Table of contents for Fire protection : systems and response / Robert Burke.

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Table of Contents
1.	Introduction
History of Fire Prevention Codes
Fire Drills
Occupant Evacuation Assistance
Standards and Codes Overview
Firefighter Knowledge of Fire Protection Systems
Requirements for Facility Fire Protection
NFPA Standards Overview
Fire Prevention Codes Overview
Building Codes Overview
Recognized Testing Laboratories
2.	Arriving on Scene
Approaching the Incident Scene
Fire Hydrants and Fire Department Connections (FDC)
Building Access
Annunciator and Fire Alarm Panels
Areas of Rescue Assistance
Fire Command Center
Preparing to Depart the Scene
3.	Fire Alarm Systems
Introduction to Fire Alarm Systems 
Auxiliary Fire Alarm System 
Central Station Fire Alarm System
Proprietary Fire Alarm Systems
Remote Supervising Station Fire Alarm System
Protected Premises Fire Alarm System
Municipal Fire Alarm Systems 
Annunciator Panel and System Devices
Fire Alarm Panels
Manual Pull Stations
False Alarm Protective Covers
Smoke Alarms
Smoke Detectors
Beam Detectors
Duct Detectors
Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Heat Detectors
Flame Detectors
Audible Devices
Visual Devices
Voice Alarm Systems
Fire Department Communications Systems
Fire Command Centers
False Alarm Reduction
4.	Fire Suppression Systems
Introduction to Suppression Systems
Fire Sprinkler Myths
Sprinkler Systems
Occupancy Classifications
Commodity Classifications
Classification of Plastics, Elastomers, and Rubber
Types of Sprinkler Heads
Stationary Fire Pumps
Residential Sprinklers
Recalled Sprinkler Heads
Specialized Suppression Systems
		Carbon Dioxide
		Halogenated Agents
		Clean Agents
		Dry Chemical 
		Wet Chemical
Water Spray Fixed Systems
Low-, Medium-, and High-Expansion Foam Systems 
5.	Standpipes and Water Supplies
Introduction to Standpipes and Water Supplies
Water Mains
Fire Hydrants
Static Water Supplies
Fire Department Connection
6.	Portable Fire Extinguishers
Introduction to Portable Fire Extinguishers
Chemistry of Fire
Fire Extinguisher Classification
Fire Extinguisher Ratings
Types of Fire Extinguishers
Halogenated Agents
Montreal Protocol
Halocarbon (Clean) Agents
Obsolete Fire Extinguishers and Agents
Using Fire Extinguishers
7.	Elevators
Introduction to Elevators
Elevator Nomenclature
Types of Elevators
Elevator Construction
Elevator Machine Room
Elevator Recall
Elevator Fire Service Function
Elevator Emergency Power
Fire Alarm Interface
Safety Devices
Shunt Trip
Rescue of Trapped Occupants
Rescue Team Organization and Training
Evacuation Procedures
8.	Emergency Lighting and Generators
Introduction to Standby Power and Emergency Lighting
Code Requirements
Battery Packs
Fire Command Centers
9.	HVAC, Smoke Removal and Other Building Systems
Duct Detectors
Smoke Dampers
Fire Dampers
Smoke Control Systems
Stair Pressurization
Chlorinated Fluorocarbons 
	 MNR & MRI Research Equipment 
	High Pressure Steam Systems
	Heating Fuels
	Electrical Equipment
10. Inspection, Testing and Maintenance 
	 Fire Alarm System Maintenance and Testing
	 Suppression System Maintenance and Testing
	 Standpipes Maintenance and Testing
	 Fire Pump Maintenance and Testing
	 Portable Fire Extinguisher Maintenance and Testing
	 Elevators Maintenance and Testing
	 Generators and Emergency Lighting Maintenance and Testing
	 HVAC and Smoke Control Systems Maintenance and Testing

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Fire alarms.
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