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 artist portrait images and 17 in
 thumbnail addendum)
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Foreword: by His Excellency, Sir David
 Manning, The Ambassador of Great
 Britain to the United States and
 Honorary Patron of the
Introduction: by Professor Tim Barringer,
 Paul Mellon Professor, Department of
 the History of Art, Yale University
 (@ 2,000 words; 8 double-spaced typed
 pages / 5-6 printed pages;
 @ 4 comparative illustrations)
- "A Prodigious Two-Year Spending Spree:
Thomas Holloway and the
Victorian Art Market"
Constituting one of the most phenomenal events
 in the
history of the
 salesrooms, Holloway's purchases illustrate
how the Market was driven
 by a new class of buyers; self-made men like
 himself who
had the
 confidence and the taste to form first-rate
 by Dr. Dianne Sachko Macleod, Department
 of Art and Art History, University of
 California, Davis
 (@ 4,500 words; 18 double-spaced typed pages
 / 12 printed pages;
 @ 3 -5 comparative illustrations)
- "Past and Present: Historical and Modern
Life Painting in The Royal
Holloway Collection"
 Through the faithful recording of modern life
 and the
 reconstruction of historical events and
characters, Victorian artists
created a veritable portrait of their own age
 and of their glorious
 past. Shaped by the age's ideals, feelings,
and prejudices, their
 portrayals are important social documents as
 well as
works of art
 and, as such, have proved to be of the
 greatest cultural
value to
 by Dr. Mary Cowling, Curator, The Royal
 Holloway Collection, and
Guest Curator of the Exhibition
(@ 5,000 words; 20 double-spaced typed pages /
 13 printed pages;
 @ 9 comparative illustrations)
- "Images of Rural and Sea-Side Life"
 Scenes of peasant life maintained a powerful
 hold over
the Victorian
 imagination. A long-established genre, it
 in the nineteenth century. Whether
challenging established
 conventions through greater realism, or
seeking new levels of
 escapism, artists reflected the responses of
 society as
a whole to a
 rapidly-changing world, and the loss of a
 way of life. by Dr. Christiana Payne, Senior
 of Art, Oxford Brooks
(@ 4,500 words; 18 double-spaced typed pages /
 12 printed pages;
 @ 10 comparative illustrations)
- "Landscape at the Crossroads: Paintings of
Nature in
Thomas Holloway's Collection"
 The diverse but equally romantic views of
formulated by
 Constable and Turner, revolutionized
 established notions
about the
 relationship between man and nature and
 elevated pure
landscape to a
 major art form. Following their example,
 responded to nature with a freedom and
 unknown, and produced a rich and varied
 heritage of
 painting unrivaled by any other century.
 by Andrew Wilton, Visiting Research Fellow
at the Tate Gallery
(@ 5,000 words; 20 double-spaced typed pages
/ 13
 printed pages;
 @ 8-10 comparative
Catalogue Section:
 - Notes to the catalogue section
 - Catalogue section division
texts - seven sections
 - @ 60 full-page color
 illustrations documenting works
 in the show - page of text
 facing each color plate
 = checklist number
 = artist
name/dates/portrait image (@ 45
 = Artist Biography
 = an appropriate, quote
or statement by the artist (is such
information available?)
 = identification of the
work illustrated (title\ date\
medium\ size\
 accession number\
credit\ primary literature and
exhibition history)
 = scholarly text by
Mary Cowling
 = comparative
illustrations, where appropriate
Back Matter:
 - Thumbnail addendum of works in the
 permanent collection
 of The
 Royal Holloway Collection not
 included in the
 exhibition (@ 17)
 - Timeline/chronology
 - Select Bibliography
 - Index

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