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Part One Management
Chapter One Managers and Managing	2
A Manager?s Challenge
Steve Jobs Has to Change His Approach to Management		3
Overview 	5
What Is Management?	5
	Achieving High Performance: A Manager?s Goal	6
	Why Study Management?	7
Essential Managerial Tasks	9
	Planning	10
	Organizing	12
	Leading	13
	Controlling	13
	Performing Managerial Tasks: Mintzberg?s Typology	14
Levels and Skills of Managers	17
	Levels of Management	17
	Managerial Skills	19
Recent Changes in Management Practices	23
	Restructuring and Outsourcing	23
	Empowerment and Self-Managed Teams	24
Challenges for Management in a Global Environment	26
	Building Competitive Advantage	27
	Maintaining Ethical and Socially Responsible Standards		30
	Managing a Diverse Workforce		32
	Utilizing IT and E-Commerce	34	
	Practicing Global Crisis Management	34
Manager as a Person
Xerox?s Anne Mulcahy Is a Manager to Copy	11
Information Technology Byte
IBM?s New Global Self-Managed Teams	25
Ethics in Action
The Hidden Side of Valentine?s Day	31
Focus on Diversity
People Are the Source of Competitive Advantage	33
Management in Action	
Summary and Review	35
Management in Action	
	Topics for Discussion and Action	37
	 Building Management Skills	37
	 Managing Ethically	38
	 Small Group Breakout Exercise	38
	 Exploring the World Wide Web		39
	 Be the Manager	39
	BusinessWeek Case in the News: HP?s Ultimate Team Player	39
	BusinessWeek Case in the News: The Hardest Job in Silicon Valley	46
Chapter Two The Evolution of Management Thought	42
A Manager?s Challenge
Finding Better Ways to Make Cars	43
Overview	45
Scientific Management Theory	46
	Job Specialization and the Division of Labor	46
	F. W. Taylor and Scientific Management	47
	The Gilbreths	51
Administrative Management Theory	54
	The Theory of Bureaucracy	55
	Fayol?s Principles of Management	57
Behavioral Management Theory		62
	The Work of Mary Parker Follett	62
	The Hawthorne Studies and Human Relations	63
	Theory X and Theory Y		65
Management Science Theory	68
Organizational Environment Theory	69
	The Open-Systems View	69
	Contingency Theory	71
Ethics in Action
Fordism in Practice	50
Manager as a Person
Andrew Carnegie Creates the New Industrial Company	52
Management Insight
Peters and Waterman?s Excellent Companies	61
Managing Globally
Teams, Teams, and More Teams at Nokia	72
Management in Action	
Summary and Review	73
Management in Action	
	Topics for Discussion and Action	75
	 Building Management Skills	75
	 Managing Ethically	76
	 Small Group Breakout Exercise		78
	 Exploring the World Wide Web		78
	 Be the Manager	79
	 BusinessWeek Case in the News: <<titl to come>> 79
	BusinessWeek Case in the News: Charm Offensive: Why America?s CEO?s 
Are Suddenly 	So Eager to Be Loved 81
Chapter Three Values, Attitudes, Emotions, and Culture: The Manager as a Person
	84 TC 
\l1 " 
A Manager?s Challenge:
PAETEC?s Culture of Care	85
Overview	87
Enduring Characteristics: Personality Traits	87
	The Big Five Personality Traits		7
	Other Personality Traits That Affect Managerial Behavior	93
Values, Attitudes, and Moods and Emotions	94
	Values: Terminal and Instrumental Attitudes	97
	Moods and Emotions	101
	Emotional Intelligence	104
Organizational Culture	105
	Managers and Organizational Culture	107
	The Role of Values and Norms in Organizational Culture	109
	Culture and Managerial Action	114
Managing Globally
Expanding into China	91
Ethics in Action
Taking Responsibility for Exposing Wrongdoing		96
Focus on Diversity
Changing Attitudes	98
Manager as a Person
Bernie Goldhirsh?s Legacy	104
Management in Action	
Summary and Review	116
Management in Action	
	Topics for Discussion and Action	117
	 Building Management Skills	117
	 Managing Ethically	118
	 Small Group Breakout Exercise		118
	 Exploring the World Wide Web		119
	 Be the Manager	119
	 BusinessWeek Case in the News: An Open-Source Lightning Rod	119
	 BusinessWeek Case in the News: Bucking the Odds at Amylin	121
Part Two The Environment of Management
