Table of contents for The Corpus Parisinum : a critical edition of the Greek text, with commentary and English translation : a medieval anthology of Greek texts from the Pre-Socratics to the Church Fathers, 600 B.C.-700 A.D. / translated, with commentary and introduction by Denis M. Searby ; with a commendatory foreword by Dimitri Gutas.

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Table of Contents
Author's Preface 		 i
Commendatory Foreword by Dimitri Gutas 		 v
Acknowledgements 		 xi
Part I Terminology, sources, contexts, principles
I.1 Terminology 		 1
I.2 Sources 		 9
I.2.a Description of Manuscripts P and D 		 11
I.2.b Description of Important Related Manuscripts 		 18
I.2.c Minor Related Manuscripts 		 19
I.2.d Important Manuscripts Related to Sources of CP 		 21
I.2.e Annotated Lists of Sources I-II 		 22
I.2.f Concluding Words on Sources		 46
I.3 The Corpus Parisinum in Context 		 49
I.3.a The Greek Gnomological Tradition from the Perspective of CP 		 50
I.3.b The Scholarly Discovery of the Corpus Parisinum 		 60
I.4 Relationships 		 71
I.4.a Relationship between Manuscripts P and D 		 71
I.4.b Relationship between CP and Manuscripts S and V 		 72
I.4.c Relationship to Sacra Parallela 		 76
I.4.d Relationship between CP and Pseudo-Maximus 		 76
I.4.e Structure of CP 1 		 79
I.4.f Structure of CP 3 and Relationship between CP and Stobaeus 		 80
I.4.g Relationship between CP and DIE 		 83
I.4.h Relationship between CP and the GV-Tradition 		 84
I.4.i Additional Remarks 		 85
I.5 Principles of the Edition 		 87
I.5.a Difficulties pertaining to editing Anthologies and Gnomologies 		 87
I.5.b The Particular Case of CP 		 90
I.5.c Editorial Aims and Principles 		 93
I.5.d The Constitution of the Text 		 95
I.5.e The Mise-en-page of the Edition 		 97
I.5.f Spelling Matters 		 99
I.5.g Emendations 		100
I.5.h Conventions 		100
I.5.i Points relevant to reporting certain Individual Sources 		103
I.5.j Points relevant to the Separate Divisions of CP 		105
I.6 Conclusions and Recommendations 		107
Part II: The Text
Signa et Abbreviationes 		115
CP 1 Florilegium Christianum 		117
CP 2 Oracula 		207
CP 3 Florilegium Profanum 		213
CP 4 Excerpta e Stobaeo 		299
CP 5 Democriti Isocratis Epicteti 		333
CP 4B Series Secunda e Stobaeo 		351
CP 6 Gnomologium Alphabeticum 		355
CP 7 Menandri Sententiae 		391
Part III: Notes and Translation
Introduction to Notes and Translation 		417
CP 1 Christian Florilegium 		421
CP 2 Oracles 		543
CP 3 Profane Florilegium 		555
CP 4 Excerpts from Stobaeus 		689
CP 5 Democritus Isocrates Epictetus 		743
CP 4 B Second Series from Stobaeus 		765
CP 6 Alphabetic Gnomology 		769
CP 7 Monostichs of Menander 		821
Appendices, Bibliography, Indices
Appendix I - Table in Elter's GnHom 		857
Appendix II - S, V and CP 		858
Appendix III - Minor Collections related to CP 		861
Appendix IV - Comparison of Max and CP 		863
Appendix V - SacrPar, S, V and CP 1 		887
Appendix VI - Basil Table 		891
Appendix VII - List of Minor Orthographical Deviations 		893
Bibliography 		899
Index Locorum 		927
Select Index of Personal Names 		951
Select Index of Greek Words 		955
Synopsis of Corpus Parisinum with Reference to Excerpta Parisina 		989
Diagram 1 - Illustrating CP in the gnomological tradition 		 59
Diagram 2 - The CP-compiler's confusing method 		 67
Diagram 3 - Illustrating relationship between CP and S and V 		 75
Plate: Cod. Par. Gr. 1168 ff. 115v-116r		

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Greek literature.
Maxims, Greek.
Aphorisms and apothegms -- Early works to 1800.