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	Greece and Rome	1
		Plato: Protagoras	2
	 	Plato: Republic: III	4
 		Aristotle: Politica, Book VIII	11
 		Quintilian: Is Knowledge of a Variety of Subjects Necessary for the Future Orator?	27
		 St. Augustine: Confessions	33
 	The Middle Ages	36
		 Boethius: De Institutione Musica, Book I	37
		Charlemagne: Admonitio generalis: 70, 72, 80	41
		 St. Odo of Cluny: Enchiridion musices	43
 		Later European Views	45
		 Frank LL. Harrison: Music Education for Religious Conversion		46
		 Martin Luther: Luther on Education: Studies and Methods	48
		 Martin Luther: Preface to Georg Rhau¿s Symphoniae incundae	50
		 John Calvin: Commentaries: Ethics and the Common Life	53
		 Richard Mulcaster: The Elementaire	54
		 John Amos Comenius: On Education	56
		John Amos Comenius: The Great Didactic	58
		 John Locke: Some Thoughts Concerning Education	60
 		John Locke: Letter to Edward Clarke	62 
 		John Ruskin: On the Relation of National Ethics to National Arts	64
		 Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi: Letter to Greaves: Training of Eye and Ear¿Music in 	
		Education	 69
 		Friedrich Froebel: The Education of Man: Chief Groups of Subjects of Instruction	72
		Herbert Spencer: Literary Style and Music	74
		Herbert Spencer: Education: Intellectual, Moral, and Physical: What Knowledge is of 	
		Most Worth?	77
		 Emile Jaques-Dalcroze: Rhythm, Music, and Education: An Essay on the Reform of 	
		Music Teaching in Schools	84
		 A.S. Neil: Summerhill	93
		 Presidential Words	94
		 Cotton Mather: Preface to The Accomplished Singer	98
 		William Billings: Rules for Regulating a Singing School	101
		 William Billings: The Continental Harmony, 1794	103
 		Augusta Brown: The Inferiority of Yankee Music	104
		 Lowell Mason: Manual of the Boston Academy of Music	105
		The Boston School Committee: Report of Special Committee (1837)	114
		 Letter to Tluther Whiting Mason	131
		 Horace Mann: Report for 1844: Vocal Music in Schools	133
		 Rev. A.D. Mayo: Methods of Moral Instruction in Common Schools	145
		 William Tomlins: The Power of Music Education	147 
		Samuel Winkley Cole: The Purpose of Teaching Music in Public Schools	149
		John Sullivan Dwight: The Concerts of the Past Winter and Other Selections	150
		A.W. Winship: The Mission of Music in the Public Schools	151
		Horatio Parker, Osbourne McConathy Edward Bailey Birge, W. Otto Miessner: The 	
		Progressive Music Series 	155
		Pennsylvania Department of Instruction: The Value of Music	157
		Frances Elliot Clarke 	Music in General Education: Music ¿ A Vital Force in Education*	160
		Walter Damrosch, George Gartlan, Karl Gehrkens: The Universal School Music Series	163
Commerical Interests and Music Education	166
		Hannah Matthews Cundiff andPeter W. Dykema: A Guide for Teaching School Music -	
		the Place of Music inthe Public Schools	167
		Will Earhart: A Steadfast Philosophy: To Justify or Not to Justify?	172
		John Dewey: The Aesthetic Element in Education	177
		John Dewey: Art as Experience: The Act of Expression	179
		Oscar Handlin: John Dewey¿s Challenge to Educaton	181
		Karl W. Gehrkens: The Ultimate Aim of Music Teaching in the Public Schools	183
		 Peter W. Dykema and Karl W. Gehrkens: High School Music: Our Educational 	
		Philosophy	185
		James L. Mursell and Mabelle Glenn The Psychology of School Music Teaching: The
		Aims of School Music	193
		Music Educators National Conference: Declaration of Faith, Purpose and Action	199
		Hazel Nohavec Morgan: Staement of Belief and Purpose	202
		James L. Mursell: Principles of Music Education: Social Principles¿The Place of Music 
		in Social Life	208 
		Mabelle Glenn: Looking to the Future	225
	Philosophy of Music Education	226
		Michael L. Mark: Public Policy and the Genesis of Aesthetic Education Philosophy	228
