Table of contents for 100 questions & answers about sleep and sleep disorders / Sudhansu Chokroverty.

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Part 1: The Basics
¿	What is sleep?
¿	Why do we sleep?
¿	What is my sleep requirement?
Part 2: Risk/Prevention/Epidemiology
¿	What causes temporary and long-standing sleeplessness?
¿	Why does pain cause sleeplessness?
¿	Can medications cause excessive sleepiness or sleeplessness?
Part 3: Diagnosis
¿	How does a sleep specialist diagnose a sleep problem? 
¿	What are some important laboratory tests for evaluating sleep problems?
¿	What is an overnight sleep study? Is it uncomfortable?
Part 4: Treatment
¿	What can I do for my sleeplessness?
¿	Should I take over-the-counter sleeping pills for my sleeplessness?
¿	Should I take melatonin for my sleep problem?
Part 5: Living with a Sleep Disorder
¿	What happens if I am sleep-deprived?
¿	Can sleeplessness cause adverse physical and mental effects?
¿	Can a person either become sick or die after complete sleep deprivation?
Part 6: Normal vs. Abnormal Sleep Behaviors ¿ which is which?
¿	Is snoring a nuisance or a problem?
¿	My bed partner snores loudly, driving me crazy. He makes noises like a freight train. He also feels sleepy in the daytime. Should he use a snore guard or see a doctor?
¿	I am a 20-year-old woman. I wake up in the middle of the night to eat and drink. Is this behavior abnormal?
Part 7: Sleep Disorders and Other Illnesses
¿	I have difficulty getting to sleep and, many times, I wake up in the middle of the night. I am an anxious-type person and periodically become depressed. Can anxiety and depression cause sleep problems?
¿	I am a 30-year-old woman who has been suffering from depression for a long time. This depression is particularly notable during the winter; during the summer, I feel fine. I have terrible sleep problems during the winter. What can I do?
¿	Are sleep and physical illness related? In other words, do fever and other illnesses alter sleep and, if so, what is the mechanism involved?

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