Chapter Four Ethics and Social Responsibility	124
A Manager?s Challenge
Whole Foods Market Practices What It Preaches		125
Overview	127
The Nature of Ethics	127
	Ethical Dilemmas	127
	Ethics and the Law	128
	Changes in Ethics over Time	128
Stakeholders and Ethics 	130
	Stockholders	130
	Managers	131
	Employees	135
	Suppliers and Distributors	135
	Customers	135
	Community, Society, and Nation	136
	Rules for Ethical Decision Making	138
	Why Should Managers Behave Ethically? 	143
Ethics and Social Responsibility		146
	Societal Ethics		146
	Occupational Ethics	148
	Individual Ethics	150
	Organizational Ethics 	150
Approaches to Social Responsibility 	153
	Four Different Approaches	154
	Why Be Socially Responsible?	156
	The Role of Organizational Culture	157
Ethics in Action	
The Ethics of Some Nonprofits Are Not So Good	133
Ethics in Action
Digital Piracy, Ethics, and Napster	141
Ethics in Action
Is It Right to Use Child Labor?	147
Ethics in Action
Habitat for Humanity Has to Rebuild Goodwill	152
Ethics in Action
Apple Juice or Sugar Water?	155
Ethics in Action
Johnson & Johnson?s Ethical Culture	159
Management in Action
Summary and Review	160
Management in Action
	Topics for Discussion and Action	162
	 Building Management Skills	162
	 Managing Ethically	163
	 Small Group Breakout Exercise		163
	 Exploring the World Wide Web		163
	 Be the Manager	164
	 BusinessWeek Case in the News: Cleaning Up Boeing	164
	BusinessWeek Case in the News: Fixing Apple?s ?Sweatshop? Woes	166
Chapter Five Managing Diverse Employees in a Multicultural Environment
 TC \l3 " 
A Manager?s Challenge
Diversity in the Boardroom and on the Police Force	169
Overview	171
The Increasing Diversity of the Workforce and the Environment	171
	Age	172
	Gender	173
	Race and Ethnicity	174
	Religion	176
	Capabilities/Disabilities		177
	Socioeconomic Background	177
	Sexual Orientation	179
	Other Kinds of Diversity 	181
Managers and the Effective Management of Diversity	181
 	Critical Managerial Roles	182
	The Ethical Imperative to Manage Diversity Effectively		183
	Effectively Managing Diversity Makes Good Business Sense	185
Perception	187
	Factors That Influence Managerial Perception	188
	Perception as a Determinant of Unfair Treatment		189
	Overt Discrimination	192
How to Manage Diversity Effectively	193
	Steps in Managing Diversity Effectively		193
Sexual Harassment	198
	Forms of Sexual Harassment	199
	Steps Managers Can Take to Eradicate Sexual Harassment	199
Managing Globally
Asians and Hispanics Projected to Be Fastest-Growing Group	175
Focus on Diversity
Gays and Lesbians in the Workplace	180
Ethics in Action
Habitat International?s Valuable Employees	190
Focus on Diversity
Some Older Workers Fear Discrimination, Others Find New Opportunities	192
Management in Action
Summary and Review	201
Management in Action
	Topics for Discussion and Action	202
	 Building Management Skills	202
	 Managing Ethically	203
	 Small Group Breakout Exercise		203
	 Exploring the World Wide Web		203
	 Be the Manager	203
	 BusinessWeek Case in the News: Making Bangalore Sound Like Boston	
	 BusinessWeek Case in the News: The Rising Stock of Black Directors
Chapter Six Managing in the Global Environment	208
A Manager?s Challenge
IKEA Is on Top of the Furniture World	209
Overview	211
What Is the Global Environment?	211
The Task Environment	212
	Suppliers	213
	Distributors	216
	Customers	217
	Competitors	218
The General Environment	221
	Economic Forces	221
	Technological Forces	222
	Sociocultural Forces	223
	Demographic Forces	224
	Political and Legal Forces	225
The Changing Global Environment	226
	The Process of Globalization	227	
	Declining Barriers to Trade and Investment	230
	Declining Barriers of Distance and Culture	231
	Effects of Free Trade on Managers	232
The Role of National Culture	235
	Cultural Values and Norms	235
	Hofstede?s Model of National Culture	236
	National Culture and Global Management	239
Managing Globally
Global Supply Chain Management	215
Managing Globally
American Rice Invades Japan	220
Managing Globally
