Table of contents for The meditations of Marcus Aurelius : selections annotated & explained / annotation by Russell McNeil ; translation by George Long ; revised by Russell McNeil.

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A Note on the Translation
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1	The Promise of Stoicism
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The Power of Opinion
Fame and Fortune as False Values
The Promise of Happiness
A Contract with Nature
Time, Motion, Cosmology, and Evolution
Fate and Destiny
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2	Stoicism and Virtue
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The Importance of Love and the Meaning of Justice
Misfortune and Opportunity
Morality and the Role of Virtue
Virtuous Role Models
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3	Stoicism and Vice
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The Nature of Evil and Insignificance of Misfortune
Never Seek Praise and Never Blame Others
Stoic Psychology, Alienation, and Free Will
The Problem with Anger and Discontent
Stoicism and Mental Health
Ignoring What Others Think
Moral Relativism
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4	Stoicism and the Body
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Mind Over Matter
The Stoic Attitude toward Pleasure
Rising above Pain
Aging and Death
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5	Stoicism and the Mind
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The Supremacy of Reason
Supreme Beauty
False Opinion
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6	The Method of Stoicism
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Living According to Nature
Accepting Our Fate
Inquiry and the Practice of Philosophy
The Life of Virtue
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7	Stoicism and the Environment
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The Seeds of Logos
The Sacredness of Nature
Cosmic Gaia and the Unity of Nature
Imitating Nature in Our Technologies
Nature and Climate Change
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8	The Practice of Stoicism
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Meditation, Prayer, and the Wrestler's Art
Implications for Work and Business
A Ten-Step Program in Anger Management
On Sexuality and Addiction
On Anxiety and Depression
On Flattery and Pride
On Knowing Yourself and "Wolfish" Friendships
On Misfortune, Death, and Martyrdom
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9	Society and Government in Stoicism
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The Personal Is Political, Government, and Political Duty
Society and Social Collapse
War and Terrorism
Political Activism, Criticism, and Dissent
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