		Susanne Langer: Philosophy in A New Key	233
Russell V. Morgan: Music: A Living Power in Education: Basic Philosophy for Music Education	237
Earl E. Harper: Music in American Educaton: Moral and Spiritual Values in Music Education	245
C.A. Burmeister: The Role of Music in General Education	250
Frances M. Andrews and Clara E. Cockerille	254
Benjamin C. Willis Music in American Education: The Stake of Music in Education	255
Charles Leonhard and Robert W. House: The Objectives and Processes of Education	263
Harry S. Broudy: A Realistic Philosophy of Music Education	276
Abraham A. Schwadron: Aesthetics and Music Education	283
Gerard L. Knieter: The Nature of Aesthetic Education	289
Charles H. Ball: Thoughts on Music as Aesthetic Education	296
 Bennett Reimer: A Philosophy of Music Education	299
 Bennett Reimer: Education and Aesthetic Knowing	308
 Bennett Reimer: Why Do Humans Value Music?	318 
	 Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and Ulrich Schiefele: Arts Education, Human Development, 
	and the Quality of Experience	325
 Wayne D. Bowman: Sound, Society, and Music ¿Proper¿	333
 Wayne D. Bowman: Music Education in Nihilistic Times	337
 Philip A. Alperson: A Praxial View	339
 David J. Elliott: The Praxial Philosophy of Music Education	340
 David J. Elliott: Music Education Processes, Products, and Contexts	345
Thomas A. Regelski: The Aristotelian Bases of Praxis for Music and Music Education as 	
Praxis	349
J. Terry Gates: Why Study Music?	352
	 Music Education and Society	357
Estelle R. Jorgenses: On Spheres of Musical Validity	358
 John H. Mueller: Music and Education¿A Social Approach	362
 Max Kaplan: Foundations and Frontiers of Music Education: Goals of Planning	367
 Amy Beegle: American Music Education 1941-1946	370
 June Boyce-Tillman: Conceptual Frameworks for World Musics in Education	372
 Michael L. Mark: An Appreciation of Diversity	373
 John Strausbaugh: A View of American Multiculturalism	376
 Estelle Jorgensen: Gender and Musical Life	378
 Patricia O¿Toole: Gender Research in Music Education	379
Betty W. Atterbury: Old Prejudices, New Perceptions	384
 Warrick L. Carter: Minority Participation in Music Programs	385
 Patricia Shehan Campbell: Multiculturalism and School Music	386 
 Patricia Shehan Campbell: Music, Education, and Community in a Multicultural 
	Society	389
 Center for Music Research: Multicultural Arts Education	392
 Terese M. Volk: Music, Education, and Multiculturalism	393
 Diana Harris: Music Education: Muslim Beliefs	396
 	Music Education, Mind, and Brain	398
 Howard Gardner: Theory of Multiple Intelligences	400
 Donald A. Hodges: Neurological Research and Music Education	402
 Frances H. Rausher, Gordon L. Shaw, Katherine N. Ky: Music and Spatia Task 	
Performance	411
 Ellen Winner and Lois Hetland: The Arts and Academic Improvment: What the Evidence
Shows	413
 Ellen Winner and Monical Cooper	423
Jerome Bruner: The Process of Education	425
	 The School Music Program	427
 Marguerite V. Hood: Music in American Education	428
 Charles L. Gary: Why Music Education?	431
 Allen P. Britton: Music in Early American Public Education	432
The College Board: Academic Preparation for College	434
 Jane Remer: The Arts for Art¿s Sake vs. Integration: A False Dichotomoy for Schools	436
 Richard Colwell: Planning and Evaluation: The Evaluation Dilemma	439
Yale Seminar on Music Education: Music in Our Schools: A Search for Improvement	442 
The Tanglewood Symposium: A Philosophy of the Arts for an Emerging Society	447
 Congress of the United States: Goals 2000:Education America Act	462
 Paul Lehman: The National Standards: From Vision to Reality	465
 Arthur Levine: Educating School Teachers	466
	Advocacy for Music Education	469
The Vision 2020 Symposium: The Housewright Declaration	470
