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Preface to the Revised Second Edition
Marjorie Agosin
[Would it have been possible to take in the Jews,]
Sherman Alexie
from Inside Dachau
Karen Alkalay-Gut
"Hitler Builds a City for the Jews"
Mr. Panitz
Night Travel
Voices in My Skin
Voyage Home
Michael Alpiner
Pebbles from Auschwitz
Postcard from Poland
John Amen
Frieda Arkin
Pinochle Day
Brett Axel
Morning After a Fight, He Says
David B. Axelrod
The Suffering Cuts Both Ways
Yakov Azriel
We, the Tefillin of Once-Was Europe
Crystal Bacon
Kristallnacht, 1991
Julius Balbin
Lament for the Gypsies
Stanley H. Barkan
The Mothertree
Tony Barnstone
Parable of the Jew Without a Name
Willis Barnstone
Miklos Radnoti
The Rose of Blue Flesh
Judith Barrington
History and Geography
Marvin Bell
The Extermination of the Jews
Oft-Seen Photo from the Liberation of Auschwitz
Lora J. Berg
Michael Blumenthal
Juliek's Violin
George Bogin
Emily Borenstein
Night Journey to Poland
The Shoah
Triumph of the Dead
Verdi's Requiem Played and Sung by Jews in Terezin Concentration Camp / Summer, 
Laure-Anne Bosselaar
The Feather at Breendonck
The Pallor of Survival
from Seven Fragments on Hearing a Hammer Pounding
Allen Brafman 
Gardens of Smoke
Van K. Brock
The Hindenburg
from This Way to the Gas
Louis Daniel Brodsky
Learning the ABC's in Wartime Germany
Speaking for Survivors
Yom Kippur for a Survivor
Michael Dennis Browne
Michael R. Burch
Pfennig Postcard, Wrong Address
Olga Cabral
At the Jewish Museum
Joan Campion
To Gisi Fleischmann
Cyrus Cassells
Auschwitz, All Hallows
Juliek's Violin
Life Indestructible
Poem for the Artists of the Holocaust
The Postcard of Sophie Scholl
Judith Chalmer
The Archivist
Personal to Kaplan
John Ciardi
The Gift
David Citino
Vince Clemente
From the Ardeatine Caves
Helen Degen Cohen (Halina Degenfisz) 
And the Snow Kept Falling
I Remember Coming into Warsaw, a Child
David Curzon
The Gardens
Ruth Daigon
Dachau Revisited 1971
Susan Dambroff
There Were Those
Enid Dame
Kate Daniels
For Miklos Radnoti: 1909-1944
Sister Mary Philip De Camara
Yellow Starred
Theodore Deppe
School of Music
Norita Dittberner-Jax
Name Tag
Sharon Dolin
Three Postage Stamps
Wendy Drexler
On Hearing a String Quartet Written by Prisoners of Theresienstadt
Shoshana Dubman
Istanbul 1967
Jehanne Dubrow
Shulamith Rereads The Shawl
Shulamith, in White
Shulamith Writes Fuck You
Shelley Ehrlich
Vilna 1938
Kenneth Fearing
Frederick Feirstein
"Grandfather" in Winter
Irving Feldman
Mit Dem Shpitz Tsung Aroys
The Pripet Marshes
Ruth Feldman
Charles Ades Fishman
Eastern Europe After the War
A Jawbone from the Reich
The Silence
Tamara Fishman
I Did Not Know, but I Remember
Ephim Fogel
Shipment to Maidanek
Carolyn Forche
from The Angel of History
from The Notebook of Uprising
Florence W. Freed
God's Death
Mike Frenkel
Quiet Desperation
Sari Friedman
Alice Friman
At the Holocaust Museum
The Waiting Room
Patricia Garfinkel
The Tailor
Kinereth Gensler
For Nelly Sachs
David Gershator
Last Night's Doubleheader
Postwar Mission
Jacob Glatstein (Yankev Glatshteyn)
Dead Men Don't Praise God
I'll Find My Self-Belief
Millions of Dead
Without Jews
Barbara Goldberg
Our Father
Thomas A. Goldman
Rotterdam - 1946
Rachel Goldstein
Prosciowiece, 1942
There Is No Time
Those Who Remain
Ber Green
The Martyrs Are Calling
John Z. Guzlowski
How Early Fall Came This Year
Hunger in the Labor Camps
Night in the Labor Camp
What the War Taught My Mother
Leo Haber
The Book of Lamentations
Rachel at the Well
Israel I. Halpern
Being Seemingly Unscathed
Love in a Death Camp
Annette Bialik Harchik
Geoffrey Hartman
Day of Remembrance
In Memory of Paul Celan
Anthony Hecht
"It Out-Herods Herod. Pray You, Avoid It."
"More Light! More Light!"