Nestl??s Food Empire	228
Managing Globally
A Gaijin Works to Turn Around Sony	237
Management in Action
Summary and Review	240
Management in Action
	Topics for Discussion and Action	242
	 Building Management Skills	242
	 Managing Ethically	243
	 Small Group Breakout Exercise		243
	 Exploring the World Wide Web		243
	 Be the Manager	244
	 BusinessWeek Case in the News: Do You Need to Be Green?	244 
	 BusinessWeek Case in the News: The Future of Outsourcing	246
	 BusinessWeek Case in the News: Nokia Connects	248 
Part Three Decision Making, Planning, and Strategy
Chapter Seven TC \l1 " Decision Making, Learning, Creativity, and 
Entrepreneurship	250
A Manager?s Challenge
Decision Making and Learning Are the Key to Entrepreneurial Success	251
Overview	253
The Nature of Managerial Decision Making	253
Programmed and Nonprogrammed Decision Making	254
	The Classical Model	257
	The Administrative Model	258
Steps in the Decision-Making Process	262
	Recognize the Need for a Decision	263
	Generate Alternatives	264
	Evaluate Alternatives	264
	Choose Among Alternatives	267
	Implement the Chosen Alternative	267
	Learn from Feedback 	268
Cognitive Biases and Decision Making	268
	Prior-Hypothesis Bias	269
	Representativeness Bias		269
	Illusion of Control	269
	Escalating Commitment		269
	Be Aware of Your Biases	270
Group Decision Making		270
	The Perils of Groupthink	271
	Devil?s Advocacy and Dialectical Inquiry	271
	Diversity Among Decision Makers	272
Organizational Learning and Creativity	273
	Creating a Learning Organization	273
	Promoting Individual Creativity		276
	Promoting Group Creativity	279
Entrepreneurship and Creativity	280
	Entrepreneurs and New Ventures	281
	Intrapreneurship and Organizational Learning	282
Manager as a Person
Curbing Overconfidence	256
Information Technology Byte
Revising Plans Never Ends for Craig Knouf	260
Ethics in Action
NASA Focused on Changing Culture	266
Ethics in Action
Learning, Creativity, and Social Responsibility at GlaxoSmithKline	275
Focus on Diversity
Asking Different Questions and Providing Different Answers	277
Manager as a Person
Omar Maden Creates a New Company	282
Management Insight
How to Champion a Product at Ford	284
Management in Action
Summary and Review	286
Management in Action
	Topics for Discussion and Action	288
	 Building Management Skills	288
	 Managing Ethically	289
	 Small Group Breakout Exercise		289
	 Exploring the World Wide Web		290
	 Be the Manager	290
	 BusinessWeek Case in the News: Five Offshore Practices That Pay Off
	 BusinessWeek Case in the News: Steering Patients through the System
Chapter Eight The Manager as a Planner and Strategist	294
A Manager?s Challenge
Can Mattel?s Planners Help Barbie Compete with Bratz?		295
Overview	297
Planning and Strategy	297
The Nature of the Planning Process	298
	Why Planning Is Important	298
	Levels of Planning	299
	Levels and Types of Planning	301
	Time Horizons of Plans		302
	Standing Plans and Single-Use Plans	303
	Scenario Planning	304
Determining the Organization?s Mission and Goals	305
	Defining the Business	306
	Establishing Major Goals	307
Formulating Strategy	307
	SWOT Analysis	308
	The Five Forces Model	311
Formulating Business-Level Strategies	312
	Low-Cost Strategy	313
	Differentiation Strategy		313
	?Stuck in the Middle?	314
	Focused Low-Cost and Focused Differentiation Strategies	314
Formulating Corporate-Level Strategies		317
	Concentration on a Single Industry	318
	Vertical Integration	318
	Diversification		320
	International Expansion		323
Planning and Implementing Strategy	329
Manager as a Person
Douglas Conant Reheats Campbell Soup		309
Management Insight
Different Ways to Compete in the Soft-Drink Business	315
Management Insight
How to Make Related Diversification Work	321
Managing Globally
How DHL Entered the U.S. Package Delivery Business	328
Management in Action
Summary and Review	330
Management in Action
	Topics for Discussion and Action	331
	 Building Management Skills	331
	 Managing Ethically	331
	 Small Group Breakout Exercise		332
