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1 The Chemical Composition of Soils
1.1 Elemental Composition
1.2 Metal Elements in Soils
1.3 Solid Phases in Soils
1.4 Soil Air and Soil Water
1.5 Soil Mineral Transformations
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Special Topic 1: Balancing Chemical Reactions
2 Soil Minerals
2.1 Ionic Solids
2.2 Primary Silicates
2.3 Clay Minerals
2.4 Metal Oxides, Oxyhydroxides, and Hydroxides
2.5 Carbonates and Sulfates
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Special Topic 2: The Discovery of the Structures of Clay Minerals
3 Soil Humus
3.1 Biomolecules
3.2 Humic Substances
3.3 Cation Exchange Reactions
3.4 Reactions with Organic Molecules
3.5 Reactions with Soil Minerals
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Special Topic 3: Film Diffusion Kinetics in Cation Exchange 
4 The Soil Solution
4.1 Sampling the Soil Solution
4.2 Soluble Complexes
4.3 Chemical Speciation
4.4 Predicting Chemical Speciation
4.5 Thermodynamic Stability Constants
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5 Mineral Stability and Weathering
5.1 Dissolution Reactions
5.2 Predicting Solubility Control: Activity-Ratio Diagrams
5.3 Coprecipitated Soil Minerals
5.4 Predicting Solubility Control: Predominance Diagrams
5.5 Phosphate Transformations in Calcareous Soils
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6 Oxidation-Reduction Reactions
6.1 Flooded Soils
6.2 Redox Reactions
6.3 The ?Redox Ladder?
6.4 Exploring the ?Redox Ladder?
6.5 pE-pH Diagrams
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Special Topic 4: Balancing Redox Reactions
Special Topic 5: The Invention of the pH Meter
7 Soil Particle Surface Charge
7.1 Surface Complexes
7.2 Adsorption
7.3 Surface Charge
7.4 Points of Zero Charge
7.5 Schindler Diagrams
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8 Soil Adsorption Phenomena
8.1 Measuring Adsorption
8.2 Adsorption Kinetics and Equilibria
8.3 Metal Cation Adsorption
8.4 Anion Adsorption
8.5 Surface Redox Processes
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9 Exchangeable Ions
9.1 Soil Exchange Capacities
9.2 Exchange Isotherms
9.3 Ion Exchange reactions
9.4 Biotic Ligand Model
9.5 Cation Exchange on Humus
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10 Colloidal Phenomena
10.1 Colloidal Suspensions
10.2 Soil Colloids
10.3 Interparticle forces
10.4 The Stability Ratio
10.5 Fractal Floccules
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Special Topic 6: Mass Fractals
11 Soil Acidity
11.1 Proton Cycling
11.2 Acid-Neutralizing Capacity
11.3 Aluminum Geochemistry
11.4 Redox Effects
11.5 Neutralizing Soil Acidity
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Special Topic 7: Measuring pH
12 Soil Salinity
12.1 Saline Soil Solutions
12.2 Cation Exchange and Colloidal Phenomena
12.3 Mineral Weathering
12.4 Boron Chemistry
12.5 Irrigation Water Quality
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Appendix: Units and Physical Constants in Soil Chemistry

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