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Dedications		v
Preface		vii
	1	Beta-Blockers: The Cornerstone of 
Cardiac Drug Therapy	x
New Concepts	x 
Beta-Receptors	x
Mechanism of Action	x
Dosage Considerations	x
Pharmacologic Properties and 
Clinical Implications	x
Salutary Effects of Beta-Adrenergic 
Blockade	x
Beta-Blockers vs Calcium 
Antagonists/Nitrates	x
Indications for Beta-Blockers	x
Advice and Adverse Effects	x
Individual Beta-Blockers	x 
Which Beta-Blocker to Choose	x
	2 	Beta-Blocker Controversies 	x 
	3 	Angiotensin-converting Enzyme 
Inhibitors and 
Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers	x
ACE Inhibitors Versus Other 
Vasodilators	xx
Clinical Indications	x
Contraindications	x
Advice, Adverse Effects, 
Interactions	x
Individual ACE Inhibitors	x
Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers	x
	4 	ACE Inhibitors Controversies	x
	5	Calcium Antagonists (Calcium 
Channel Blockers)	x
Mechanism of Action	x
Major Calcium Antagonists	x
When to Choose a Calcium 
Antagonist	x
Indications for Calcium Antagonists 
in the New Millennium	x
Which Calcium Antagonist to 
Choose,	x
Combination of Calcium 
Antagonists with Beta-
Blockers, Nitrates, 
or Digoxin	x
	6 	Calcium Antagonists Controversies	x
	7	Diuretics	x
Indications	x
Thiazides	x
Loop Diuretics	x
Potassium-Sparing Diuretics	x
Other Diuretics	x
Potassium Chloride Supplements	x
Important New Information from 
Clinical Trials	x
	8	Hypertension	x
Relevant Key Issues	x
Definitions	x
Nondrug Therapy	x
Laboratory Work-Up	x
Which Drugs to Choose	x
Beta-Blockers	x
Diuretics	x
ACE Inhibitors and Angiotensin II 
Receptor Blockers	x
Calcium Antagonists (Extended 
Release)	x
Centrally Acting Drugs	x
Alpha1-Blockers	x
Hypertensive Crisis	x
	9 	Hypertension Controversies	x
	10	Management of Angina	x
Salient Clinical Features	x
Treatment of Stable Angina	x
Management of Unstable Angina	x
Variant Angina (Prinzmetal's)	x
Recommendations	x
	11	Management of Acute Myocardial 
Infarction	x
New Terminology	x
Therapeutic Implications	x
Coronary Care Therapeutics	x
Limitation of Infarct Size and 
Increased Survival	x
Thrombolytic Therapy	x
Beta-Blockers	x
Nitrates	x
Ace Inhibitors	x
Statins	x
Magnesium	x
Management of Complications of 
Infarction	x
Management of Non-ST-Elevation 
Myocardial Infarction	x
	12	Management of Heart Failure	x
The Size of the Problem	x
Diagnosis	x
Basic Cause	x
Factors Precipitating Heart Failure	x
Pathophysiology	x
Vasodilators	x
Diuretics	x
Beta-Blockers	x
Inotropic Agents	x
Drug Treatment of Systolic Heart 
Failure	x
Management of Diastolic Heart 
Failure	x
Management of Pulmonary Edema	x
	13 	Heart Failure Controversies	x
	14 	Management of Cardiac Arrhythmias	x 
Classification	x
Diagnosis of Arrhythmias	x
Management of Supraventricular 
Arrhythmias	x
Ventricular Arrhythmias	x
Ventricular Tachycardia	x
Antiarrhythmic Agents	x
Class IA	x
Class IB	x
Class IC	x
Class II	x
Class III	x
	15	Cardiac Arrest	x
	16	Management of Infective 
Endocarditis	x
Classification and Diagnosis	x
Therapy	x
Prophylaxis of Bacterial 
Endocarditis	x
	17	Management of Dyslipidemias 	x
Diagnosis	x
NCEP Guidelines	x
Dietary Therapy	x
Statins	x
Combination Therapy	x
Resins	x
Nicotinic Acid	x
Fibrates	x
Final Statement	x
	18 	Statin Controversies	x
	19	Antiplatelet Agents, Anticoagulants, 
Specific Thrombin Inhibitors	x
Antiplatelet Agents	x
Anticoagulants	x
Specific Thrombin Inhibitors	x
	20	Cardiac Drugs During Pregnancy 
and Lactation	x
Antihypertensive Agents in 
Pregnancy	x
 Drug Therapy for Heart Failure in 
Pregnancy	x
 Antiarrhythmic Agents in 
Pregnancy	x
 Cardiac Drugs During Lactation	x
	21	Effects of Drug Interactions	x
Interactions of Cardiovascular 
Drugs	x
Interactions of Cardiac and 
Noncardiac Drugs	x
Cardiac Effects of Noncardiac 
Drugs	x
	22	Hallmark Clinical Trials	x
Acute Coronary Syndrome, RCTs	x
Heart Failure, RCTs	x
Cardiovascular Events in High-Risk 
Patients	x
Hypertension Trials	x
Other Hallmark Clinical Trials	x
		Appendix I: Infusion Pump Charts	x
		Appendix II: Drug Index	x
		Index	x

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