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Chapter 1 East Asia and Regionalism: An Introduction 
¿	East Asia: An Emerging Global Region
¿	Regionalism: Key Concepts and Definitions
¿	Studying Regionalism: Classic Regionalism and New Regionalism Theories
[Case Study 1: The Welfare Effects Debate in Classic Regionalism Theory]
¿	Regionalism in the International System
o	Regionalism and Globalisation
o	Regional Economic Organisations and Agreements
o	The Security and Geopolitical Dimensions of East Asian Regionalism
¿	International Political Economy Theories and Regionalism
o	What is International Political Economy (IPE)?
o	Applying Key IPE Theories and Concepts to the Study of Regionalism
?	Neo-realism
?	Neo-liberalism
?	Social Constructivism
?	Marxism and Structuralism
¿	Conclusion
Chapter 2 East Asia¿s Regionalisation and New Economic Geography
¿	Introduction
¿	East Asia¿s Regionalisation in Historic Context
¿	Recent Trends in East Asia¿s Regional Trade
¿	The Rise of International Production Networks in East Asia
o	What are International Production Networks (IPNs)?
o	East Asia in Focus
o	Types of IPN in East Asia
[Case Study 1: An IPN Perspective on Thailand¿s Automotive Industry]
o	Industry-Specific Perspectives
¿	East Asia¿s Regionalisation: Zonal ¿ Network Dimensions
o	Industrial Districts and Agglomerated Zonal Development
[Case Study 2: The Taiwan ¿ China Axis in East Asia¿s Computer Industry]
o	East Asia¿s World Cities and Regionalisation
o	Growth Polygons Zones in East Asia
?	What are Growth Polygons?
?	Types of Growth Polygon
[Case Study 3: The Indonesia-Malaysia-Singapore Growth Triangle (IMSGT)]
o	East Asia¿s Pan-Regional Development Corridor
¿	Conclusion
o	Summary Overview
o	IPE Theoretical Analysis
Chapter 3 ASEAN and Southeast Asia
¿	Southeast Asia: An Introduction
¿	The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)
¿	The ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA)
[Case Study 1: The Dynamic Effects of AFTA Integration: The AIA and AICO Schemes]
[Case Study 2: AFTA and Automobile Sector Trade in Southeast Asia]
¿	The Initiative for ASEAN Integration (IAI)
¿	Towards an ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)?
[Case Study 3: The Singapore ¿ Thailand Enhanced Economic Relationship (STEER) 
Framework and Multi-Speed Regional Integration]
¿	ASEAN and East Asian Regionalism
¿	Conclusion
o	Summary Overview
o	IPE Theoretical Analysis
Chapter 4 APEC and Asia-Pacific Trans-Regionalism
¿	East Asia and Trans-Regionalism in the Asia-Pacific
¿	The Emergence and Early Development of APEC
o	Constructing a Pacific Economic Community: Early Ideas and Initiatives 
o	The Emergence of APEC
o	APEC Raises its Ambitions
¿	East Asia and APEC¿s Economic Liberalisation Agenda during the 1990s
o	East Asia and the EPG Reports
o	The Individual Action Plan (IAP) and Manila Action Plan (MAPA) Frameworks
o	The Early Voluntary Sectoral Liberalisation (EVSL) Debacle
[Case Study 1: The ¿Open Regionalism¿ Debate]
o	The Early Voluntary Sectoral Liberalisation (EVSL) Debacle
o	Continued Inertia on APEC Trade Liberalisation
¿	The Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific (FTAAP) Initiative
[Case Study 2: APEC¿s Economics ¿ Security Nexus]
¿	East Asia, APEC and Regional Economic Community-Building
¿	Conclusion
o	Summary Overview
o	IPE Theoretical Analysis
Chapter 5 ASEAN Plus Three and East Asia Summit: Financial Regionalism and Beyond?
