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Part I	The Truth About Identity Theft
Truth 1	Identity theft
Truth 2	Go phish
Truth 3	Vishing down on the pharm
Truth 4	Other identity scams
Truth 5	Protect yourself from identity theft
Part II	The Truth About Computer Scams 
Truth 6	Trojan horse
Truth 7	Paypal, ebay
Truth 8	Second chances?ebay
Truth 9	Free adult entertainment
Truth 10	Two more for the road
Part III	The Truth About Classic Scams
Truth 11	Ponzi scheme
Truth 12	Chain letters
Truth 13	A couple of the basics
Truth 14	Nigerian scam
Truth 15	Who knew? A flurry of old champs
Truth 16	More reasons to be wary
Truth 17	And you thought you?d heard it all
Truth 18	Money lost, borrowed or gambled
Truth 19	The truth about lottery and contest scams
Part IV	Getting Personal 
Truth 20	Exercise scams
Truth 21	Weight loss scams
Truth 22	The CIA medical scam
Truth 23	About education scams
Truth 24	About romance scams
Truth 25	About rental care insurance
Truth 26	About personal information privacy
Part V	The Truth About Scams on the Telephone
Truth 27	Cramming
Truth 28	900 numbers
Truth 29	Phony caller id
Truth 30	Area code 809
Part VI	The Truth About Tax Scams
Truth 31	Fear and loathing of the IRS
Truth 32	More tax scams
Truth 33	It just doesn?t stop
Truth 37	Infamous tax scammers
Part VII	I?m from the Government and I?m Here to Help You
Truth 38	Social security
Truth 39	Medicare
Truth 40	Veteran scams
Part VIII	It?s in the Cards
Truth 41	Credit cards
Truth 42	The beat goes on
Truth 43	Skimmers and atm scams
Truth 44	More fun and games at the atm
Truth 45	Free credit report
Truth 46	Credit repair services
Truth 47	Credit counseling agencies
Truth 48	Credit card rate reduction scam
Truth 49	Advance fee credit cards
Truth 50	More credit card alarms in the night
Part IX	The Truth About Employment Scams
Truth 51	Work at home schemes
Truth 52	Easy money
Truth 53	More wrong turns
Truth 54	Cruise ship employment scam
Truth 55	Get a job online scams
Part X	The Truth About Home Scams
Truth 56	Home sweet scam
Truth 57	Variations on a theme
Part XI	The Truth About Investment Scams
Truth 58	Stock scams
Truth 59	More investment scams
Truth 60	Unusual investment opportunities
Truth 61	The truth about fees in legitimate investments
Truth 62	Free financial seminars
Part XII	The Truth About Solutions
Truth 63	Some solutions
Truth 64	Keeping your computer secure
Truth 65	Wi-fi
Truth 66	Due diligence
Truth 67	Some final words
About the Author
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(b)About the Author
The Truth About 
?You may fool all the people some of the time, you can even fool some of the 
people all of the time, but you 
cannot fool all of the people all of the time.? Abraham Lincoln
?But you can come awfully close if people aren?t careful.? Steve Weisman

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