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A Note from the Editor 14
Introduction 15
Part I. Questioning Science: Feminist Critiques of Medical Knowledge and Practice 51
Introduction to Part I 52
1. The Sexual Politics of Sickness 51
	Barbara Ehrenreich and Deidre English
2. Delusions in Discourse 70
	Alexandra Dundas Todd
3. Body Narratives, Body Boundaries 88
	Emily Martin
4. ?Cultural Practice? or ?Reconstructive Surgery?? U.S. Genital Cutting, the Intersex Movement, and Medical Double Standards 96
	Cheryl Chase
Questions and Comments 115
Part II. Forced Motherhood?: Legal Regulation of Pregnancy and Termination 117
A. Abortion: the Legal Framework 118
Introduction to Part II(A) 119
	Subsection 1. Social and Historical Context 123
5. Medicine and Morality in the Nineteenth Century 124
	Kristen Luker
6. When Abortion Was a Crime: Women, Medicine and Law in the United States, 1867-1973 140
	Leslie J. Reagan
7. Racism, Birth Control, and Reproductive Rights 155
	Angela Davis
Questions and Comments 170
	Subsection 2. The ?Privacy? Formulation and Its Critics 172
8. Roe v. Wade 173
9. Beyond ?A Woman?s Right to Choose??Feminist Ideas About Reproductive Rights 185
	Rosalind Pollack Petchesky
10. Harris v. McRae 195
11. Surrogacy as Resistance? The Misplaced Focus on Choice in the Surrogacy and Abortion Funding Contexts 207
	Nancy Ehrenreich
Questions and Comments 220
	Subsection 3. The ?Undue Burden? Test 223
12. Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey 224
13. Brief Amici Curiae of the National Council of Negro Women, Inc., et al., in Webster v. Reproductive Health Services 245
	Joan Gibbs, Mary M. Gundrum, Rhonda Copelon, Wendy Brown, and Cathy Bell
Questions and Comments 257
	Subsection 4. The Equality Approach 259
14 Abortion as a Sex Equality Rights: Its Basis in Feminist Theory 260
	Reva B. Siegel
15. Brief Aici Curiae of 274 Organizations in Support of Roe v. Wade in Turnock v. Ragsdale, Nos. 88-790 and 99-805 (1989) 287
	Kathleen M. Sullivan and Susan R. Estrich
Questions and Comments 293
B. Abortion: Special Topics 295
Introduction to Part II(B) 296
	Subsection 1. Late-Term Abortion 298
16. Stenberg v. Carhart 299
17. Crossing the Line: the Political and Moral Battle over Late Term Abortion 314
	Rigel C. Oliveri
Questions and Comments 332
	Subsection 2. Minors? Access to Abortion 334
18. Politics and Pregnancy: Adolescent Mothers and Public Policy 335
	Deborah L. Rhode
19. Sex Education: Politicians, Parents, Teachers and Teens and Understanding ?Abstinence?: Implications for Individuals, Programs and Policies 352
	Cynthia Dailard
Questions and Comments 368
	Subsection. 3. Wrongful Birth and Selective Abortion 370
20. ?Not Your Garden Variety Tort Reform: Statues Barring Claims for Wrongful Life and Wrongful Birth are Unconstitutional under the Purpose Prong of Planned Parenthood v. Casey? 371
	Julie F. Kowitz
21. Disability Rights and Selective Abortion 385
	Marsha Saxton
	Section 4. Reproductive Rights of Women in Prison 401
22. Searching for the State: Who Governs Prisoners? Reproductive Rights? 402
	Rachel Roth
Questions and Comments 421
Part III. Motherhood Denied: Legal Regulation of Conception 423
Introduction to Part III 424
A. Punitive Policies: Regulation of Conception by Low-Income Women and Women of Color 427
23. Racializing the Nation: From the Declaration of Independence to the Emancipation Proclamation, 1776-1865 428
	Rickie Solinger
24. The Social Meaning of the Norplant Condition: Constitutional Considerations of Race, Class and Gender 456
	Catherine Albiston
25. The Ideology of Division: Behavior Modification Welfare Reform Proposals 481
	Lucy A. Williams
Questions and Comments 496
B. Assisted Reproduction: Regulation of ?Surrogacy? and Cloning 498
26. What?s Wrong with a Parenthood Market? A New and Improved Theory of Commodification 499
	Marth M. Ertman
27. Race and the New Reproduction 517
	Dorothy Roberts
28. Is There a Right to Clone? Constitutional Challenges to Bans on Human Cloning 540
	Lori B. Andrews
Questions and Comments 561
Part IV. The Disciplining of Mothers: Legal Regulation of Behavior During Pregnancy 563
Introduction to Part IV 564
A. Pregnancy and Fertility Discrimination in the Workplace 566
29. Troupe v. May Department Stores 567
30. Pregnancy, Parenting, and Capitalism574
	Ruth Colker
31. Sapphire Bound! 588
	Regina Austin
Questions and Comments 607
B. Tort and Criminal Liability for Prenatal Behavior 609
32. Stallman v. Youngquist 610
33. Making Reproduction a Crime 620
	Dorothy Roberts
Questions and Comments 658
C. Court-Ordered Cesarean Sections 661
34. The Colonization of the Womb 662
	Nancy Ehrenreich
Questions and Comments 685
Permission Acknowledgments 687
About the Contributors 693
Index 000	

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