17th century.
Frontier and pioneer life -- Virginia -- Jamestown.
Jamestown Island (Va.) -- Antiquities.