Leslie Woolf Hedley
Chant for All the People on Earth
Julie N. Heifetz
The Blue Parakeet
Harry Lenga
The Wheel
Chaia Heller
A Jew's Love for Language
The Yiddish I Know
Michael Heller
Bandelette de Torah
from Bialystok Stanzas
Stephen Herz
Fried Noodles Topped with Raisins Cinnamon and Vanilla Cream
In Your Lager Dream
Walter Hess
William Heyen
The Candle
The Legend of the Shoah
The Secret
Simple Truths
Rick Hilles
Yom HaShoah in Florida
Edward Hirsch
Paul Celan: A Grave and Mysterious Sentence
Jean Hollander
The Chosen
Barbara Helfgott Hyett
And There Were Pits
Too Weak to Stand, They Lay
You Know, the Funny Thing Is
Thea Iberall
Keeping the Ground
Judith Irwin
1985 - In a Small American Town
Dan Jaffe
In a Holocaust Memorial Garden
Katherine Janowitz
Third Generation, The
Sheila Golburgh Johnson
Laurence Josephs
Passover at Auschwitz
Marilyn Kallet
After a While, at Theresienstadt
To My Poem of Hope
Rodger Kamenetz
My Holocaust
Marc Kaminsky
Peretz Kaminsky
Rosa Felsenburg Kaplan
Kol Nidre
Dori Katz
My Face Before
The Return
Eliot Katz
from Liberation Recalled
Alan Kaufman
My Mother Doesn't Know Who Allen Ginsberg Is
Who Are We?
Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz
from Kaddish
Tsipi Keller
Shower, The
Miriam Kessler
Steven Klepetar
Spells of Earth, The
Irena Klepfisz
from Bashert
Solitary Acts
Ruth Kluger
Halloween and a Ghost
David Koenig
After the Holocaust, No Poetry
Onkel Fritz Is Sitting
Yala Korwin
Little Boy with His Hands Up, The
Passover Night 1942
You, Who Did Not Survive
Aaron Kramer
Westminster Synagogue
Norbert Krapf
Tannenbaum, 1940
Name on the Wall, The
Freight Yard in Wurzburg, A
Meditation in the Israelite Cemetery Wurzburg
Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda
Leaving a Country Behind
Maxine Kumin
Amsterdam Poem, The
Aaron Kurtz
Million Pairs of Shoes, A
Christine Lahey
Dan's Shoe Repair
Carole Glasser Langille
Babi Yar
Alyssa A. Lappen
How It Happened
This, My Incarnation
Denise Levertov
from During the Eichmann Trial
Philip Levine
On a Drawing by Flavio
Survivor, The
Leatrice H. Lifshitz
Few More Things About the Holocaust, A
Alan Lupack
Auschwitz Reportaz
Yaacov Luria
There Is One Synagogue Extant in Kiev
Arlene Maass
Opa the Watchmaker
Channah Magori
from Holocaust Archives I
from Holocaust Archives II
Sandra Cohen Margulius
Aunt Betty
David McKain
For the Children
Robert Mezey
Richard Michelson
Jews That We are, The
from Recital
Bernard S. Mikofsky
Mame-Loshen, Yiddish
Aaron Miller
Not Dachau
Marilyn Mohr
Tsena Tsena
David Moolten
Photograph of Liberated Prisoner, Dachau, 1945
Yellow Star
Sarah Traister Moskovitz
Dress, The
Teaspoon, The
At the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Stanley Moss
Ghetto Theater, Vilnius, 1941
Visit to Kaunas, A
Teresa Moszkowicz-Syrop
Tomatoes, The
Elaine Mott
Balcony, The
Last Visa for Palestine, The
On the Wings of the Wind
Mark Nepo
Hill Where the Lord Hides
I Wake from a Dream of Killing Hitler
Amos Neufeld
In the Heaven of Night
Shade of Night, A
When Israel Went Forth
Miriam Offenberg
Lois E. Olena
Archivist, The
Jacqueline Osherow
Villanelle from a Sentence in a Poet's Brief Biography
Alicia Ostriker
Eighth and the Thirteenth, The
Poem Beginning with a Line by Fitzgerald/Hemingway
Christina Pacosz
Auschwitz: Oswiecim
Linda Pastan
Landscape near Dachau
Rachel (ra'chal), a Ewe
Mark Pawlak
Like Butterflies
Edmund Pennant
Thoughts Under the Giant Sequoia
Yom Hazikaron
Louis Phillips
Perhaps You Wish to Learn Another Language
Words over the Entranceway to Hell
Marge Piercy
Black Mountain
Growing up Haunted
Housing Project at Drancy, The
Heidemarie Pilc
Somewhere in Poland . . . Survivor's Lament
William Pillin