	 Exploring the World Wide Web		332
	 Be the Manager	332
	 BusinessWeek Case in the News: Lilly?s Labs Go Global	333
	 BusinessWeek Case in the News: Toyota: Way, Way Off-Road	333
Appendix	How to Develop a Business Plan	336	
	Developing a Business Plan	336
	Writing a Detailed Business Plan	337
	Developing Your Own Business Plan	339
Chapter Nine Value-Chain Management: Functional Strategies for Competitive 
Advantage	 340
A Manager?s Challenge
Toyota?s Approach to Building Competitive Advantage	341
Overview	343
Functional Strategies, the Value Chain, and Competitive Advantage	343
	Functional Strategies and Value-Chain Management	345
Improving Responsiveness to Customers		347
	What Do Customers Want?	348
	Managing the Value Chain to Increase Responsiveness to Customers
	Customer Relationship Management	350
Improving Quality	352
	Total Quality Management	353
Improving Efficiency	356
	Facilities Layout, Flexible Manufacturing, and Efficiency	356
	Just-in-Time Inventory and Efficiency	360
	Self-Managed Work Teams and Efficiency	362
	Process Reengineering and Efficiency	362
	Information Systems, the Internet, and Efficiency	363
Improving Innovation	364
	Two Kinds of Innovation	364
	Strategies to Promote Innovation and Speed Product Development	365
Managing the Value Chain: Some Remaining Issues	372
	Boundary-Spanning Roles	372
	Ethical Implications	374
Information Technology Byte
How CRM Helped Empire HealthChoice	351
Management Insight
Citibank Uses TQM to Increase Customer Loyalty	354
Manager as a Person
Paddy Hopkirk Improves Facilities Layout	358
Management Insight
United Electric?s Kanban System	361
Management Insight
How Google Encourages Innovation and Product Development	370
Ethics in Action
The Human Cost of Improving Productivity	374
Management in Action
Summary and Review	375
Management in Action	
	Topics for Discussion and Action	377
	 Building Management Skills	377
	 Managing Ethically	378
	 Small Group Breakout Exercise		378
	 Exploring the World Wide Web		378
	 Be the Manager	379
	 BusinessWeek Case in the News: No One Does Lean Like the Japanese
Part Four Organizing and Controlling
Chapter Ten Managing Organizational Structure and Culture	382
A Manager?s Challenge
A Centralized, Military-Style Structure and Culture Transform Home Depot
Overview	385
Designing Organizational Structure	385
	The Organizational Environment	386
	Strategy	387
	Technology	387
	Human Resources	388
Grouping Tasks into Jobs: Job Design	389
	Job Enlargement and Job Enrichment	390
	The Job Characteristics Model	391
Grouping Jobs into Functions and Divisions	392
	Functional Structure	392
	Divisional Structures: Product, Market, and Geographic	394
	Matrix and Product Team Designs	399
	Hybrid Structure	401
Coordinating Functions and Divisions	403
	Allocating Authority	403
	Integrating and Coordinating Mechanisms	410
Organizational Culture	412
	Where Does Organizational Culture Come From?	414
	Strong, Adaptive Cultures versus Weak, Inert Cultures	418
Management Insight
GlaxoSmithKline?s New Product Structure	396
Managing Globally
How to Use Empowered Self-Managed Teams	407
Management Insight
Microsoft Centralizes to Meet Google?s Challenge	409
Manager as a Person
Sam Walton and Wal-Mart?s Culture	413
Management in Action
Summary and Review	420
Management in Action
	Topics for Discussion and Action	421
	 Building Management Skills	421
	 Managing Ethically	422
	 Small Group Breakout Exercise	422
	 Exploring the World Wide Web	423
	 Be the Manager	424
	 BusinessWeek Case in the News: Information Technology: Stopping the 
Sprawl at HP 	424
	 BusinessWeek Case in the News: The Art of Motivation	425
Chapter Eleven Organizational Control and Change		428
A Manager?s Challenge
Microsoft Has Problems Controlling and Evaluating Its Employees	429
Overview	431
What Is Organizational Control?		431
	The Importance of Organizational Control	432
	Control Systems and IT		433
	The Control Process	435
Output Control	438
	Financial Measures of Performance	439
	Organizational Goals	441
	Operating Budgets	442
