Table of contents for Innovation to the core : a blueprint for transforming the way your company innovates / Peter Skarzynski, Rowan Gibson.

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Table of Contents 
Introduction by Gary Hamel
Part I Turning Rhetoric into Reality
Chapter 1: The New Innovation Challenge
Making innovation happen
The new innovation leaders 
More buzzword than core competence
Toward a systemic understanding
Innovation to the core
Chapter 2: Creating The Preconditions For Innovation
 Creating bandwidth 
 	Maximizing Diversity
 	Connection and conversation
 	Is that all there is to it?
 Innovation Challenges/Leadership Imperatives
Chapter 3: Building a Foundation of Novel Strategic Insights
 The four ¿lenses¿ of innovation
 Challenging orthodoxies
 	Harnessing discontinuities
 	Leveraging competencies and assets 
 	Understanding unarticulated needs
 Organizing the discovery process
 	Drawing on collective wisdom
	Selecting and using ¿discovery insights¿
 Innovation Challenges/Leadership Imperatives
Part II	Enlarging and Enhancing the Innovation Pipeline
Chapter 4: Producing A Torrent Of New Opportunities	
Widen the front end
Increase the combinations
Involve many minds
Let a thousand flowers bloom
Ideate around specific themes
 Innovation Challenges/Leadership Imperatives
Chapter 5: Innovating Across The Business Model
 What is business model innovation?
 	Two distinctly different objectives 
 	Thinking holistically
 	Asking new questions 
 	Stretching your business model
 	The acid test
 Innovation Challenges/Leadership Imperatives
Chapter 6: Dynamically Balancing Supply And Demand
 	Driving innovation ¿supply¿
 	Driving innovation ¿demand¿
 	Creating the right pressure points 	
 Measuring innovation performance
 	A comprehensive matrix of metrics 
 	The ¿Innovation Scorecard¿ 
 Fine-tuning the balance
 Innovation Challenges/Leadership Imperatives 
Part III	 Evaluating and Aligning New Growth Opportunities
Chapter 7: Asking The Right Questions At The Right Time
 Evaluating ideas
 	The limits to incrementalism
 	Radical innovation defined
 	Radical doesn¿t have to mean risky
 	Will it have impact?
 Innovation Challenges/Leadership Imperatives
Chapter 8: Constructing An Innovation Architecture
 	Focusing the innovation process 
 	Shaping your innovation portfolio
 	Screening and sequencing ideas
 	A shared point of view
 	More than a mission, a vision, or a plan
 	Strategy from the bottom up
 	Proprietary ¿ but not confidential
 	Creating and testing a trial architecture
 	A blueprint for building the future
 Innovation Challenges/Leadership Imperatives
Part IV	 Maximizing the Return on Innovation 
Chapter 9: Managing And Multiplying Resources
 Rethinking the budgeting process
 	Incubators and skunk works
 	A marketplace for ideas, capital and talent
 	Creating a portfolio of projects
 	Reallocating talent
 	Towards the hybrid organization
 Multiplying the available resources
 Innovation Challenges/Leadership Imperatives
Chapter 10 Pacing And De-Risking Innovation Investments
Know the race you run
Understanding marathons
Understanding sprints
Becoming a ¿smart mover¿
Avoiding risk
Maximizing learning over investment
Learn faster, learn cheaper, learn better
Managing a portfolio of experiments
Sharing risk with partners
 	Innovation Challenges/Leadership Imperatives
Part V	Driving Innovation to the Core
Chapter 11. 	Building A Systemic Innovation Capabiliity 
Leadership and organization
People and Skills 
Processes and tools
Culture and values
Making the cultural transition
Innovation Challenges/Leadership Imperatives
Chapter 12 Making Innovation Sustainable
Gearing up for organizational change
Identifying innovation impediments
¿Management Process Makeover¿
The ultimate challenge
Balancing innovation and efficiency
Tensions within innovation
Your own Innovation Journey
Innovation Challenges/Leadership Imperatives

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