Table of contents for Language and minority rights : ethnicity, nationalism, and the politics of language / Stephen May.

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 Preface 							xii
 Introduction 							1
 	Language loss: a question of biology or power? 		3
 	Nation-states, nationalism and nation-state congruence 	5
 	Nationalism, ethnicity and language				7
 	Overview 							9
 	Prospects for change 						17
 Notes 							18
1 	The denunciation of ethnicity 				19
 	Academic denunciations of ethnicity 			20
 	The academic rehabilitation of ethnicity? 			23
 	Ethnicity and modernity 					25
 	Ethnicity as primordial 					28
 	Situational ethnicity 						30
 Instrumental ethnicity 					35
 	Hybridity: the postmodernist politics of identity 		38
 	Limits to the social construction of ethnicity 		39
 Finding common ground ? ethnicity as habitus 		43
 Ethnies 							48
 	Notes 								51
2 	Nationalism and its discontents 				52
 	Linguistic nationalism 					57
 	The will to nationhood 					59
 	The modern nation 						61
 The modernists 						64
 Limits of the modernist account 				68
 Ethnicist approaches to nationalism 				70
 	 Dominant ethnies 						80
 	The construction of sociological minorities 			82
 	Notes 	 							89
3 	Liberal theory, multiculturalism and minority rights 	91
 	The pluralist dilemma 					93
 	Defending liberal democracy 				96
 	Critiquing liberal democracy 				102
 	Rethinking liberal democracy 				110
 	Notes 								126
4 	Language, identity and minority rights 			128
 	Language and identity 					129
 	Identity in language 						130
 	Language and culture 					132
 	Language, culture and politics 				135
 	Language decline: the death of Irish? 			137
 	Language revival: flogging a dead horse? 			141
 	Reevaluating language shift 					145
 	Linguistic markets and symbolic violence 			153
 	Vive la France: the construction of la langue legitime 	156
 	Legitimating and institutionalizing minority languages 	163
 	Notes 165
5 	Language, education and minority rights 			167
 	Educating for the majority 					170
 	Educating for the minority 					177
 	Minority-group responses to language-education policies 	180
 	Bridging the gap between policy and practice 		182
 	Minority-language and education rights in
 international law 						 184
 	The crux of majority opinion 				193
 Notes 							196
6	English hegemony and its critics: 				198
	North American debates
 Rule Britannia: English in the ascendant 			198
 'Doesn?t anyone speak English around here?':
 the US 'English Only' Movement 				204
 Contrasting Quebec 						224
 A question of (ethnolinguistic) democracy 			232
 	Notes 								234
7	Extending ethnolinguistic democracy in Europe 		236
 	A multilingual European Union? 				237
 	Catalonia: the quest for political and linguistic autonomy 	239
 	Wales: the development of a bilingual state in a
 'forgotten' nation 						252
 	Notes 								272
8	Indigenous rights:
 self-determination, language and education 		273
 Indigenous peoples, self-determination and
 international law 						276
 	Indigenous peoples and national law 			280
 	Indigenous language and education rights 			284
 	Aotearoa / New Zealand: a tale of two ethnicities 		285
 	Zealand 							292
 	Reo and Kura Kaupapa Maori 				299
 	Notes 								306
9	Minority languages and the nation-state 			307
 	Addressing constructivism 					308
 Moving forward: from principles to practice 		311
 	Notes 								316
 Bibliography 							317
 Index 								358

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Language and languages -- Political aspects.
Linguistic minorities.
Language and education.