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Near-Infrared Extinction and Molecular Cloud Structure
	C. J. Lada, J. F. Alves, and M. Lombardi
An Observational Perspective of Low-Mass Dense Cores I: Internal Physical and Chemical Properties
	J. Di Francesco, N. J. Evans II, P. Caselli, P. C. Myers, Y. Shirley, Y. Aikawa, and M. Tafalla
An Observational Perspective of Low-Mass Dense Cores II: Evolution Toward the Initial Mass Function
	D. Ward-Thompson, P. André, R. Crutcher, D. Johnstone, T. Onishi, 
and C. Wilson
Extreme Deuteration and Hot Corinos: The Earliest Chemical Signatures of Low-Mass Star Formation
	C. Ceccarelli, P. Caselli, E. Herbst, A. G. G. M. Tielens, and E. Caux
Molecular Cloud Turbulence and Star Formation
	J. Ballesteros-Paredes, R. S. Klessen, M.-M. Mac Low, and E. Vazquez-Semadeni
Giant Molecular Clouds in Local Group Galaxies
	L. Blitz, Y. Fukui, A. Kawamura, A. Leroy, N. Mizuno, and E. Rosolowsky
Current Advances in the Methodology and Computational Simulation of the Formation of Low-Mass Stars
	R. I. Klein, S.-I. Inutsuka, P. Padoan, and K. Tomisaka
Stellar Properties of Embedded Protostars
	R. J. White, T. P. Greene, G. W. Doppmann, K. R. Covey, and L. A. Hillenbrand
The Fragmentation of Cores and the Initial Binary Population
	S. P. Goodwin, P. Kroupa, A. Goodman, and A. Burkert
The Origin of the Initial Mass Function
	I. A. Bonnell, R. B. Larson, and H. Zinnecker
The Formation of Massive Stars 
	H. Beuther, E. B. Churchwell, C. F. McKee, and J. C. Tan
Ultracompact HII Regions and the Early Lives of Massive Stars
	M. G. Hoare, S. E. Kurtz, S. Lizano, E. Keto, and P. Hofner
Disks Around Young O-B (Proto)Stars: Observations and Theory
	R. Cesaroni, D. Galli, G. Lodato, C. M. Walmsley, and Q. Zhang
Observations of Jets and Outflows from Young Stars
	J. Bally, B. Reipurth, and C. J. Davis
Toward Resolving the Outflow Engine: An Observational Perspective
	T. Ray, C. Dougados, F. Bacciotti, J. Eislöffel, and A. Chrysostomou
Molecular Outflows in Low- and High-Mass Star-forming Regions
	H. G. Arce, D. Shepherd, F. Gueth, C.-F. Lee, R. Bachiller, A. Rosen, and H. Beuther
Jets and Bipolar Outflows from Young Stars: Theory and Observational Tests
	H. Shang, Z.-Y. Li, and N. Hirano
Disk Winds, Jets, and Outflows: Theoretical and Computational Foundations
	R. E. Pudritz, R. Ouyed, Ch. Fendt, and A. Brandenburg
The Rotation of Young Low-Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs
	W. Herbst, J. Eislöffel, R. Mundt, and A. Scholz
X-Ray Properties of Young Stars and Stellar Clusters
	E. Feigelson, L. Townsley, M. Güdel, and K. Stassun
The Taurus Molecular Cloud: Multiwavelength Surveys with XMM-Newton, 
the Spitzer Space Telescope, and the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope
	M. Güdel, D. L. Padgett, and C. Dougados
The Low-Mass Populations in OB Associations
	C. Briceño, T. Preibisch, W. H. Sherry, E. A. Mamajek, R. D. Mathieu, F. M. Walter, and H. Zinnecker
The Structure and Evolution of Young Stellar Clusters
	L. Allen, S. T. Megeath, R. Gutermuth, P. C. Myers, S. Wolk, F. C. Adams, J. Muzerolle, E. Young, and 
J. L. Pipher
New Observational Frontiers in the Multiplicity of Young Stars
	G. Duchêne, E. Delgado-Donate, K. E. Haisch Jr., L. Loinard, and L. F. Rodríguez
Disk Evolution in Young Binaries: From Observations to Theory
	J.-L. Monin, C. J. Clarke, L. Prato, and C. McCabe
Dynamical Mass Measurements of Pre-Main-Sequence Stars: Fundamental Tests of the Physics of Young 
	R. D. Mathieu, I. Baraffe, M. Simon, K. G. Stassun, and R. White
Not Alone: Tracing the Origins of Very-Low-Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs Through Multiplicity Studies
	A. J. Burgasser, I. N. Reid, N. Siegler, L. Close, P. Allen, P. Lowrance, and J. Gizis
The Formation of Brown Dwarfs: Observations
	K. L. Luhman, V. Joergens, C. Lada, J. Muzerolle, I. Pascucci, and R. White
