Table of contents for 151 quick ideas for advertising on a shoestring / by Jean Joachim.

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1. Find New Products for Current Customers
2. Stick to a Budget
3. Consultants on Commission?
4. Opportunity Budget
5. Define Your Unique Selling Proposition
6. Be the Best You Can Be
7. Big Ideas Mean Big Business
8. Increase Payment Options
9. Exchange with Non-Competitive Businesses
10. Donate
11. Give a Break to Non-Profits
12. Establish the Lifetime Value of Your Customers
13. Make Lemonade from Lemons
14. Build Your Business Carefully
15. Should You Mail Catalogs to Online Buyers?
16. Your Cover is More Than a Pretty Picture
17. Create a Co-Op Bulletin Board
18. Use Strong Selling Words for Success
19. Let Testimonials Sell For You
20. The Problem/Solution Formula
21. Never Forget the P.S. 
22. The Multi-Purpose Brochure
23. Find Fresh Talent
24. Standard Formats Save Money
25. Copy Do¿s and Don¿ts
26. Keep it Personal
27. Art Do¿s and Don¿ts
28. Make Your Banner Ads Rock
29. Turn Your Customer List Into a Database
30. Enhance Your List, Increase Profits
31. Contests Grow Lists
32. Test New Offers In Every Mailing
33. List Exchanges Save Money
34. 80/20 Rule
35. Follow Postal Requirements
36. Negotiate List Prices
37. Promote Customers Often
38. More List Negotiation
39. Create Multibuyers
40. Rent Lists Carefully
41. When to Use Postage-Paid Envelopes
42. Don¿t Toss Those Duplicate Names
43. Direct Mail for Lead Generation?
44. Save Money on National Cable
45. No Soap
46. Infomercials are Pricey
47. What is the Best Programming?
48. What are the Best Dayparts?
49. 2nd & 4th Quarters
50. 1st and 3rd Quarters
51. Run-Of-Station is Cheapest
52. Use TV for Demonstrations
53. Ask for the Order
54. Friday Has More Reliable Clearance
55. Broad Rotations Get Best Clearance
56. Reaching Consumers Through Email
57. Reaching Business-to-Business Through Email
58. An Offer in Every Email
59. Getting Email Read
60. Email is Free
61. Email Response is Fast
62. Use Electronic Gift Cards for Low-Cost Rewards
63. Email Mistakes to Avoid
64. Secret to Hassle-Free Fulfillment 
65. Increase Your Customer¿s Lifetime Value
66. Direct Marketing is Measurable and Accountable
67. Establish Your Seasonality
68. Advertising Integration Gets the Biggest Bang for Your Buck
69. Unique Landing Pages for PPC Advertising
70. Holiday Advertising on The Net
71. Magazine Remnants Save Money
72. Do You Need Two-Color?
73. Square Third ¿ Cheap and Effective
74. BRC will Quadruple Response
75. Are Special Issues Right for You?
76. Time Ads for Maximum Impact
77. Use Magazines to Create a Leadership Position
78. Split Testing in Magazines
79. TV Guide ¿ Inexpensive Test Vehicle
80. Gain Time with Accurate Response Projections
81. Are Bingo Cards for You?
82. Media Selection is Key
83. Create Your Own Take-Ones
84. Make Money With Package Inserts
85. Evaluate Media Using CPM
86. Media Rate Negotiation 
87. Use Your Best Media First
88. Standby Space Can Save You a Bundle
89. Run When Readership is Up
90. Days to Avoid Running in Newspapers
91. Target by Newspaper Section
92. Target by Newspaper Columns
93. Do You Really Need Color in Your Newspaper Ad?
94. Newspaper Frequency Discounts Save Money
95. Can You Use Pre-Printed Inserts in Newspapers?
96. Coupon Booklets Have Low Rates
97. Newspapers Have Regional Editions
98. What Ad Sizes Are Best in Newspapers?
99. Design Is Paramount In Small Space Ads
100. Keep Creative Fresh
101. Hire Newspaper-Savvy Creative Team
102. Offer Testing ¿ A Way of Life
103. The All-Important Guarantee
104. Keep Your Product the Star
105. Try Newsletters ¿ They¿re Inexpensive
106. Video Offers Work on TV
107. Sweepstakes & Contests
108. Installment Offers Boost Response
109. Tailor Offers to Suit Customers 
110. Add a Sticker for Last Minute Offers
111. Free Shipping -- Always a Winning Offer
112. Send Offer in This Email, Guaranteed to be Read
113. Work with Printer¿s Format
114. Saving Paper Saves Money
115. Gang Up Printing and Save Big Money
116. Save Money by Folding Instead of Cutting
117. Samples Makes Sales
118. Be Your Own Premium
119. Cross Promotion Saves Money
120. Ride-Alongs Reduce Postage Pinch
121. Back Local Contests and Giveaways
122. Not Great For Direct Response
123. AM/PM Drives for Awareness
124. Barter for Time to Save Money
125. Vanity Phone Number - theWay to Go
126. Top Notch Customer Service Increases Lifetime Value
127. Loyalty Cards Pay Off
128. Good Communication Creates Loyalty
129. Use Research to Reduce Mistakes
130. Run Contests in Your Store
131. Use Technology to Drive Store Traffic
132. Use Your Store Window to Showcase Offers
133. In-Store Pick-Up Increases Sales
134. In-Store Events for Online Customers 
135. Upselling on the Telephone Increases Profit
136. Voice Messaging Creates Sales
137. Keep Landing Pages Uncluttered
138. Website -- Necessity, not Luxury
139. Test Offers on Your Website
140. Create Your Own Bulletin Board
141. Keep It Fresh
142. Too Flashy With Flash
143. Easy Site Navigation is the Goal
144. Upsell with Pop-Ups
145. Run Ads for Google
146. Advertise with Google
147. Analyze Your Web Stats
148. Web Success ¿ Trial and Error
149. Make Your Web Content Strong
150. Keep It Branded and Service Oriented
151. Create Web Stickiness to Create Success

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