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Brief Table of Contents
Research Methods in Psychology
Spatz & Kardas
Chapter 1	Science
Chapter 2	Research in Psychology
Chapter 3 	Ethics
Chapter 4	Measurement
Chapter 5	Data Exploration and Description
Chapter 6	Statistical Tests
Chapter 7 	Design I: Between-Subjects Designs
Chapter 8 	Design II: Within-Subjects Designs and Pretests
Chapter 9 	Complex Designs
Chapter 10 	Observational, Qualitative, and Small-N Research
Chapter 11	Planning Research		
Chapter 12	Conducting and Reporting Research
Appendix A	Annotated APA manuscript
Appendix B	Ethical Standards of the APA 
Appendix C	Statistical tables
Appendix D 	Glossary of Terms
Chapter 1 Science
Science Today
Characteristics of Science
A Brief History of Science
Science and Technology
Philosophy of Science
Theory in Science
Theory in Psychology
Research Methods and You
Chapter 2 Research in Psychology
An Example of Psychological Research
Categories of Research in Psychology
An Overview of the Research Process
Experimental Research in Psychology
Two Example Experiments
Elements of Experimental Research
Populations and Samples
Internal and External Validity
Statistical Methods
Publication and Persuasion
Chapter 3 Ethics
Lost in the Mall
Prison Guards and Prison Inmates
Would You Shock a Stranger?
History of Ethics
The Institutional Review Board (IRB)
The Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct (Ethics Code)
Scientific Integrity and Scientific Misconduct
Return to Shocking Strangers, the Prison, and the Mall
Ethics and Your Personal Research
Chapter 4 Measurement
Operational Definitions
Errors in Measurement
Trustworthy Measures
Tests and Measurements
Chapter 5 Data Exploration and Description
Descriptive and Inferential Statistics
Scaled and Categorical Data
Exploring and Describing Scaled Data
Exploring and Describing Categorical Variables
Exploring and Describing Ranked Data
Chapter 6 Statistical Tests
A Study With Categorical data
Sampling Fluctuation
A Negative Inference Logic Problem
Chi-Square Logic
Null Hypothesis Statistical Testing (NHST) Logic
NHST Techniques
Statistical Tests for Ranked Data
Confidence Intervals About a Mean Difference
A Student?s Guide to Analyzing Data
Chapter 7 Design I: Between-Subjects Designs
A Conclusion Requires a Comparison
A Model Experiment
An Actual Experiment
The Quasi-Experimental Design
Extraneous Variables
The Extraneous Variable of Selection
The Random Assignment Design
The Extraneous Variable of Differential Attrition
The Extraneous Variable of Diffusion of Treatment
A Comparison of Random and Quasi-Experimental Designs
Independent Variable Values
Between-Subjects and Within-Subjects Designs Distinguished
Chapter 8 Design II: Within-Subjects Designs and Pretests
A Within-Subjects Experiment in Cognitive Processing
Analyzing the Cognitive Processing Experiment
One-Group Two-Treatment Design
Extraneous Variables in the Cognitive Processing Experiment
Interpretation of the Cognitive Processing Experiment
Additional Extraneous Variables
One-Group Pretest?Posttest Design
Assessing One-Group Designs
Two-Group Designs
Controlling the Effects of Extraneous Variables
Between-Subjects and Within-Subjects Designs Compared
External Validity
Chapter 9 Complex Designs
Multilevel Experiments
Factorial Experiments
Chapter 10 Observational, Qualitative, and Small-N Research
Naturalistic Observation
Participant Observation
Qualitative Research
Small-N Research
Chapter 11 Planning Research
Getting an Idea
The Prospectus
An Example Literature Search
Advantages of a Literature Search
Accessing the Scientific Literature in Psychology
Brainstorming for Ideas
Other Sources of Information
Making Personal Contact
The Research Community
Further Development of the Prospectus
Chapter 12 Conducting and Reporting Research
A Big Party
Preliminary Steps in Research
Collecting Data
Project Etiquette and Responsibilities
Analyzing Data
Preparing to Write
The APA Publication Manual
Other Ways to Report Your Research
Appendix A A Sample Student Manuscript in APA Style
Appendix B Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct (2002)
Appendix C Tables

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