¿	Introduction
¿	Forming an East Asia Regional Grouping: Precursory Developments
¿	The ASEAN Plus Three (APT) Framework
o	Introduction
o	Pre-APT Developments in East Asian Regional Financial Co-operation
o	Early Developments within the APT Framework
o	The Chiang Mai Initiative (CMI)
o	The Asian Bond Markets Initiative (ABMI)
o	The Asian Currency Unit (ACU)
o	Other Aspects of APT Regional Co-operation
[Case Study 1: Taiwan¿s Marginalisation in East Asian Regionalism?]
¿	The East Asia Summit (EAS) Framework
[Case Study 2: Japan and China ¿ Hegemonic Rivals or Regional Co-Leadership?]
¿	Conclusion
o	Summary Overview
o	IPE Theoretical Analysis
Chapter 6 Free Trade Agreements and East Asian Regionalism
¿	Introduction
¿	The Growth of FTA Activity in East Asia
¿	East Asia¿s Bilateral FTAs and Economic Integration
o	The Nature of Free Trade Agreements
o	FTA Integration in East Asia
¿	Towards an East Asia Regional Free Trade Area or Agreement (EAFTA)?
o	Introduction
o	Bilateral FTAs help foster East Asian Regionalism: Region-Convergent Perspectives
?	Sub-Structural Foundation for Regionalism 
?	Congruent Processes and Objectives
?	Preliminary Conditioning to Regional Economic Liberalisation and Integration
[Case Study 1: ASEAN¿s Free Trade Agreement Projects with China, Japan and South Korea]
o	Bilateral FTAs destabilize East Asian Regionalism: Region-Divergent Perspectives
?	Undermining or Capturing Effects
?	Intensifying Bilateralism and Inter-State Rivalry
?	Reinforced Power Asymmetries 
?	Exacerbating the Development Divide 
[Case Study 2 An APT-Based or EAS-Based Regional FTA for East Asia?]
¿	Conclusion
o	Summary Overview
o	IPE Theoretical Analysis
Chapter 7 Key Transnational Issues in East Asia
¿	Introduction
¿	Haze in Southeast Asia: Trans-boundary Pollution in Focus
o	What is ¿Haze¿?
o	Causes and Costs
o	ASEAN Environmental Co-operation and the Haze Issue
o	Future Challenges of Governance, Capacity-Building and Regional Co-operation
¿	International Migration in East Asia
o	The Growth of International Migration within the Region
o	Causal Factors
o	Government Policies on International Migration
o	International / Regional Co-operation and Integration
¿	Energy Security in East Asia
o	Framing East Asia¿s Energy Security Predicaments
o	Energy Resources, Production and Consumption in East Asia
o	Diversifying Sources of Energy Supply
o	Energy Security Conflicts: Actual and Future Potential
?	The ¿Chokepoints¿ Predicament
?	The East China Sea Dispute
?	The South China Sea: Spratly Islands and Paracel Islands
?	North Korea¿s Nuclear Programme
o	Regional Co-operation on Energy 
¿	Conclusion
o	Summary Overview
o	IPE Theoretical Analysis
Chapter 8 Regionalism in East Asia: A New Framework of Analysis
¿	Introduction
¿	East Asian Regionalism: Different Forms of its ¿Coherence¿
o	Introduction
o	Associative Coherence
o	Integrational Coherence
o	Organisational Coherence
o	Connections Among the Forms of Coherence
¿	The Extra-Dimensional Nature of East Asian Regionalism
o	Introduction
o	Geo-Spatial Dimensions of Regionalism
o	Different Extra-Dimensional Perspectives
?	Regionalisation and Globalisation
?	Sub-Regionalised Zonal Development within Regionalised Development
?	Regional Organisations and Frameworks
?	Bilateralism, Quasi-Regionalism and Regionalism
?	Regional Issue-Linkage and Regional Agenda Expansion
?	East Asian Regionalism and its Impacts on the Global System
¿	Final Comments

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