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Table of Contents 
Foreword: Sir Philip Craven
Foreword: Prof. Dr. Gudrun Doll-Tepper
Chapter 1: A showcase of ability 
No excuses, no limits 
The International Paralympic Committee
Qualification, eligibility and classification
The ?medical model of disability? versus the ?social model of disability?
Disabling barriers and the role of competitive sport
Language defines and restricts
Reading and writing a history of the Paralympic Movement
Paralympic terminology
Origins of Organisations of Sport for Persons with a disability
Chapter 2: An air of hopelessness 
From Rehabilitation to Sport: Ludwig Guttmann?s legacy
The Stoke Mandeville Spirit goes international	
Wheelchair Basketball develops in the United States
Meetings of experts 
Chapter 3: The era of development 1960 ? 1980 
First Paralympic Games, Rome, 1960 
Commonwealth Paraplegic Games, Perth Western Australia 1962
?The World United in One?: Tokyo 1964
Technical, titular and regional developments
Mexico off, Israel on: 1968
Was the Stoke Mandeville influence waning?
?1000 Competitors, 1000 Winners?: the 4th Paralympic Games, Heidelberg, 1972
Regional and ?World Zone? Games take on greater significance
First Winter Paralympic Games: ¿rnsk¿ldsvik, Sweden 1976
Torontolympiad, Canada 1976
Geilo, Norway 1980
Waiting patiently for a reply from Moscow, and the South African question
The passing of Ludwig Guttmann
Arnhem hosts 1980 Paralympic Games
Joint Study Group explores the way ahead
Chapter 4: Fair, not equal: 1980 ? 1988 
Progress of the ISOD/ISMGF Study Group
The birth of a new umbrella organisation for disability sport
First dealings with the International Olympic Committee
Canadians offer a national perspective
Getting down to business
Friendship, Unity and Sportsmanship
The International Fund Sport Disabled
ICC meets at the 3rd World Winter Games for the Disabled, Innsbr¿ck, 1984
The collapse of the Illinois Games 
1984 International Stoke Mandeville Wheelchair GameThe camaraderie of teamwork, the thrill of competition
The International Coordinating Committee meets at the International Games for the Disabled in New York, June 1984
Olympic Scientific Congress, Eugene, Oregon July 1984
Demonstration Events at Los Angeles Olympic Games
Slow progress at Lausanne, but some signs of promise
Arnhem hosts ICC again
Grant explores the Olympic Family
Comit¿ International des Sports des Sourds starts to climb aboard, August 1985
Sport for athletes with intellectual disabilities, February 1986
Planning for Seoul, and terminology
?Every handicap is ours?
The Sixth Clause 
Administrative overload, 1986
?And then there were six, January 1987
Rift develops with the International Fund
Bids from Barcelona and Albertville
An illusion of unity
Arnhem Seminar shapes the future, March 1987
Developing countries
The revolution has come at last
Calgary is off, Innsbr¿ck hosts the 4th World Winter Games for the Disabled
Combined bids for Olympic and Paralympic Games in future, June 1988
Chapter 5: Building bridges not walls: 1988 to 1992 
Seoul 1988: the first Paralympic Games of the Modern Era
?Keep the mentally handicapped out of our arena? ? Copenhagen, January 1989
Classification for fairness
Turbulent times in D¿sseldorf, September 1989
Frustration and slow progress
Classification issues raised by COOB?92
Building bridges, not walls
Agreement with CISS discussed
Steadward addresses the ICC 
Tensions and resistance to change
Cabezas provides a route map for transfer of authority
Signing an orderly and harmonious transfer
The ?teardrops? or Tae-Geuks
Martin Mansell - Athletes? Representative
International Coordinating Committee checks preparation for Barcelona
IPC supports Sledge Hockey and dressage
More tears for IPC Logo
IOC Executive discusses disability, September 1991
CISS withdraws from ICC
Athletes first, disabled second
Winter Paralympic Games, Tignes 1992
IPC is hot on the heels of the ICC
Sports without Limits: Barcelona Paralympic Games
Paralympic Congress in Barcelona, September 1992
Our origins are not nearly as important as our destination
Manchester welcomes the International Paralympic Committee
Larnaca send-off to the International Coordinating Committee
Chapter 6: Spirit in Motion: 1992 to 1996 
?The future of IPC ? what do you want?? - from Barcelona to Lillehammer
International Olympic Committee
Inclusion and integration
Paralympic Games preparation
Minimum disability
Intellectual disability
Technical matters
US Wheelchair Basketball Team still had not returned Gold Medals
Sport science and medicine
?No Limits?: 5th Paralympic Winter Games, Lillehammer, Norway 1994
2nd Paralympic Congress in Lillehammer
Triumph of the Human Spirit: From Lillehammer to Atlanta
International Federations attempt to take control of finances
Inclusion and integration
Paralympic Games preparation
Intellectual disability
Technical matters
Sport science and medicine
A Task Force to steer the IPC onwards
Atlanta Olympic Games, 19th July to 4th August
The Task Force reports back at Atlanta
The Extraordinary General Assembly votes 
Chapter 7: Repair what needs repair? 1996 to 2000 
IBSA presents its concerns
Communication and the future structure of IPC
Andr¿ Raes stands down
New Headquarters for IPC causes trouble for the Executive Committee
Membership, solidarity and elections
International Olympic Committee
Progress in establishing a Headquarters in Bonn
Inclusion and integration
Paralympic Games preparation
Technical matters
Sport science and medicine
Sports news, not disability news: Nagano, 1998
 From Nagano to Sydney
Voting rights
The new IPC Headquarters is opened in Bonn, September 1999
Executive meeting in Bonn
General Assembly at Salt Lake City, 1999
World Summit on Physical Education, November 1999
International Olympic Committee
Paralympic Games preparation
Intellectual disability
Technical matters
Women in Sport, 2000
National and Regional representation issues
Sport science and medicine
Vista ?99
Testing times
Strategic matters and preparations
Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games: The Best Yet
The Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games begin: ?The things that unite mankind far outweigh the things that divide?
Amalgamation of ISMWGF and ISOD at Sydney 
Sydney Closing Ceremony ? a big party
Major disgrace at Basketball for athletes with intellectual disability
Chapter 8: Sport is about emotion: 2000 to 2004 
Not just a ?Spanish ulcer?
ATHENS 2004 Paralympic Games Contract
Split from WeMedia
Steadward to be conferred with title of Honorary President
Sport Science Committee renamed
Executive Committee decide on INAS-FID
Kuala Lumpur IPC Strategic Planning Congress, April 2001
Update on INAS-FID in Kuala Lumpur
Agreement signed with International Olympic Committee, June 2001
IPC and the World Anti-Doping Agency
Unity, tolerance and respect, Athens December 2001
A lively General Assembly in Athens, December 2001 
Voting on INAS-FID suspension at Athens General Assembly
New President: a ?team player?
Redefining the impossible: Salt Lake City, USA, March 2002
Executive Committee does business at Salt Lake City
Manchester hosts Commonwealth Games
Paralympic Games preparation discussed in Bonn, October 2002
INAS-FID still not up to the mark, according to IPC
Strategic Review gains momentum, and Medical Committee restructures itself
Public relations
SportAccord convention in Madrid
Commission for Athletes with a Severe Disability
Phil Craven elected as IOC Member
VISTA Conference 2003, Bolln¿s, Sweden 
Evolution, not Revolution
Engineering the Future, Torino General Assembly, November 2003
Athens prepares to welcome the world
Conclusion: Paralympic Movement: how far have we come?

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