	Problems with Output Control	444
Behavior Control	446
	Direct Supervision	446
	Management by Objectives	449
	Bureaucratic Control	450
	Problems with Bureaucratic Control	454
Clan Control	455
Organizational Change	456
	Lewin?s Force-Field Theory of Change	457
	Evolutionary and Revolutionary Change	458
	Managing Change	459
Management Insight
Making the Financial Figures Come Alive	440
Managing Globally
Wal-Mart Uses Output Control to Expand Internationally	443
Manager as a Person
Tom LaSorda Is Close to Chrysler?s Employees	447
Management Insight
How to Kill Customer Satisfaction	452
Management Insight
James Casey Creates a Culture for UPS	455
Management in Action
Summary and Review	462
Management in Action
	Topics for Discussion and Action	463
	 Building Management Skills	463
	 Managing Ethically	464
	 Small Group Breakout Exercise		464
	 Exploring the World Wide Web		464
	 Be the Manager	465
	 BusinessWeek Case in the News: Cracking the Whip at Wyeth	465
	 BusinessWeek Case in the News: How Failure Breeds Success	467
Chapter Twelve Human Resource Management	476
A Manager?s Challenge
Democracy in Action at Semco	471
Overview	473
Strategic Human Resource Management		473
	Overview of the Components of HRM	475
	The Legal Environment of HRM 	477
Recruitment and Selection	480
	Human Resource Planning	480
	Job Analysis	482
	External and Internal Recruitment	482
	The Selection Process	484
Training and Development	489
	Types of Training	489
	Types of Development	491
	Transfer of Training and Development	493
Performance Appraisal and Feedback	493
	Types of Performance Appraisal		494
	Who Appraises Performance?	497
	Effective Performance Feedback	499
Pay and Benefits	500
	Pay Level	501
	Pay Structure	501
	Benefits	503
Labor Relations		504
	Unions		504
	Collective Bargaining	505
Information Technology Byte
IBM?s Global Researchers Help Corporate Customers Achieve Their Goals	474
Focus on Diversity
Is It Age Discrimination?	478
Ethics in Action
Background Checks on the Rise		485
Focus on Diversity
Development through Mentoring	492
Ethics in Action
Is CEO Pay Over the Top?	502
Management in Action
Summary and Review	506
Management in Action
	Topics for Discussion and Action	508
	 Building Management Skills	508
	 Managing Ethically	508
	 Small Group Breakout Exercise		509
	 Exploring the World Wide Web	509
	 Be the Manager	510
	 BusinessWeek Case in the News: You Are What You Post	510
 BusinessWeek Case in the News: The Struggle to Measure Performance	
Part Five Leading Individuals and Groups
Chapter Thirteen Motivation and Performance	516
A Manager?s Challenge
Consistently Ranking as a Best Company to Work For: Tindell and Boone Inspire 
and Motivate at the Container Store	517
Overview	519
The Nature of Motivation	519
Expectancy Theory	523
	Expectancy	523
	Instrumentality	524
	Valence	524
	Bringing It All Together		525
Need Theories	525
	Maslow?s Hierarchy of Needs	526
	Alderfer?s ERG Theory		527
	Herzberg?s Motivator-Hygiene Theory	528
	McClelland?s Needs for Achievement, Affiliation, and Power	529
	Other Needs	529
Equity Theory	531
	Equity	531
	Inequity	532
	Ways to Restore Equity	532
Goal-Setting Theory	534
Learning Theories	535
	Operant Conditioning Theory	535
	Social Learning Theory	539
Pay and Motivation	542
	Basing Merit Pay on Individual, Group, or Organizational Performance
	Salary Increase or Bonus?	543
	Examples of Merit Pay Plans	544
Ethics in Action
McDonough Protects the Planet		520
Information Technology Byte
High Motivation Rules at the SAS Institute	530
Managing Globally
Learning from Others at Ritz-Carlton	540
Information Technology Byte
Self-Management at Google	541
Management in Action
Summary and Review	545
Management in Action
	Topics for Discussion and Action	547
	 Building Management Skills	547
	 Managing Ethically	548
	 Small Group Breakout Exercise	548
	 Exploring the World Wide Web		548
	 Be the Manager	549
	 BusinessWeek Case in the News: A Real Stake in Your Customers	549
 BusinessWeek Case in the News: Open Season on Open Source?	