 The National Association of Secondary School Principals: The Arts in the Comprehensive 
	High School		474
 MENC: The National Association for Music Education: The Value and Quality of Arts Education: A Statement of Principles	476
 Bennett Reimer: Roots of Inequity and Injustice	482
 Paul G. Woodford: Democracy and Music Education	488
 Jack Heller: Music in the Formal School Program	490
 Donald AA. Hodges: Why Study Music?	494
 National Endowment for the Arts: Toward Civilization: A Report on Arts Education	500
 Richard W. Riley: Speech on Arts Education	508
 Bill Ivey: Speech on Music Education5	512
 Dana Gioia: On Awakening to Art	520
The 106th Congress of the United States: Concurrent Resolution of the 106tth Congress 
of the United States	522
 Michael L. Mark: The No Child Left Behind Act	524
 Arts Education: Creating Student Success in School, Work, and Life	527 
Center on Educaton Policy: From the Capital to the Classroom: Year 4 of the No Child
Left Behind Act	538
 Education Commission of the States: Media Paints Arts Education in Fading Light	540
The Arts, Education and Americans Panel: Coming to Our Senses: The Signficance of 
the Arts for American Education	542
Charles Fowler: Can We Rescue the Arts for America¿s Children	553
National Commission on Music Education: Growing Up Complete: The Imperative for
Music Education	574
June M. Hinckley: Testimony to Congress	578
Arts Education Partnership and thePresident¿s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities: 	The Impact of the Arts on Learning	586
		Marie McCarthy: Towards a Global Community	594
	World Figures	595
Emile Jaques-Dalcroze: Rhythm, Music, and Education	596
Emile Jaques-Dalcroze: Eurhythmics, Art, and Education	597
Carl Orff: Schulwerk	598
Lorraine Edwards: The Great Animating Stream of Music	601
Sinichi Suzuki: Talent Education	602
ASIA: Takahiko Imada: Post-modernity and Japan¿s Music Education	604
Koh-Ichi Hattori: 123 Years of Japanese Music	606
 TAIWAN: Mei-Ling Lai Kou: Music Education in Taiwan	607
 Angelo Hao-Chun Lee: Nationalism in School Texts in Taiwan	610
 KOREA: Anthony Hakkum Kim: Korean Folk Music	611
HONG KONG: Rosanna Wong Yick-Ming: Music in Education is Education for Life	613
 AFRICA: Joseph Ng¿andu and Anri Herbst: Institutionalsed Schooling in Africa	616
 MALAWI: Mitchel Strumpf: Community Music Training in Malawi	618
 SOUTH AFRICA: Shadrack Bokaba and Thamba Ishmael Kambule: What is Samet?	625
AUSTRALIA: Robert Walker: A Worthy Function for Music in Education	627
CANADA: J. Paul Green and Nancy H. Vogan: Music Education in Canada	633
 EUROPE: The Council of Europe: Culture, Creativity and the Young	636
United Kingdom: Mary Warnock: Let Children Blow their Own Trumpets	640
Stephanie Pitts: Researching the Development of Music Education	644
Gordon Cox: Living Music in Schools 1923-1999	646
June Boyce-Tillman: World Musics in Education	647
Graham F. Welch: We Are Musical	649
The Department for Education and Skills, UK: Music Education Manifesto No. 2	655
FINLAND: Pirkko Partanen: Music in Finnish Schools, Secondary Education	657
RUSSIA: Milana Leshinsky: Lessons Learned from Music Education in Russia	659
	Boris Dimentman: U.S.S.R. Union of Composers¿ Co-operation with Other Organizations 	
	in Mass Music Education	662	
 HUNGARY: Frigyes Sandor: Folk-music and Musical Education in Hungary	665
 Frigyes Sandor: Musical Education in Hungary	670
 IRELAND: Marie McCarthy: Irish Government White Paper	672
SWEDEN: Marja Heimonen	673
PORTUGAL: Adriana Latino, Graziela Cintra, Helena Rodrigues: Music Education in 	
Portugal	675
SOUTH AMERICA: Ana Lucia Frega: Music Education in Argentina	677
Heitor Villa-Lobos: Invocaton to St. Cecilia	681

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Music -- Instruction and study -- History -- Sources.
Music -- Philosophy and aesthetics.