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Introduction: The State of Contemporary Stylistics
Marina Lambrou and Peter Stockwell
1	Woolf?s Experiments with Consciousness in Fiction 
 Violeta Sotirova
 Introduced by Lesley Jeffries
2	A Corpus Stylistic Perspective on Dickens? Great Expectations
	Michaela Mahlberg
 Introduced by Michael McCarthy
3	The Stylistics of True Crime: Mapping the Minds of Serial Killers	
 Christiana Gregoriou
 Introduced by Urszula Clark
4	?Do you want to hear about it?? Exploring Possible Worlds in Michael Joyce?s Hyperfiction, afternoon, a story	
 Alice Bell
 Introduced by Brian McHale
5	The Effects of Free Indirect Discourse: Empathy Revisited	
 Joe Bray
 Introduced by Geoff Hall
6	The Stylistics of Cappuccino Fiction: A Socio-Cognitive Perspective	
 Rocio Montoro
 Introduced by Imelda Whelehan
7	Attribution Theory: Action and Emotion in Dickens and Pynchon
 Alan Palmer
 Introduced by Elena Semino
8	Bridget Jones?s Diary and Feminist Narratology	
 Ruth Page
 Introduced by Sara Mills
9	Schema Poetics and Crossover Fiction
 Clare Walsh
 Introduced by John McRae
10	Deixis, Cognition and the Construction of Viewpoint	
 Dan McIntyre
 Introduced by Paul Simpson
11	?And everyone and I stopped breathing?: Familiarity and Ambiguity in the Text-World of ?The Day Lady Died?	
 Joanna Gavins
 Introduced by Catherine Emmott
12	?Progress is a comfortable disease?: Cognition in a Stylistic Analysis of e.e. cummings
 Michael Burke
 Introduced by Peter Stockwell
13	Megametaphorical Mappings and the Landscapes of Canadian Poetry
 Ernestine Lahey
 Introduced by Peter Verdonk
14	Perception and the Lyric: The Emerging Mind of the Poem 
 Sharon Lattig
 Introduced by Alan Durant
15 	Deviant Collocation in Literature as a Tool for Vocabulary Expansion
 Dany Badran
 Introduced by Ron Carter 
16	Oral Accounts of Personal Experiences: When is a Narrative a Recount?
 Marina Lambrou
 Introduced by David Herman 
17	?Never a truer word said in jest?: A Pragmastylistic Analysis of Impoliteness as Banter in Henry IV, Part I
 Derek Bousfield
 Introduced by Billy Clark
18	The Cognitive Rhetoric of Arthur Miller?s The Crucible
 Craig Hamilton
 Introduced by Peter Crisp
19	The Stylistics of Drama: The Reign of King Edward III
 Beatrix Busse
 Introduced by Monika Fludernik 
 20	Computer-Assisted Literary Stylistics: The State of the Field
 Dawn Archer
 Introduced by Jonathan Culpeper

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