Table of contents for Liberalization of the postal and delivery sector / edited by Michael A. Crew and Paul R. Kleindorfer.

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Preface 	xi
Foreword:	xiii 
Information Revolutions and Modern Postal Service 	 
James I. Campbell Jr.
1.	Approaches to the USO under Entry	 1 
Michael A. Crew and Paul R. Kleindorfer
2.	Partitioning the Mailstream: Analysis of an Innovative Approach to USO	 19 
Leon A. Pintsov, Andrei Obrea and Theresa Biasi
3.	From the Size of the Box to the Costs of Universal Service Obligation:	 37 
A Cross Country Comparison 
Fran¿ois Boldron, Denis Joram, Lise Martin and Bernard Roy
4.	A Welfare Analysis of Price Controls with End-to-End Mail and Access	51 
Philippe De Donder, Helmuth Cremer, Paul Dudley and Frank Rodriguez
5.	Dynamics of Downstream Entry in Postal Markets	 71 
Axel Gautier
6.	Economies of Scale, Density and Scope in Swiss Post's Mail Delivery	 89 
Mehdi Farsi, Massimo Filippini and Urs Trinkner
7.	Measuring Scale and Scope Economies with a Structural Model	 101 
of Postal Delivery 
Michael D. Bradley, Jeff Colvin, and Mary K. Perkins
8.	Efficient Work-Sharing Discounts with Mail Heterogeneity	 119 
John C. Panzar
9.	Nonlinear Pricing and Worksharing in the Postal Market	 133 
Etienne Billette de Villemeur, Helmuth Cremer, Fran¿ois Boldron 
and Bernard Roy
10.	Efficiency Analysis of Delivery Offices in the Postal Sector Using 	 147 
Stochastic Frontier and Data Envelopment Analyses 
Alan Horncastle, David Jevons, Paul Dudley and Emmanuel Thanassoulis
11.	Economic Analysis of the Efficiency of Royal Mail Units and the	 163 
Implications for Regulatory Policy 
Richard Moriarty, Sophie Yorke, Greg Harman, John Cubbin, 
Meloria Meschi, and Paul Smith
12.	From Theory to Practice: Vertical Relations in the French Postal Market	181 
Xavier Ambrosini and Olaf Klargaard
13.	Postal Deregulation and Its Impact on Postal Workers: A Canadian	 201 
Union Perspective 
Geoff Bickerton
14.	First Steps towards New Postal Economics Models for Developing	 215 
Countries: Learning from the Latin American Experience 
Jos¿ Ans¿n, Rudy Cuadra, Altamir Linhares, Guillermo Ronderos 
and Jo¿lle Toledano
15.	The Postal Technology Market and Effects on Purchasing Strategy	 235 
William J. Dowling, Robert J. Curry, Robert A. F. Reisner, and 
Bill Worth
16.	Economics of the U.S. Postal Service Alternate Access Retail Channels	 255 
Janet L. Webster, Dennis E. Stoker, Saadia Bukhari, Stephen Deering 
and Andrea M. Otis
17.	USO Public Financing at the Crossroad between the "Monti Package"	 275 
and the Forthcoming Reform of the Postal Directive 
Alessandra Fratini and Fabio Filpo
18.	Scenarios of Mail Receipt Patterns Across Generations	 291 
Luis Jimenez, Anna Owsiany, and Chrystal Szeto
19.	Microanalyses of Mail Demand Drivers for Large Business Customers	305 
Peter Koppe and Christian Bosch
20.	Measuring the Impact of Direct Mail on the Brand	325 
Joanne McNeish
21.	Consumer Preferences and Last Mile Pricing in the Postal Sector	341 
Beat Friedli, Christian Jaag, Daniel Kr¿henb¿hl, Ole Bach Nielsen, 
S¿ren-Michael Pihl and Urs Trinkner
22.	Microeconomic Demand Modelling for Price Elasticities	355 
Fr¿d¿rique F¿ve, Jean-Pierre Florens, and Sophie Richard
23.	U.S. Postal Services as Composite Goods with Hedonic Properties	 367 
Lawrence Fenster, Diane Monaco, Edward S. Pearsall, Charles Robinson 
and Spyros Xenakis

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