Chapter Fourteen Leadership		554
A Manager?s Challenge
Judy McGrath and MTV Networks	555
Overview	557
The Nature of Leadership	557
	Personal Leadership Style and Managerial Tasks		557
	Leadership Styles Across Cultures	559
	Power: The Key to Leadership	560
	Empowerment: An Ingredient in Modern Management	564
Trait and Behavior Models of Leadership	565
	The Trait Model	565
	The Behavior Model	566
Contingency Models of Leadership	568
	Fiedler?s Contingency Model	569
	House?s Path-Goal Theory	571
	The Leader Substitutes Model	574	
	Bringing It All Together		575
Transformational Leadership	576
	Being a Charismatic Leader	577
	Stimulating Subordinates Intellectually	577
	Engaging in Developmental Consideration	578
	The Distinction between Transformational and Transactional Leadership
Gender and Leadership	579
Emotional Intelligence and Leadership	581
Ethics in Action
John Mackey?s Personal Leadership Style	558
Manager as a Person
Liane Pelletier Uses Her Expert Power in Alaska	562
Ethics in Action 
Consideration at Costco	566
Management Insight
Supporting Creativity	573
Focus on Diversity
Kathleen Ligocki Leads Tower Automotive	580
Management in Action
Summary and Review	582
Management in Action
	Topics for Discussion and Action	584
	 Building Management Skills	585
	 Managing Ethically	585
	 Small Group Breakout Exercise		585
	 Exploring the World Wide Web		586
	 Be the Manager	586
	 BusinessWeek Case in the News: Making the Elephant Dance	586
 BusinessWeek Case in the News: A Sister Act That?s Wowing Them	587
Chapter Fifteen Effective Groups and Teams
A Manager?s Challenge
Teams Work Wonders at Louis Vuitton and Nucor Corporation
Groups, Teams, and Organizational Effectiveness
	Groups and Teams as Performance Enhancers
	Groups, Teams, and Responsiveness to Customers
	Teams and Innovation
	Groups and Teams as Motivators
Types of Groups and Teams
	The Top-Management Team
	Research and Development Teams
	Command Groups
	Task Forces
	Self-Managed Work Teams
	Virtual Teams
	Friendship Groups
	Interest Groups
Group Dynamics
	Group Size, Tasks, and Roles
	Group Leadership
	Group Development over Time
	Group Norms
	Group Cohesiveness
Managing Groups and Teams for High Performance
	Motivating Group Members to Achieve Organizational Goals
	Reducing Social Loafing in Groups
	Helping Groups to Manage Conflict Effectively
Information Technology Byte 
Achieving Synergies by Identifying Expertise
Information Technology Byte
Pizza Teams Rule at Amazon
Management Insight 
Teams Benefit from Deviance and Conformity at IDEO
Ethics in Action 
Valero Energy?s Commitment to Employees Prevails in a Crisis
Management in Action
Summary and Review
Management in Action
	Topics for Discussion and Action
	 Building Management Skills
	 Managing Ethically
	 Small Group Breakout Exercise
	 Exploring the World Wide Web
	 Be the Manager
	 BusinessWeek Case in the News: The Hardest Job in Silicon Valley
 BusinessWeek Case in the News: Seagate?s Morale-athon
Part Six Managing Critical Organizational Processes
Chapter Sixteen Promoting Effective Communication
A Manager?s Challenge
Jong-Yong Yun Reaps the Benefits of Face-to-Face Communication at Samsung 
Communication and Management
	The Importance of Good Communication
	The Communication Process
	The Role of Perception in Communication
	The Dangers of Ineffective Communication
Information Richness and Communication Media
	Face-to-Face Communication
	Spoken Communication Electronically Transmitted
	Personally Addressed Written Communication
	Impersonal Written Communication
Communication Networks
