Table of contents for The voice, the Word, the books : the sacred scripture of the Jews, Christians, and Muslims / F.E. Peters.

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 Introduction		 The Voice from Sinai [1,582]
 Chapter 1	Sacred Words, Sacred Book [13,745]
 	"Thus Spake Yahweh..." What is the Bible?
 	"Then the Lord Said..." What is the New Testament?
 	"Recite! In the Name of God..." What is the Quran?
 Chapter 2	Book Shaping: The Making of a Canon [18,072]
 From Biblia to Book
 The Making of a "New" Testament
 	"Old" and "New" in the Covenant
 	The Collection of the Quran
Chapter 3	 Reciters, Rhapsodes, and Scribes: How the Bible Reached Us [10,137]
 	The Matter of Authorship
 	The Higher Criticism of the Bible
 	Composing and Performing
 	The Scribes
 	From Recitation to Writing
 	Authors Behind the Authors
 	Enter J, E and Company
 	The Writing Begins
 	Who "Wrote" the Books?
 	Writing in Scripture
 	The Levites
 	The Masoretes
Chapter 4 The Reporters: 	The Good News and How We Got It [5,787]
 	Jesus: The Setting
 	The Gospels
 	Extracting Q
 	Dating the Gospels
 	The Gospels as Documents
 	From Aramaic to Greek
 	New Approaches
 	Community Authorship
 	Paul and the Rest
 	The Apocryphal Gospels
 Thomas and His Twin
Chapter 5. The Poet in Performance: The Composition of the Quran [13,111]
 	Biography and the Quran
 	Approaching the Quran
 	The Cultural Environment
 	Writing the Quran
 	Oral Poetry and the Quran
 	The Bible in the Quran
 	Muhammad, Poet and Performer
 	The Revelations
 	The Oral Performance
 	A Change in Style
 	The Writing Down of the Quran
 	Writing in Arabia
 	Some Other Possibilities 
 	Uthman or Later?
	In Sum
 Chapter 6. The Book in Mortal Hands [15,267]
The Word Made Flesh: Books and Book-Making in the Ancient World
 		Book and Scroll
 		Searching the Scriptures
 		From Notebooks to Books
 		The Christians Adopt the Codex
 		Toward a Standard Edition?
 The Shape of the Page: Chapter and Verse
 	Dividing the Text
 	Marking the Text
 	Suras and Ayas 
 The Sacramental Text
 		Sefer Torah: Torahs and Their Arks
 		Washing Their Hands of the Christians
 A Matter of Etiquette: The Book in Our Hands
 Chapter 7. In Other Words [12,093]
 The Loss of God's Tongue
 Targums and Methurgemans
 Scripture for the Hellenized: The Septuagint
 Origen: Multi-Tasking the Bible
 From Old Latin to the Vulgate
 Hebraica Veritas and the Latin West
 The Polyglot 
 Enter the Humanists
 Translating the Untranslatable Quran
 Chapter 8: Picturing the Word [11,511]
 	The Rabbis and the Second Commandment
 	Adorning and Illustrating the Hebrew Bible
 	Christian Images
 	Icons and Iconoclasm
 	The Bible With Pictures
 	Printing With Pictures
 	The Reformation and Images
 	The Word Un-pictured: Islam and Images
 	Drawing in the Book
Chapter 9: Giving Voice to the Word [13,805]
 	Talking Back to God
 		Reading through the Torah
 		The Scripture in Church
 		Praying the Quran
 	The Scripture as Libretto
 		The Cantorial Scripture
 		The Divine Office
 		The Art of Qira 
 Epilogue: Three Books Side By Side [2,370]
 List of Illustrations and Sources

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