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Chapter 1 The Special Nature of Sport Marketing
Global Marketing Strategy
The Competitive Marketplace
Sport Marketing Defined
Marketing Myopia in Sport
The Slowly Growing Sport Marketing Profession
The Uniqueness of Sport Marketing
A Model of the Sport Industry
Consolidation in the Sport Industry
Chapter 2 Strategic Marketing Management 
Sport Strategy Is More Than Locker Room Talk 
Implementing a Sport Marketing Program
Strategic Step 1: Visualize and Position the Organization Vis-à-Vis the Market 
Strategic Step 2: Clarify Your Goals and Objectives
Strategic Step 3: Develop a Marketing Plan
Strategic Step 4: Integrate the Marketing Plan Into a Broader, Strategic Allocation of Resources That Ensure Success
Strategic Step 5: Control and Evaluate the Plan's Implementation 
Chapter 3 Studies of Sport Consumers
Types of Sport Consumer Studies
Reading Sport Consumer Studies
Chapter 4 Perspectives in Sport Consumer Behavior
Socialization, Involvement, and Commitment
Environmental Factors
Individual Factors
Decision Making for Sport Involvement
Chapter 5 Data-Based Marketing and the Role of Research in Sport Marketing
An Integrated Data-Based Approach to Marketing Sport
Characteristics of an Ideal Data-Based Marketing System 
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems
Building the DBM System
Role of Market Research
Data Sources for an Effective Data-Based Marketing System
Types of Primary Market Research Used in Sport
Common Problems in Sport Marketing Research
Chapter 6 Market Segmentation
What Is Market Segmentation?
Four Bases of Segmentation
Integrated Segmentation Strategies and Tactics 
Chapter 7 The Sport Product
What Is the Sport Product?
The Sport Product: Its Core And Extensions
Key Issues in Sport Product Strategy
Chapter 8 Managing Sport Brands
Importance of Brand Equity 
Benefits of Brand Equity 
How Brand Equity Is Developed
Chapter 9 Licensed and Branded Merchandise 
What Are Licensing and Branding?
A History of Licensed Products
Industry Structure
Current Issues and Trends in Licensing and Branding
Chapter 10 Pricing Strategies
The Basics of Pricing 
Core Issues
Standard Approaches to Pricing
Special Pricing Factors
Writing About Price and Value
Chapter 11 Promotions
The Catchall P: Promotion
Advertising Media for Sport
Promotional Concepts and Practices
Promotional Components
The Ultimate Goal: Moving Consumers Up the Escalator
Putting it all together ¿ An Integrated Promotional Model
Chapter 12 Sales: Management and Applications
Sales Defined
Direct Data-Based Sport Marketing
Typical Sales Approaches Used in Sport
Tips for Effective Implementation
Chapter 13 Promotional Licensing and Sponsorship
Sponsorship Defined
Sponsorship's Place Within the Marketing Mix
The Growth of Sponsorship
What Does Sport Sponsorship Have to Offer?
Corporate Objectives
Evaluating and Ensuring Sponsorship Effectiveness 
Selling the Sponsorship
Ethical Issues in Sponsorship
Chapter 14 Place or Product Distribution
Placing Core Products and Their Extensions
Theory of Sport and "Place"
The Facility
Evaluating Consumer Opinion
Marketing Channels
The Product-Place Matrix
Chapter 15 Electronic Media
The Electronic Media Landscape
It's Not Just Play-by-Play
The Digital Future
Chapter 16 Public Relations: Building and Managing an Image 
Public Relations Defined
Public Relations Functions
Media Impact on Sport Public Relations
Strategic Planning and Public Relations
Integrating Sales, Promotion, Sponsorship, Media, and Community Relations
Chapter 17 Coordinating and Controlling the Marketing Mix
Cross-Impacts Among the Five Ps
Controlling the Marketing Function
Chapter 18 The Legal Aspects of Sport Marketing
What Is Intellectual Property?
Trademark Infringement
Trademarks and the Internet 
Unfair Competition and Unfair Trade Practices
Copyright Law and Sport Marketing
Right of Publicity and Invasion of Privacy
Emerging Issues
Chapter 19 The Shape of Things to Come
Looking Ahead to 2011: A Sports Business Odyssey
Looking Back for Inspiration but Looking Forward for Disruption
My Fearless Predictions for the Next Five Years in Sport Sponsorship
The Future of the Team Sport Business
Sport Industry Jobs in the Next Five Years
From Our Crystal Ball 
From Our Crystal Ball Redux: By the Year 2012
Appendix A Sport Industry Organizations
Appendix B Sample Surveys
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