	Communication Networks in Groups and Teams
	Organizational Communication Networks
	External Networks
Information Technology and Communication
	The Internet
	Groupware and Collaboration Software
Communication Skills for Managers
	Communication Skills for Managers as Senders
	Communication Skills for Managers as Receivers
	Understanding Linguistic Styles
Managing Globally
Global Communication Enables Global Innovation
Management Insight
When Face-to-Face Communication Is Best 
Ethics in Action
Monitoring E-mail and Internet Usage
Information Technology Byte
Wikis to the Rescue
Management in Action
Summary and Review
Management in Action
	Topics for Discussion and Action
	 Building Management Skills
	 Managing Ethically
	 Small Group Breakout Exercise
	 Exploring the World Wide Web
	 Be the Manager
	 BusinessWeek Case in the News: The Office Chart That Really Counts
 BusinessWeek Case in the News: You: The Brand
Chapter Seventeen Managing Conflict, Politics, and Negotiation 
A Manager?s Challenge
Bridging Cultures and Mind-Sets at Toyota
Organizational Conflict
	Types of Conflict
	Sources of Conflict
	Conflict Management Strategies
	Distributive Negotiation and Integrative Bargaining
	Strategies to Encourage Integrative Bargaining
Organizational Politics
	The Importance of Organizational Politics
	Political Strategies for Gaining and Maintaining Power
	Political Strategies for Exercising Power
Management Insight
Keeping Interpersonal Conflict from Getting Out of Hand
Information Technology Byte
Computerized Negotiations
Ethics in Action
Everyone Is a Winner at El Faro
Management in Action
Summary and Review
Management in Action
	Topics for Discussion and Action
	 Building Management Skills
	 Managing Ethically
	 Small Group Breakout Exercise
	 Exploring the World Wide Web
	 Be the Manager
	 BusinessWeek Case in the News: Inside the Coup at Nike
 BusinessWeek Case in the News: Mickey D's McMakeover
Chapter Eighteen Using Advanced Information Technology to Increase 
A Manager?s Challenge
Bricks, Clicks, or Bricks-and-Clicks Supermarkets?
Information and the Manager?s Job
	Attributes of Useful Information
	What Is Information Technology?
	Information and Decisions
	Information and Control
	Information and Coordination
The IT Revolution
	The Effects of Advancing IT
	IT and the Product Life Cycle
	Computer Networks
Types of Management Information Systems
	The Organizational Hierarchy: The Traditional Information System
	Transaction-Processing Systems
	Operations Information Systems
	Decision Support Systems
	Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
	Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
	E-Commerce Systems
The Impact and Limitations of Information Technology
	Strategic Alliances, B2BNetwork Structures, and IT
	Flatter Structures and Horizontal Information Flows
	Limitations of IT
Management Insight
Herman Miller?s Office of the Future
Management Insight
IBM?s ?Business-on-Demand? IT
Manager as a Person
How Judy Lewent Became One of the Most Powerful Women in Corporate 
Information Technology Byte
SAP?s ERP System
Information Technology Byte
Information Flows at Tel Co. and Soft Co.
Management in Action
Summary and Review
Management in Action
	Topics for Discussion and Action
	 Building Management Skills
	 Managing Ethically
	 Small Group Breakout Exercise
	 Exploring the World Wide Web
	 Be the Manager
	 BusinessWeek Case in the News: The Quickening of Nissan
 BusinessWeek Case in the News: FedEx: Taking Off Like ?a Rocket Ship?

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