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Series Preface
Chapter 1 ¿ Introduction ¿ Marx¿s Legacy
PART I Marx¿s legacy: principal themes in Marx¿s analysis of law
Chapter 2 - D. R. Kelly (1978) ¿The metaphysics of law: an essay on the very young Marx¿, American Historical Review 83, pp 350-67
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Chapter 4 - A. Vincent (1993) ¿Marx and Law¿, Journal of Law and Society, 30, pp 371-397
PART II Marx¿s work and key concepts in legal theory
The form and functions of law
Chapter 5 - Karl Renner (1949), reprinted 1976, The Institutions of Private Law and their social Functions, London, Routledge, Kegan Paul, selected extracts, chapter 1, sections I and II, pp 55-80, including footnotes and chapter three, section vi, pp 292-302, including footnotes. (ISBN no. 0 7100 8302 5)
Chapter 6 - I. Balbus (1977) ¿Commodity form and legal form: an essay on the relative autonomy of law¿, Law and Society Review, 11 pp 571-88
Chapter 7 - Alan Hunt (1985) ¿The Ideology of Law: Advances and Problems in Recent Applications of the Concept of Ideology to the Analysis of Law¿, Law and Society Review, 19 (1) pp 11-37**
Chapter 8 - B. Jessop (1980), ¿On recent Marxist theories of law and the state and juridical-political ideology¿, International Journal of Sociology of Law, 8, 339-68
Chapter 9 - William L. McBride (1975) ¿The Concept of Justice in Marx, Engels, and Others¿, Ethics, 85, pp 204-18.
Chapter 10 - Susan M. Easton (1977) ¿Facts, values and Marxism¿ Studies in Soviet Thought, 17, 117- 134 Reidel
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Chapter 13 - B. R. Roth (2004) ¿Retrieving Marx for the Human Rights Project¿, Leiden Journal of International Law 17(1) pp 31-66
Crime and Punishment
Chapter 14 - P. Hirst (1972) ¿Marx and Engels on Law, Crime and Morality¿, Economy and Society 1, 28-56 plus brief replies by Taylor and Walton and Hirst¿s response (9 pp). 
Chapter 15 - W. J. Chambliss (1975) ¿Toward a political economy of crime¿, Theory and Society (2) (1975) 149-170
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International Law
Chapter 17 - B. S. Chimni ¿Marxism and International Law: a contemporary analysis¿, Economic and Political Weekly, (6 February 1999) pp 337-349
Chapter 18 - C. Mieville (2004) ¿The Commodity-Form Theory of International Law; an introduction¿, Leiden Journal of International Law, 17(2) (2004) 271-302
PART III Socialist Reconstruction
Chapter 19 - E. Pashukanis (1980), The General Theory of Law and Marxism, London, Academic Press, eds. P. Beirne and R. Sharlet, selected extracts, Pashukanis¿s introduction which is on pp 40-49 and Chapter 4, commodity and the subject, pp 74-90, of this edition.
Chapter 20 - Christine Sypnowich (1987) ¿The ¿Withering Away¿ of Law¿, Studies in Soviet Thought, 33/4 305-32, Reidel
PART IV Marx and law: future directions
Chapter 21 - M. Burawoy (April 2000) ¿Marxism after Communism¿, Theory and Society, 29(2) pp 151-74
Chapter 22 - B. Leiter (2001-02) ¿Marxism and the Continuing Irrelevance of Normative Theory¿, 54 Stanford Law Review 112, pp 1129-1151

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Law and socialism.
Marx, Karl, 1818-1883.