Table of contents for Speaking of India : bridging the communication gap between India and the West / Craig Storti.

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Foreword	xxx
Acknowledgments	xxx
Introduction: "The Worm Has Turned" xvii	xxx
Offshore Is in Your Future xviii	xxx
Not Just IT xx	xxx
The Cultural Component	xxx
Chapter 1 Indians, Westerners, and the Cultural Lens
Which Westerners?	xxx
Which Indians?	xxx
	Two Types of Indians	xxx
The Culture Thing	xxx
We Are All Ethnocentrics	xxx
But We Get Cultural Training	xxx
It's Not Always Culture	xxx
The Public and Private Sectors	xxx
Fooled by Appearances	xxx
Indians from a Western Perspective	xxx
A Focus on the Workplace	xxx
Chapter 2 Communication East and Communication West
Communication East: For the Good of the Group	xxx
	The Extended Family	xxx
	Preserving Harmony and Saving Face	xxx
	Impact on Communication Style	xxx
	What Is Not Said	xxx
	Implying and Suggesting	xxx
	Young Indians	xxx
Communication West: Standing on Your Own Two Feet	xxx
	Individualists	xxx
	Impact on Communication Style	xxx
Chapter 3 Yes, No, and Other Problems	xxx
The Indian "Yes"	xxx
	The Indian "Yes" Head Gesture	xxx
The Indian "No"	xxx
	The Absence of "Yes"	xxx
Unintended Consequences	xxx
	The "No-Response" Response	xxx
	Avoiding the Question or Changing the Subject	xxx
	The Postponed Answer	xxx
	Repeating the Question	xxx
	Turning the Question on the Speaker	xxx
	Hesitation	xxx
	The Qualified or Conditional "Yes"	xxx
	Combined Forms	xxx
Bad News	xxx
	Behind Schedule	xxx
	That's Not Possible	xxx
	Asking for Help	xxx
Negative Feedback	xxx
	No Response	xxx
	The Repeated Question	xxx
	A Very Loud Silence	xxx
	Suggesting an Alternative	xxx
	Asking Your Opinion	xxx
	Damning with Faint Praise	xxx
When Westerners Talk Like Indians	xxx
Advice for Westerners	xxx
Who Adjusts to Whom?	xxx
	Coaching Indians	xxx
	Getting the Bad News Sooner	xxx
	The Indian Culture Broker	xxx
	Five Behavior Changes for Westerners	xxx
	Seek out One-on-One Conversations	xxx
	Get to Know the Indians You Work With	xxx
Rude Westerners?	xxx
Advice for Indians	xxx
Best Practices: Communication Style	xxx
Chapter 4 Management East and Management West	xxx
Management East	xxx
	The Boss Is the Boss (High Power Distance)	xxx
	Superiors and Subordinates	xxx
	Face	xxx
Management West	xxx
	First Among Equals (Low Power Distance)	xxx
Chapter 5 The Deference Syndrome	xxx
The Empowerment Problem	xxx
	Going Through the Boss	xxx
	Respecting the Chain of Command	xxx
	Advice for Westerners	xxx
Following Instructions-to a Fault	xxx
	Incomplete Instructions	xxx
	Bad Instructions	xxx
	When Indians Have a Better Idea	xxx
	Advice for Westerners	xxx
Taking Initiative, Indian-Style	xxx
When Indians Don't Understand You	xxx
	Advice for Westerners	xxx
Subordinates at Meetings	xxx
	Indians Won't Correct the Boss	xxx
	Subordinates, Not Equals	xxx
Subordinates in Training Sessions	xxx
Praise the Team	xxx
Sir and Madam: Indian Formality	xxx
Ingratiating Behavior	xxx
Young Indian Managers	xxx
Advice for Indians	xxx
	General Advice	xxx
Best Practices	xxx
Chapter 6 Talking Points: The Language Problem	xxx
Fast Talkers	xxx
Indian Accents	xxx
Indian English	xxx
Indians are Caught Off Guard	xxx
Don't Interrupt Me	xxx
Advice for Westerners	xxx
Meanwhile, Watch Your Own Speech	xxx
	Remember: Indians Won't Ask You What You Mean	xxx
Advice for Indians	xxx
Best Practices: Talking Points	xxx
Chapter 7 Meetings and Conference Calls	xxx
Meetings	xxx
	So Why Meet?	xxx
	How Indians Conduct Meetings	xxx
	The Role of Subordinates	xxx
Conference Calls	xxx
Advice for Westerners	xxx
	Before the Meeting	xxx
	During the Meeting	xxx
	After the Meeting	xxx
Advice for Indians	xxx
Best Practices: Meetings and Conference Calls	xxx
Chapter 8 Women and Men	xxx
Traditional Gender Differences	xxx
Gender in the Indian Workplace	xxx
	Female Managers	xxx
Indian Women and Westerners	xxx
Western Women and Indian Men	xxx
Young Urban Indians	xxx
Chapter 9 Working with Indians on Virtual Teams	xxx
A Matter of Trust	xxx
	We Know the Person from Extensive Interaction	xxx
	The Person Is Technically Competent	xxx
The Person Is Reliable: They Follow Through and Do What They Say They Are Going to 
Do	xxx
The Person Gives You Honest Feedback (Including Correcting You When You're 
Mistaken)	xxx
The Person Admits Mistakes	xxx
The Person Admits When She Doesn't Know or Understand Something/The Person Is 
Not Afraid or Too Proud to Ask for Help	xxx
The Timeliness Factor	xxx
Learn the Hierarchy	xxx
Chapter 10 Business and Social Etiquette	xxx
Caste in India	xxx
Epilogue	xxx
Don't Forget the Good News	xxx
How Long Does It Take?	xxx
Bibliography	xxx

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Communication and culture -- India.
Communication -- Cross-cultural studies.
Interpersonal communication -- Cross-cultural studies.