Table of contents for Globalization of water : sharing the planet's freshwater resources / by Arjen Y. Hoekstra and Ashok K. Chapagain.

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List of plates	oo
Preface	oo
1	Introduction	00
2	How much water is used for producing our goods and services?	00
Virtual water	00
How to estimate the virtual-water content of an agricultural product	00
Water use for crop and livestock products	00
Water use for industrial products	00
Water for domestic services	00
3	Virtual-water flows between nations as a result of trade in agricultural and industrial products	00
Virtual-water ?trade? or ?transfer??	00
How to assess international virtual-water flows	00
International virtual-water flows	00
Virtual-water flows between world regions	00
Are consumers co-responsible for the effects of water use?	00
The relation between trade and water scarcity	00
4	Water saving through international trade in agricultural products	00
Method	00
National water savings	00
National water losses	00
Global water savings	00
Global blue water savings at the cost of green water losses	00
Physical versus economic savings	00
The downside of virtual-water import as a solution to water scarcity	00
5	The water footprints of nations	00
Two methods of assessing the water footprint of a nation	00
Internal and external water footprint	00
Water footprints of nations	00
Determining factors	00
How can water footprints be reduced? 	00
The water footprint as a new indicator of water use	00
6	The water footprints of Morocco and the Netherlands	00
Virtual-water flows and balances	00
Agricultural water footprints of Morocco and the Netherlands	00
Water savings	00
Trade in the context of managing water	00
7	Virtual- versus real-water transfers within China	00
Assessing virtual-water flows between regions in China	00
Virtual-water content per product category per region	00
Food trade within China	00
Virtual-water transfers within China	00
Virtual- versus real-water budgets	00
Virtual-water transfers in relation to water availability	00
North--South virtual-water flows in relation to the South--North Water Transfer Project	00
8	The water footprint of coffee and tea consumption	00
Virtual-water content of coffee and tea in different production stages
Virtual-water flows related to the trade in coffee and tea
The water needed to drink a cup of coffee or tea	00
The water footprint of coffee and tea consumption	00
Green, blue, and gray water	00
9	The water footprint of cotton consumption	00
The virtual-water content of seed cotton	00
The virtual-water content of cotton products	00
Impact on water quality in the crop production stage	00
Impact on water quality in the processing stage	00
International virtual-water flows	00
Water footprints related to consumption of cotton products	00
Sustainable use of water	00
10	Water as a geopolitical resource	00
11	Efficient, sustainable, and equitable water use in a globalized world	00
Fairness and sustainability of large water footprints	00
Global rules of the game	00
An international protocol on water pricing	00
A water label for water-intensive products	00
Minimum water rights	00
(Tradable) water-footprint permits	00
Global arrangements versus the subsidiarity principle	00
Globalization: pro or anti?	00
I	Analytical framework for the assessment of virtual-water content, virtual-water flows, water savings, water footprints, and water dependencies	00
II	Virtual-water flows per country related to international trade in crop, livestock, and industrial products	00
III	National water savings and losses due to trade in agricultural products	00
IV	Water footprints of nations	00
V	Water footprint versus water scarcity, self-sufficiency, and water import dependency per country	00
Glossary	00
References	00
Index	00

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Water-supply -- Management.
Water resources development.
Freshwater ecology.