Table of contents for Managing sales leads : turning cold prospects into hot customers / James W. Obermayer.

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Sales Leads
Section One Making the Case
	1.	Sue Makes the Sale 	0
		The Marketing Manager Makes Her Case 	0
	2.	Business Rules to Live By	0
		The Rule of 45: How to Predict the Future	0
			One Exception 	0	
			Identifying Sources and Leads and Converting Them	0 
		Two Business Rules	0
		The 100% Follow-up Rule	0
		How Marketing Complies with the Accountability Rule	0
		The Six Ways to Prove the ROI for Sales Inquiries	0
		Actions to Take from This Chapter	0
	3.	Sales Inquiries: An Asset with Declining Value 	0
		How the 100% Follow-up Rule Increases 
		Corporate Profits 	0
		Marketers as Creators of Wealth	0
		Actions to Take from This Chapter	0	
Section Two Managing the Process
	4.	-Defining and Identifying Inquiries, Suspects, Prospects, 
and Leads 	0
		Inquiry vs. Sales Lead 	0
		Profile Questions: Understanding Buyer Intentions 
		and Potential 	0 
		Why Profile Questions Are So Important 	0
		Grading the Inquirer 	0
		Creating Questions and Answers and 
		Coding the Results 	0
		Actions to Take from This Chapter 	0	
	5.	Speaking in Numbers 	0
		Process Control in Sales and Marketing 	0
		ROI Reporting: The Proof 	0
		Benchmark Where You Are Now 	0
		Did You Buy (DUB) Studies 	0
		The Methods Used for DUB Studies 	0
			DUB by Mail 	0
			Email DUB Studies 	0
			Telephone DUB Studies 	0	
		Lead Management Reports You Can Use 	0	
			Total Inquiries by Representative and Region 	0
			Campaign Report 	0
			Inquiries by Source Type (Media) 	0
			12-month Inquiry Summary by Month 	0
			Inquiries by Product 	0
			Inquiry Sales Closure Reports 	0
			Inquiries by Region, Follow-up 	0
			Return on Investment 	0
			Sold vs. Lost to Competitors by Source 	0
			Sold by Media Campaign (Sale by Source) 	0
			Sold by Source Type 	0
			Sold by Original Rank 	0
			Inquiries by Rank, 12-month Total 	0
		Profile Questions and the Reports 	0
			Profile Question: How Soon Will You Need 
			This Product? 	0
			Profile Question: Are You Budgeted? 	0
			Profile Question: How Will You Acquire 
			This Product? 	0
			-Profile Question: What Is Your Role in Evaluating 
			This Product? 	0
			Profile Question: What Is Your Application? 	0 
		Actions to Take from This Chapter 	0
	6.	Managing Inquiries 	0
		Fulfill and Forget: Low Touch 	0
		Considered Purchase: Continuous Touches, 
		Some Nurturing 	0
		Nurture Processing: Inquiries for Long, Technical 
		Sales Cycles 	0
		Actions to Take from This Chapter 	0
	7.	B2B Inquiries: Special Handling 	0
		Marketing and Sales Stages 	0
		Marketing Qualifications Stages 	0
		Sales Stages: Funnel, Opportunity, Deal, or Pipeline 	0
		Actions to Take from This Chapter 	0
	8.	In-House or Outsource? 	0 
		Pluses and Minuses 	0
		Criteria for Making the Decision 	0
		Software Providers for In-House Systems 	0
		Taking It Outside 	0
		Inquiry Management Service Providers 	0
		Actions to Take from This Chapter 	0
	9.	Inquiry Leakage 	0
		Typical Points of Inquiry Leakage 	0
		Allowing the Prospect to Reach You Their Way 	0
		Capture the Source or Lose ROI 	0
		-Source or Media Types: Categories of 
Primary Inquiry Sources 	0 
		Actions to Take from This Chapter 	0
	10.	Fulfillment, Historic Trace, and Inquiry Distribution 	0
		The Literature Package 	0
			The Envelope 	0
			The Letter 	0
			The Literature 	0
			Where to Buy and the BRC 	0
			Common Mistakes in Fulfillment Packages 	0	
		Don¿t Send Literature to Competitors 	0
			Duplicate Inquiries 	0
		Tracing Inquiries from the Same Company: 
		Historic Trace 	0
		Distributing Inquiries to Sales Territories 	0
		Sending Inquiries and Leads to Direct Salespeople 	0
		The Importance of Getting There First 	0
		Actions to Take from This Chapter 	0
	11.	Closing the Inquiry Loop 	0
		Giving Salespeople Reasons to Comply 	0
		Seven Ways to Motivate Salespeople to 
		Follow up Inquiries 	0
		Reseller Compliance 	0
		Making It Easy to Report: Compliance, 
		the Key to Success 	0
		Actions to Take from This Chapter 	0
Section Three -Estimating the Number of
Inquiries Needed and Find Hot Sources
	12.	Estimating How Many Inquiries Is Enough 	0
		Too Little, Too Much, or Just Right? 	0
			The Good News: A One-Year Lead Generation Plan
			Gives you Sales for 18 to 20 Months 	0	
		The 60% Factor: Marketing Pipeline 	0
		Why One Source of Inquiries Isn¿t Enough 	0
		Gaining Market Share at an Extraordinary 
		and Predictable Rate 	0 
		Actions to Take from This Chapter 	0
	13.	Hot Inquiry Sources: Telemarketing and Trade Shows 	0
		Telemarketing Uses: Benefits for Marketing and Sales 	0
		Inbound¿Toll Free 	0
		Inbound Telemarketing: Benefits for Marketing and Sales 	0
		Inbound Telemarketing Costs 	0
			Program Setup Fees 	0
			Program Management 	0
			Reporting 	0
			Calling Fees: Vendors 	0		
	Outbound Telemarketing 	0
		Outbound Telemarketing: 
		Benefits for Marketing and Sales 	0
		Outbound Telemarketing Costs: Vendors 	0	
		Four Reasons Why Telemarketing Programs Fail 	0
		Telemarketing and Inquiry Management 	0
		Trade Show Inquiries: One of Your Hottest Sources 	0
			Trade Show Best Practices 	0
		Actions to Take from This Chapter 	0
Section Four Rules¿Formal and Informal
	14.	Setting Business Rules 
		Rule 1: Database 	0
		Rule 2: Profiling 	0 
		Rule 3: Qualifying 	0
		Rule 4: Inquiry Grading 	0
		Rule 5: Information Fulfillment 	0
		Rule 6: Competitors 	0
		Rule 7: Inquiry/Lead Assignments 	0
		Rule 8: 48-Hour Opening 	0
		Rule 9: 100% Closeout 	0
		Rule 10: ROI Reporting 	0
		Rule 11: Retention of Inquirers on the Database 	0
		The Reason for Rules 	0
		Actions to Take from This Chapter 	0
	15.	Getting Cooperation from Sales 	0
		Sales Management: What¿s in It for Them? 	0
		Salespeople: What¿s in It for Them? 	0
		The Importance of Ease of Use 	0
		Training Salespeople: The Ongoing, Never-Ending Job 	0
		Showing the Cost of the Inquiry 	0
		Actions to Take from This Chapter 	0
	16.	How to Stop That Slight Odor of Decay 	0
		Step One: Benchmark Your Current 
		Follow-up and Closing 	0
		Step Two: Perform an Inquiry Handling Audit 	0
		Step Three: Create a Road Map to Fix the Problems 	0
	Index 		0

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