Table of contents for Lipstick grace / Nancy Kennedy.

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 Table of Contents
Putting on My Lipstick and My Dancing Shoes
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Lipstick Grace
Birdbrained Evangelism
Failures Wanted
My Year of Living Frivolously
The Grace of a Middle School Geek
When God Shows Up
This Old House
Intruding Lizards and Escaping Btus
Baptisms and Holy Tattoos
Oh, How I Love Me, Me, Me
The Stats Don't Compute
Rudeness and Grace
A Love That's Real
Fruity for Jesus
Beloved Holy Bread
Prayer for Lost Things
Change My Face, O Lord
First, You Cry
Grace Hath Brought Me Safe Thus Far
Tales of the Bizarro World
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Random God-Musings
I Wonder, I Worship
Facing the Fear Factor
Holy Wind, Holy Fire
Only Sinners Allowed
Beloved Bearcat
Saint (Insert Your Name Here)
Grace in the Ordinary
The Lobsters That Died for My Sins
Seeing Grace Clearly
Going Crazy
Oh, My Rotting Bones!
God, the Holy Plumber
Spurring Each Other On
Known By Love
The Good News About Bad News
Grace to See Me Through
"Good" Contrition Isn't an Act
Into Every Life a Little PDI Must Fall
Abba, Give Me a Word
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Waiting for the Wind to Blow
Walking By Grace
You Don't Know God
Goodness Like Apples
Hand-Raising Grace
Driving with Mercy, Grace, and Hope
What Moms Want
Parable of the Feather Pillow
Girls Gone Wild
The Gravitron of Life
I Think I Like Jesus, Too
The New Beatitudes
Motherhood Ain't for Sissies
God Loves Slugs Like Me
Confessions of a Cynic
Family Secrets
To Love-or Leave?
For Storm-Weary Elaines and Rogers
Toddler-Shaped Grace
Sometimes, We Don't Know Squat
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Motley Crew and Salad with Crunch
What, Me Worry?
Testimonies in Process
Secrets of the Soil
From Limo to Lightning
Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too-Kinda
Stiff-Necked Grace
Audience of One
Welcome to Pomoville
Sometimes Little Girls Cry
Storms and Showers
Jumbled Thoughts Lead to Grace
The Joy of Socks
Grace.Like a Bear
The Best Bible
Just Get Jesus Right
What Wondrous Love!
Stories Written by Grace
Come to the Quiet
Learning God's Word, One Verse at a Time
Angels on Assignment
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Care Casting
My Welcome Home
One Little Enormous Word
Questions Wanted: Answers Provided
Who Loves Ya, Baby?
I Need God
Sunday's Comin'
Loving God Best
Maundy Grace
The Gospel of Charlie
A Six-Pound Grace Gain
Welcoming Little Birds Home
Just Asking.
Feeding God's Sheep
The Law According to Grace
The Power of Women in Love
Radical, Delightful Thinking
Love for the One Who Needs It Most
The Grace We Hate
Well, Bless My Heart
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What Children Believe
The Jerk Within
Loving Berniece
The Cleansing Power of Blood
Marriage Like Diamonds
As I Wave Good-Bye
God Never Leaves Us Stranded
Who Can Fix This Broken World?
Grace in the Darkness
Gladness and Glue and Grace
Whose God Is Too Small?
I'm (Not) the Greatest!
Pants of Grace
Bringing My Anger to Church
Folly Is As Folly Does
Everybody's Watching Everybody
Psalm of Foot-Stompin' Thanksgiving
God Makes All Things Best
Hope Whispers Its Sure Promise
Home for Christmas

Library of Congress Subject Headings for this publication:

Christian women -- Religious life.
Christian life -- Anecdotes.
Grace (Theology) -- Miscellanea.