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Table of Contents
Chapter One: Introduction	11
Who Is This Book For	12
How This Book Iis Organized	12
Chapter Two: History of Google and Online Marketing	19
Development of Online Marketing	28
Internet Marketing	29
Internet Advertising	30
Types of Online Advertisements	31
Understanding Banner Advertising	32
Understanding Static versus Dynamic	34
Chapter Three: Developing an Online Marketing Plan	37
Performing a Market Analysis	37
Establishing Business Objectives	40
Establishing Marketing Strategies	42
Chapter Four: How to Generate Web Site Traffic with (and without) Google	49
How to Create Media Exposure and Drive Customers to Your Web Site	49
Gaining the Trust of Clients	53
Increasing Your Public Profile	53
Web Site Essentials	55
Using Press Releases to Generate Web Site Traffic	56
Publish Customer Testimonials on Your Web Site	57
Proven Techniques for Generating Web Site traffic	58
Chapter Five: Introduction to Pay-Per-Click Advertising	62
Pay-Per-Click Advertising Walkthrough	64
Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click Benefits	66
Cost of Pay-Per-Click Advertising	70
Chapter Six: Using Google AdWords	72
What Is Google AdWords?	73
Where Will My Google AdWords Advertisement Appear?	73
How Are Google AdWords Ranked?	74
How Much Will Google AdWords Cost?	76
Establishing and Managing Your Google Account	77
The Google Traffic Estimator	79
Google AdWords Campaign Setup	80
The Google Campaign Summary	90
Editing Your Campaign Settings	94
Google AdWords Reports	97
Google AdWords Site Exclusion	98
Google AdWords Ads Diagnostic Tool	98
Google AdWords Position Preference	99
Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click Advertising	101
Practical Advice for Managing Your Google AdWords Account	104
Guide to Google AdWords - Target Your AdWords Ads for Motivated Visitors	106
Chapter Seven: How to Choose Effective Keywords and Key Phrases	110
Google AdWords Common Terms	112
Keyword Research Tools	113
How to Develop Keywords	116
Tips and Tricks When Developing Keywords or Key Phrases	127
How to Establish a Budget for Your Pay-Per-Click Campaign	128
Pay-Per-Click Budget Planning	130
Measuring Return on Investment	130
Negative Campaign Keywords	131
Chapter Eight: Increase Profits With Google AdSense	132
How to Set Up Your Google AdSense Campaign	133
Google AdSense Program Policies	136
Setting Up Google AdSense on Your Web Site	137
Five Ways To Improve Your AdSense Earnings	141
Google AdSense Profit: Three Steps to Triple Your AdSense Earnings	143
How to Set Up Your Google Referrals	146
Hints and Tips for Maximizing Google AdSense on Your Web Site	147
Chapter Nine: How to Identify and Combat Pay-Per-Click Fraud	155
What Is Fraud in Relation to Pay-Per-Click Marketing	156
How Does Google Detect Invalid Clicks?	157
Tips and Suggestions to Combat Fraud	159
Click Fraud: Six Things You Should Be Aware of Before You Buy ¿Guaranteed Traffic¿	160
White Paper - How to Defend Your Website Against Click Fraud	163
Available Fraud Protection Options	174
Chapter Ten: Optimize Your Web Site for the Google Search Engine	178
Google Webmaster Guidelines	179
Webmaster Guidelines	179
Design, Content, and Technical guidelines	180
Design and Content Guidelines	180
Technical Guidelines	181
Quality Guidelines	182
Quality Guidelines - Basic Principles	182
Quality Guidelines - Specific Guidelines	183
Site Status Wizard	184
Google Webmaster Tools	185
Adding Your Web Site to Google	188
Other Google Search Engine Optimization Resources	189
Search Engine Optimization Techniques	189
Successful Search Engine Optimization	191
Meta Tag Definition and Implementation	192
The Title Tag	193
The Description Tag	194
The Keywords Tag	195
The Robots Tag	196
Other Meta Tags	196
ALT Tags	197
How to Use the Correct Keywords	198
Optimization of Web Page Content	200
Optimize Your Web Site	201
Web Site Optimization Tips, Hints, and Secrets	202
Web Design and Optimization Suggestions	205
Establish Links with Reputable Web Sites	205
How to Establish a Reciprocal Link Program (Backlinks)	206
Establish a Web Site Privacy Policy	206
Establish an ¿About Us¿ Page	207
Establish a Testimonials Page	207
Establish a Money-back Guarantee	207
How Do Search Engines Work?	208
Crawler-based Search Engines	208
Human-powered Search Directories	209
Hybrid or Mixed Search Engines	209
Using a Search Engine Optimization Company	209
Search Engine Registration	212
Submitting to Human-Powered Search Directories	213
Submitting to Crawler Search Engines	213
Using Search Engine Submission Software	213
Paying for Search Engine Submissions	216
Search Engine Optimization Checklist	216
Free Web Site Search Engine Submission Sites	217
Free Web Site Optimization Tools	218
Web Site Design and Optimization Tools	219
Chapter Eleven: Google Base and Froogle	223
Google Base	223
Froogle	225
How to Use Google Base	227
Chapter Twelve: Increase Sales with Affiliate Marketing	232
Affiliate Programs	232
Definition of Affiliate Programs	233
Who Uses affiliate programs?	235
Affiliate Payment Process	235
Residual Payment Program	236
