Table of contents for Aromatherapy : therapeutic use of essential oils for esthetics / Jimm Harrison.

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Table of Contents: 
Chapter 1: Holistic Beauty and Skin Care
	Beauty as Health
	Holistic Health
	Holistic Beauty
	Holistic Understanding of Essential Oils
	Establishing An Outcome: The Holistic Goal
	Defining Beauty
	Defining Beauty as Health and Vitality
	Victim Consciousness
	Expected Outcome
	Why Clients Seek Beauty Treatment
	Becoming a Holistic Practitioner
	The Role Of The Holistic Practitioner 
	Aromatherapy For Holistic Beauty and Skin Care
Holistic Beauty Program 
	Chapter Summary
	Review Questions
	Chapter References
Chapter 2: Essential Oils and Aromatherapy
	Essential Oils
Comparing Aromatherapy Marketing and Practice
	What is Essential Oil Therapy?
	Beginnings of Aromatherapy 
	Modern Aromatherapy 
	The Practice of Aromatherapy in Clinical and Personal Health Care 
	Chapter Summary
	Review Questions
Chapter References
Chapter 3: The Olfactory System and Essential Oil Effects on Emotions
	Inhaling Essential Oils 
	The Olfactory System and the Sense of Smell 
	Physiology of the Olfactory System and Limbic System
	Aromacology and the Study of Fragrance's Effects on Emotions and Behavior
	Memory, Emotion, and Behavior
	The Scent of Attraction
	Essential Oils and Emotions
	Creating a New Odor/Memory Association
	Essential Oils for Psycho-Aromatherapy
	Chapter Summary
	Review Question
Chapter References
Chapter 4: Discovering Essential Oils
	Ensuring that Essential Oils Are Essential Oils
	Extracting Essential Oils 
	Quality of Essential Oils for Therapeutic Activity
	Determining the Source: Specified Botanical Origin
	Determining Essential Oil Composition: GC/MS Analysis
	Adulteration of Essential Oils
	Chapter Summary
	Review Questions
	Chapter References
Chapter 5: Essential Oil Biology and Chemistry
	Science as a Guide, Not a Rule
	Organic Chemistry
	Carbon Bonding 
	Isomers and Chirality
	Terpene Hydrocarbons: The Backbone of Essential Oil Components
	The Structure-Effect Diagram
	Reading the Structure-Effect Diagram
	The Chemical Families on the Structure-Effect Diagram
	Using the Diagram
	Essential Oils and the Structure-Effect Diagram
	The Chemical Families
	Functional Groups
Identifying a Compound by the Suffix
Trace Elements
Biology of Essential Oils Compounds
	Biosynthesis: Some Things Never Change
	Essential Oils and Humans: The Evolutionary Connection
	Emerging Properties
	The Individual vs. the Biological Whole 
	Chapter Summary
	Review Questions
	Chapter References
Chapter 6: Therapeutic Effects of Essential Oils
	Therapeutic Properties of Essential Oils 
	Anti-Inflammatory Properties
	Sedative Properties
	Antispasmodic Properties
	Expectorant and Mucolytic Properties
	Cell Regenerative and Wound Healing Properties
	Modern Aromatherapy: Research and Clinical Studies 
	Paul Belaiche's Aromatogram: Studies of Anti-Microbial Effectiveness
L'aromath¿rapie ¿xactement: Clinical Application by Pierre Franchomme and Dr. 
Daniel P¿no¿l
	Contraindications, Sensitivities, and Toxicity
	"French" and "British" Aromatherapy Revisited
	Irritation, Contact Dermatitis, and Allergies 
	Neurotoxicity and Hepatotoxicity of Ketones
	Hepatotoxicity of Phenolic Compounds
	Potential Kidney Irritation with Monoterpenes
	Other Precautionary Considerations
	Chapter Summary
	Review Questions
	Chapter References
Chapter 7: The Essential Oils for Therapeutic Use
	The Essential Oils
	Thirteen Essential Oils 
	Five Essential Oils for Increased Therapeutic Activity and Spa Application 
	Oils of Special Consideration
	The Sandalwood Story
	Choosing Essential Oils for Specific Conditions 
	Chapter Summary
	Review Questions
	Chapter References
Chapter 8: Blending and Methods of Application
	Diversity of Essential Oil Application
	Essential Oil Synergy
	Dosages for Basic Essential Oil Blending 
	Calculating for a Basic Essential Oil Blend
	"Neat" Essential Oils
	Blending for Massage
	Adding Essential Oils to a Carrier Oil, Cream, or Lotion Base
	Blending for Skin Care
	Trans-Dermal Penetration of Essential Oils
 	Medicinal or Medical Applications
	Fragrance Blending
	Chapter Summary
	Review Questions
	Chapter References
Chapter 9: Therapeutic and Topical Use of Carrier Oils
	Fixed, or Carrier, Oils Used in Aromatherapy Applications
	Carrier Oils
	Carrier Oils for Therapeutic Skin Care
	Chapter Summary
	Review Questions
	Chapter References
Chapter 10: Composition of Therapeutic Cosmetic Formulae and Spa Treatments
Chapter 11: Essential Oil's Synergistic Relationship with Nutrition, Diet and 
	Healthy Diet = Healthy Body 
	Diet, Illness, and Essential Oils
	Lifestyle and Essential Oils
	Physical Health and Skin Health
	Skin Homeostasis and the Health of the Body
	Nutritional Basics for Health and Vitality
	Food Allergies 
	Nutritional Supplementation 
	High Quality Multiple Vitamins and Minerals 
	Nutrient Recommendations
	Herbal Supplements
	Emotional, Spiritual, and Philosophical Health
	Chapter Summary
	Review Questions
Chapter References
Chapter 12: The Holistic Consultation and Aromatherapy Treatment
	Holistic Client Evaluations
	Consultation Is an Added Service
	The Consultation Form
	Analyzing a Client Consultation Form
	Are You Qualified to Recommend Essential Oils for . . . ?
	Not aEvaluation as a Non-Linear Process
	Selection of Essential Oils
	Demonstration Consultation: An Esthetics Consultation
	Holistic Treatment
	Creating a Formula and Choosing a Method of Application
	No Right Way, No Wrong Way
	Method of Application
	Analyzingsis of Treatment Progress and Determining the Efficacy of Treatment
	Chapter Summary
	Review Questions
	Chapter References
Chapter 13: Aromatherapy Licensing and Regulations
	Aromatherapy and CAM Therapists
	Training and Certification
	Chapter Summary
	Review Questions
	Chapter References
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D

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