Table of contents for Intuitive leadership : embracing a paradigm of narrative, metaphor, and chaos / Tim Keel.

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		Foreword by Alan J. Roxburgh 000
		Acknowledgments 000
		Introduction 000
	Section 1:	Entering Story
	1.	In the Beginning: Rediscovering the Power of Story 000
		A "Storied" Life - A "Storied" Faith - A Bible Story? - Our Missing 
Stories - An Unfolding Story
	2.	A Way in the Wilderness: Journeying toward a New Story 000
		The Cost of New Life - Meeting Jesus in His People - Living an 
Organic Way of Life - Losing What I Didn't Know I Had - Finding a 
New Path - A Kairos Moment - Back to a Beginning
	3.	Making Sense of My Story: Interpretation and Experimentation 000
		Listening to My Life - Faith as a Way of Life in Community - Losing 
Community, Losing Faith - The Sins of Reductionism - Three Kinds 
of Experimentation - Telling the First Part of Our Story - Dreaming 
Up a Name for Ourselves
	4.	A Cautionary Leadership Parable: Recognizing an Alternate 
Temptation 000
		Resisting Change, Relying on Tradition - Israel in Transition - Of 
Arks and Totems - The Philistine Way - Success, Power, and 
Presumption - Moving toward Engagement
	Section 2:	Engaging Context
	5.	Being There: Grappling with the Context of a "Post" World 000
		Defining "Post" - Postmodernity - Modernity's Narrative of 
Progress - Counting the Cost of Modernity - Postmodern 
Realities - A Fragmented World - A Remixed World - A World of 
Suspicion, A World of Possibility - Listening, Embodiment, and 
Authenticity - Post-Enlightenment - The Technology of Modern 
Knowledge - Marshall McLuhan, the Eastern Mind, and the End of 
Textual Hegemony - The Revenge of the Right Brain - The 
Reemergence of Celtic Christianity - A Rekindled Imagination, A 
Community from the Margins - Post-Christendom - Christendom's 
Twilight and the American Experience - Twentieth-Century 
American Church History in the Context of Christendom - Church 
Growth, the Seeker-Targeted Church Movement, and Generational 
Ministry - The Missional Context of a Post-Christendom World
	6.	Being Here and There: Discovering a Wholly Present, Wholly Other 
God 000
		Functional Gnosticism - Conceptual Idolatry - A Communal 
Imagination Shaped by Incarnational Theology - A New Testament 
Church? - Language beyond Control - The Wholly Other God - The 
Idea of the Holy - Hunger for Transcendence - Linguistic 
Opportunities and Necessities
	7.	Being Here, There, and Everywhere: Waking Up to the World of the 
Twenty-First Century 000
		Translating Theology into Structures - Systems Thinking - Social and 
Economic Structures through Time - The Age of Agriculture - The 
Age of Trade and Specialization - The Age of Industrial 
Capitalism - The Organizational Age - Emerging Organizational 
Realities of the Fifth Age - Tension, Paradox, and Chaos - Swarm 
Logic - Practical Creativity - Metaphors for Creativity
Section 3: Embracing Possibility
	8.	A Modest Proposal: What We Need Is Sometimes Not What We 
Want 000
		Moving Beyond Caricatures - Exegeting the Experiences of 
Observers - Learning from the Cistercians - Ministry as Idolatry - My 
Expert Answer: "I Don't Know"
	9.	Opening Up and Leaning Forward: Postures of Engagement and 
Possibility 000
		The Language of Postures - A Posture of Learning: From Answers to 
Questions - A Posture of Vulnerability: From the Head to the 
Heart - A Posture of Availability: From Spoken Words to Living 
Words - A Posture of Stillness: From Preparation to Meditation - A 
Posture of Surrender: From Control to Chaos - A Posture of 
Cultivation: From Programmer to Environmentalist - A Posture of 
Trust: From Defensiveness to Creativity - A Posture of Joy: From 
Work to Play - A Posture of Dependence: From Resolution to 
Tension; and Back Again - Struggle and Opportunity
	10.	Reckoning with Intuition: Learning to Trust Your Gut 000
		Listen to Your Life, Redux - Naming My Frustration - Intuitive 
Knowing - Emerging Leaders, Emerging Communities - Benediction
		Notes 000

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Christian leadership.
Storytelling -- Religious aspects -- Christianity.
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