Two-tier Affiliate Payment Programs	237
How Affiliate Programs Work	237
Affiliate Program Networks	238
Becoming Part of an Affiliate Program	239
How Affiliates Link to Your Web Site	241
The Success of Affiliate Programs	243
Setting Up an Affiliate Program	244
Features of Affiliate Link Network	248
Branding	248
Multiple Domain Management	249
Full Administrative Order Control	249
Flexible Commission Management	249
Multi-Tier Capability	250
Program Integrity	250
Detailed Affiliate Program Reporting	250
Simplified Affiliate Payout Process	251
Affiliate Management Controls	251
E-mail Capability to Maintain Affiliate Contact	252
Banner Publishing, Landing Pages, E-mail Creative, and Custom Template Support	252
Sales by Affiliate Member Tracking	253
Fraud Protection	253
Cookie-less Tracking Capability	253
Chapter Thirteen: Google Web Services and API	258
Google Developers Network	258
Google Account Authentication	259
AdSense API	259
AdWords API	259
Google AJAX Search API	259
Google Base Data API	259
Blogger Data API	260
Google Calendar Data API	260
Google Code Search Data API	260
Google Data APIs	260
Google Desktop SDK	260
Google Earth KML	260
Google Gadgets API	261
Gmail Atom Feeds	261
Google Apps APIs	261
Google Checkout API	261
Google Web Toolkit	261
Google Groups Feeds	261
Google Maps API	261
Google News Feeds	262
Google Notebook Data API	262
Picasa Web Albums Data API	262
Google Related Links	262
Google Search Appliance APIs	262
Google Search History Feeds	262
Google Sitemaps	263
Google Spreadsheets Data API	263
Google Talk XMPP	263
Google Toolbar API	263
Google SOAP Search API	263
YouTube API	263
Chapter Fourteen ¿ All the Cool Stuff You Can Do with Google, But Probably Did Not Know About	265
Google Products, Services, and Applications	265
Google Alerts	265
Google Blog Search	265
Google Book Search	265
Google Catalogs	265
Google Checkout	265
Google Desktop	266
Google Directory	266
Google Earth	266
Google Finance	266
Froogle	266
Google Images	266
Google Local	266
Google Maps	266
Google News	266
Google Patents	267
Google Scholar	267
Google Specialized Searches	267
Google Toolbar	267
Google Video	267
Google Web Search	267
Google Code	267
Google CO-OP	267
Google Labs	267
Google Blogs	267
Google Calendar	267
Google Docs and Spreadsheet	268
Gmail	268
Google Groups	268
Picasa	268
Google SketchUp	268
Google Talk	268
Google Translate	268
YouTube	268
Google Mobile Maps	268
Google Mobile	269
Google SMS	269
Google Pack	269
Google Web Accelerator	269
Google Webmaster Central	269
Google Analytics	269
Google Custom Search Engine	269
Chapter Fifteen: Summary	270
Top Ten Reasons to Follow the Guidelines in This Book	271
Chapter Sixteen: Google Pay-Per-Click Marketing and SEO Case Studies	273
Case Study: Intellisync	273
Case Study: TekNet Electronics	274
Case Study: VIA USA	277
Case Study: The Hitchin¿ Post	278
Case Study: Advanced Micro Controls Inc. (AMCI)	279
Case Study: Sony Style	284
Case Study:	286
Case Study:	288
Case Study:	289
Case Study: Wotif Shares Success	293
Case Study: JerrysArtarama	295
Case Study: Wotif Shares Success	299
Chapter Seventeen: Hints, Tips, and Advice from the Experts Who Do It Everyday	302
Pay-Per-Click Advice from WisdomClicks by Mariano Katz	302
The Five Easiest Ways to Increase ROI and Generate Qualified Leads Through Google PPC Advertising	304
Google Bombing is Dead	306
When Pay-Per-Click Does Not Work	310
Google Tips	313
Organic SEO or Pay-Per-Click Advertising - Which Should You Choose?	314
Natural Search Engine Results - The Great Equalizer	319
Four Tips to Increase Search Engine Ranking	323
Five Internet Marketing Strategies	326
Five Simple Internet Marketing Techniques	329
Pay-Per-Click Campaigns	332
The DMOZ Factor	334
Google TrustRank	335
Links Are the Gold of the Internet	336
The Benefits of Black Hat Techniques	338
How Google Indexes Your Site	340
Search Engine Optimization for Google	341
How to Get Your Site a Top Ranking in Google	342
How to Write a Better Web Page Title	345
Top 10 B2B Paid Search Mistakes	346
Chapter Eighteen: Recommended Google, SEO, and Business Reference Library	367
How to Use the Internet to Advertise, Promote, and Market Your Business or Web Site ¿ With Little or No Money	367
Online Marketing Success Stories: Insider Secrets from the Experts Who Are Making Millions on the Internet Today	368
The eBay Success Chronicles: Secrets and Techniques eBay PowerSellers Use Every Day to Make Millions	372
eBay Income: How ANYONE of Any Age, Location, and/or Background Can Build a Highly Profitable Online Business with eBay	372
How to Get the Financing for Your New Small Business: Innovative Solutions from the Experts Who Do it Every Day ¿ With CD-ROM	373
2,001 Innovative Ways to Save Your Company Thousands by Reducing Costs: A Complete Guide to Creative Cost Cutting and Boosting Profits	374
365 Foolish Mistakes Smart Managers Make Every Day: How and Why to Avoid Them	375
How to Write a Great Business Plan for Your Small Business in 60 Minutes or Less - With CD-ROM	376
Chapter Nineteen: Glossary	378

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