Table of contents for The political economy of East Asia : striving for wealth and power / by Ming Wan.

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Part I:	Introduction
1. Introduction
What Is East Asia? 
The Political Economy Approach 
	Defining Political Economy 
		Rational choice approach
		Historical institutionalism
		Power and political institutions
	Comparative Political Economy and International Political Economy
	The State and the Market 
	Economic Growth Versus Political Regime
	Power of Ideas 
Design of the Book 
2. The East Asian National Systems of Political Economy
The Political Economy Systems of East Asia: An Overview
The Japanese System of Political Economy
	The Embedded Mercantilism
	Structural Reform 
The Political Economy Systems of the Asian Tigers 
	South Korea
The Political Economy Systems of Southeast Asia 
	The Philippines
The Transitional Political Economies
	North Korea
Part II: Rise and Fall of East Asia
3. The Chinese World Order 
World Orders
International Order
	The Chinese World Order
Political Economy of East Asian Trade
Comparative Political Economy
	Southeast Asia 
Beyond European Models of World History
	Eurocentric Models of World History
	New Scholarship on World History		
Why Did the West Rise? 
4. Modern Imperialism 
Western Imperialism
	History of Western Domination in East Asia 
	East Asian Responses to Western Domination 
	Legacies of Western Colonialism 
		East Asian international political economy
		Nationalism and communism 
Japanese Imperialism
	Japanese Response to Western Imperialism
	History of Japanese Imperialism 
	Legacies of Japanese Imperialism
		East Asian international political economy
		East Asian nationalism and communism
		Japan's imperialist past on Japan
5. The East Asian Miracle 
Postwar Transformation of East Asian Political Economy
	Rapid Economic Growth with Equity 
	Was There a Miracle? 
	Structural Change 
	March to Capitalism
Explaining the East Asian Miracle
	Neoclassical Economics
	The Developmental State Approach 
	The East Asian Challenge 
	What Exactly Explains the East Asian Miracle? 
A Regional Perspective of East Asian Political Economy 
	Flying Geese Formation
	Regional Integration and Learning 
The United States and East Asian Political Economy
	The U.S. Hegemony
	Managing Rivals
	The United States and East Asian Regionalism
The Political Economy of Growth 
6. The Asian Financial Crisis 
Tracing the Crisis
Explaining the Crisis 
	Speculative Capital
 	Unsustainable Economic Policies
Crony Capitalism 
Managing the Crisis 
The Consequences of the Crisis 
The Political Economy of the Crisis
Part III: Issues of East Asian Political Economy
7. The Political Economy of East Asian Production
The "Factory" of the World
	East Asian Industrialization
	Foreign Direct Investment in East Asia 
	The Investors of the World 
Regionalization of Production 
The East Asian State and Production 
	Picking the Winners
	Foreign Direct Investment Policies 
		Inward investments
		Outward investments
East Asian Companies 
Domestic Political Economy of Production
8. The Political Economy of East Asian Trade
Trade Patterns in East Asia
	Rapid Expansion in Trade
	Structural Change in Trade
	Surplus with the World
	Greater Regional Trade Interdependence
East Asian Trade Strategies
	 Import Substitution
	 Export Promotion 
	 Trade Liberalization
Facing the World	
	 Managing Trade Disputes 
	 Global Rules, Asian Plays
East Asian Trade Regionalism
Domestic Political Economy of Trade
9. The Political Economy of East Asian Finance
East Asian Finance
	 East Asian Capital Accumulation 
	 East Asian Banking 
	 Shallow Financial Markets
		East Asian equity markets 
		East Asian bond markets
East Asian Financial Policies
	 Mobilizing Domestic Capital 
	 Financial Liberalization
East Asia in Global Finance
	 Cross-Border Capital Flows 
	 Global Saving Glut 
East Asian Financial Regionalism
East Asian Political Economy of Finance
10. The Political Economy of East Asian Monetary Relations
East Asian Exchange Rate Policy
	Exchange Rate Policies
	East Asian Exchange Rate Policies Through the Early 1970s 
	From the Early 1970s to the 1997 Financial Crisis
	Postcrisis East Asian Exchange Rate Regimes
East Asia in the Global Monetary System
	International Monetary Regime
	East Asia and the Bretton Woods System
	The Dollar Standard
East Asian Regional Monetary System
	Monetary Union
	A Yen Bloc
	The Yuan's Arrival
East Asian Political Economy of Money
11. The Political Economy of East Asian Regionalism
Defining Regionalization and Regionalism
East Asian Regionalization 
East Asian Regionalism
	Open Regionalism
	The New East Asian Regionalism
	"East Asia Plus" Versus "East Asia Minus" Regionalism
Theories of Regionalism
	Economic Theories of Regionalism 
	Political Economy Theories of Regionalism
		Functional/institutionalist explanations
		Realist explanations
		Constructivist explanations
		Strategic explanations
Political Economy of Regionalism

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