Farewell to Europe
Poem for Anton Schmidt, A
Ascensions, The
John C. Pine
Survivor, The
Karl A. Plank
Ash Wednesday
Ginger Porter
I Am Babi Yar
Evelyn Posamentier
Heinz Rosenberg on the Platform
Anna Rabinowitz
from Darkling
from Dislocations
David Ray
Photograph from 1935, A
Song for Herr Hitler, A
Visitors from America
Richard C. Raymond
And Nothing Moved
Barbara Reisner
Sweet Savour
Naomi Replansky
Korczak and the Orphans
Six Million, The
Lisa Ress
U.S. Army Holds Dance for Camp Survivors. Germany, 1945
Elaine Reuben
After Generations After
Charles Reznikoff
from Massacres
from Mass Graves
from Inscriptions: 1944-1956
Liliane Richman
After Claude Lanzmann's Shoah
Michael D. Riley
Photograph of Bergen-Belsen, 1945
Nicholas Rinaldi
Curtis Robbins
In Der Nacht (In the Night)
William Pitt Root
Pastoral for the Twenty-first Century 
Marina Roscher
Lanternman, The
Jennifer Rose
At Dachau with a German Lover
Harriet Susskind Rosenblum
After That Time
Ritual at Auschwitz
Menachem Z. Rosensaft
Birkenau Barracks
Second Generation, The
Sosnowiec Visited
Yad Vashem Museum Opening, March 15, 2005
Elizabeth Rosner
Almost Beautiful
My Father's Souvenirs
Jerome Rothenberg
Dibbukim (Dibbiks)
Dos Oysledikn (The Emptying)
In the Dark Word, Khurbn
Other Secret in the Trail of Money, The
from Peroration for a Lost Town
Larry Rubin
Nazi in the Dock, at Sixty, The
Mark Rudman
Easy Living in Terezin
Biff Russ
Way to Be Haunted, The
Luada Sandler
Scene from Shoah, A
Reg Saner
Aspen Oktoberfest
May Sarton
from The Invocation to Kali
Rebecca Seiferle
"A lonely man in his greatness"
David Shapiro
For Victims
Gregg Shapiro
Harvey Shapiro
Natural History
Reva Sharon
In the Absence of Yellow
Holocaust Remembrance Day
Unanswerable Questions
Enid Shomer
Women Bathing at Bergen-Belsen
Joan I. Siegel
Maurya Simon
Letter to Vienna from Paris, 1942
Louis Simpson
Bird, The
Story about Chicken Soup, A
Myra Sklarew
from Lithuania
Joan Jobe Smith
Hollow Cost
Kirtland Snyder
"City Children at a Summer Camp. Slonim, 1936"
"Selma . . . a Pot of Soup . . . a Bottle of Milk. Lodz, 1938"
J. R. Solonche
Another Book on the Holocaust
Jason Sommer
from Mengele Shitting 
Meyer Tsits and the Children
Property of the World, The
What They Saw
Gizela Spunberg
Memories of December
Hans Jorg Stahlschmidt
November Rain
Visit to the Fatherland
Jan Steckel
Maiden Aunts, The
Martin Steingesser
Three, The
Gerald Stern
Bradley R. Strahan
Yom Kippur
Michael Strassfeld
Who Knows One?
Lynn Strongin
Erasing the Blue Numbers
Her Velocity Had Been Taken
What a Waste of World
Yerra Sugarman
Yuri Suhl
. . . And the Earth Rebelled
Zahava Z. Sweet
Dark Whispers
Line, The
In Ravensbruck
Marie Syrkin
Reckoning, The
Marilynn Talal
Another Holocaust Poem
For Our Dead
My Mother As Superhero
Sean M. Teaford
Pure Breath, A
Warsaw Epidemic
Philip Terman
Jewish Quarter in Budapest, The
What We Pass On
With the Survivors
Wounds, The
Elaine Terranova
Susan Terris
Train to Oswiecim
Hilary Tham
Daughter of Survivors
Susan Tichy
Gaby at the U.N. Observation Post
Alfred Van Loen
Auschwitz #1
Auschwitz #6
Derek Walcott
XXXVIII, from Midsummer '81
George Wallace
Apple for Wolfgang Granjonca, An
Michael Waters
Dachau Moon
Florence Weinberger
Speak to the Children
Theodore Weiss
Late Train, The
Ruth Whitman
Death Ship, The
Maria Olt
C.K. Williams
Barbara Wind
Hating Shakespeare
Math Test
Betty Wisoff
Kenneth Wolman
Drapers: A History Lesson, The
Carolyne Wright
After Forty Years
Rajzel Zychlinsky
I Remember
Undarkened Window, The
God Hid His Face
Notes to the Poems
Poets' Statements
Biographical Notes
Sources Cited
Index to Contributors
Index to Poems

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