The Formation of Brown Dwarfs: Theory
	A. Whitworth, M. R. Bate, Å. Nordlund, B. Reipurth, and H. Zinnecker
Magnetospheric Accretion in Classical T Tauri Stars
	J. Bouvier, S. H. P. Alencar, T. J. Harries, C. M. Johns-Krull, and M. M. Romanova
Interferometric Spectroimaging of Molecular Gas in Protoplanetary Disks
	A. Dutrey, S. Guilloteau, and P. Ho
Gaseous Inner Disks
	J. R. Najita, J. S. Carr, A. E. Glassgold, and J. A. Valenti
Multiwavelength Imaging of Young Stellar Object Disks: Toward an Understanding of Disk Structure and 
Dust Evolution
	A. M. Watson, K. R. Stapelfeldt, K. Wood, and F. Ménard
The Circumstellar Environments of Young Stars at AU Scales 
	R. Millan-Gabet, F. Malbet, R. Akeson, C. Leinert, J. Monnier, and R. Waters
Models of the Structure and Evolution of Protoplanetary Disks
	C. P. Dullemond, D. Hollenbach, I. Kamp, and P. D'Alessio
Evolution of Circumstellar Disks Around Normal Stars: Placing Our Solar System in Context
	M. R. Meyer, D. E. Backman, A. J. Weinberger, and M. C. Wyatt
Formation of Giant Planets
	J. J. Lissauer and D. J. Stevenson
Gravitational Instabilities in Gaseous Protoplanetary Disks and Implications for Giant Planet Formation
	R. H. Durisen, A. P. Boss, L. Mayer, A. F. Nelson, T. Quinn, and W. K. M. Rice
Gaseous Planets, Protostars, and Young Brown Dwarfs: Birth and Fate
	G. Chabrier, I. Baraffe, F. Selsis, T. S. Barman, P. Hennebelle, and Y. Alibert 
The Diverse Origins of Terrestrial-Planet Systems
	M. Nagasawa, E. W. Thommes, S. J. Kenyon, B. C. Bromley, and D. N. C. Lin
Disk-Planet Interactions During Planet Formation
	J. C. B. Papaloizou, R. P. Nelson, W. Kley, F. S. Masset, and P. Artymowicz
Planet Migration in Planetesimal Disks
	H. F. Levison, A. Morbidelli, R. Gomes, and D. Backman
A Decade of Radial-Velocity Discoveries in the Exoplanet Domain
	S. Udry, D. Fischer, and D. Queloz
When Extrasolar Planets Transit Their Parent Stars
	D. Charbonneau, T. M. Brown, A. Burrows, and G. Laughlin
Direct Detection of Exoplanets
	J.-L. Beuzit, D. Mouillet, B. R. Oppenheimer, and J. D. Monnier
Atmospheres of Extrasolar Giant Planets
	M. S. Marley, J. Fortney, S. Seager, and T. Barman
The Chemical Evolution of Protoplanetary Disks
	E. A. Bergin, Y. Aikawa, G. A. Blake, and E. F. van Dishoeck
Dust in Protoplanetary Disks: Properties and Evolution
	A. Natta, L. Testi, N. Calvet, Th. Henning, R. Waters, and D. Wilner
Growth of Dust as the Initial Step Toward Planet Formation
	C. Dominik, J. Blum, J. N. Cuzzi, and G. Wurm
Astronomical and Meteoritic Evidence for the Nature of Interstellar Dust and Its Processing in 
Protoplanetary Disks
	C. M. O'D. Alexander, A. P. Boss, L. P. Keller, J. A. Nuth, and A. Weinberger
Comet Grains and Implications for Heating and Radial Mixing in the Protoplanetary Disk
	D. Wooden, S. Desch, D. Harker, H.-P. Gail, and L. Keller
From Dust to Planetesimals: Implications for the Solar Protoplanetary Disk from Short-lived 
	M. Wadhwa, Y. Amelin, A. M. Davis, G. W. Lugmair, B. Meyer, M. Gounelle, and S. J. Desch
Origin and Evolution of Oxygen-Isotopic Compositions of the Solar System
	H. Yurimoto, K. Kuramoto, A. N. Krot, E. R. D. Scott, J. N. Cuzzi, M. H. Thiemens, and J. R. Lyons
Water in the Small Bodies of the Solar System
	D. Jewitt, L. Chizmadia, R. Grimm, and D. Prialnik
Physical Properties of Transneptunian Objects
	D. P. Cruikshank, M. A. Barucci, J. P. Emery, Y. R. Fern ndez, W. M. Grundy, K. S. Noll, and J. A. 
A Brief History of Transneptunian Space
	E. Chiang, Y. Lithwick, R. Murray-Clay, M. Buie, W. Grundy, and M. Holman
Comparative Planetology and the Search for Life Beyond the Solar System
	C. A. Beichman, M. Fridlund, W. A. Traub, K. R. Stapelfeldt, A. Quirrenbach, and S. Seager
From Protoplanets to Protolife: The Emergence and Maintenance of Life
	E. Gaidos and F. Selsis 

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