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Chapter 1	The Boy Lincoln
1.	When and where was Lincoln born?
2.	Is the cabin still there?
3.	Haven't I seen the cabin somewhere else?
4.	About the original birthplace it true that Lincoln 
helped his father build it with his own hands?
5.	Who were Lincoln's parents?
6.	Were Thomas and Nancy married to each other when Abraham 
was born? 
7.	His mother was born out of wedlock?
8.	Was Abraham's last name really "Lincoln"? 
9.	No, I mean, was Thomas Lincoln really his father? 
10.	So Lincoln's greatness was due to his environment, not his 
11.	Where did Lincoln's ancestors come from?
12.	Was Lincoln's father a good-for-nothing bum?
13.	Why did Thomas and Nancy choose the name "Abraham"?
14.	What was Lincoln's middle name?
15.	Did he have any brothers or sisters?
16.	Lincoln once said "All I am, or hope to be, I owe to my 
angel mother." Did he mean his natural mother, or his 
17.	Lincoln didn't go to his own father's funeral?
18.	Did Lincoln have a happy childhood?
19.	If Lincoln was born in Kentucky, why do Illinois license 
plates say "Land of 
20.	Lincoln"?
21.	Did they really spend their first winter in Indiana living 
22.	Why did the Lincolns move to Indiana?
23.	What did slavery have to do with their move?
24.	What did Abe do in Indiana?
25.	How did his mother die?
26.	Can people still get milk sickness?
27.	Did Abraham show any signs of future greatness when he was 
a boy?
28.	Did he hunt smaller animals?
29.	How else was Abe different from other children?
30.	Is it true that Lincoln was nearly killed when he was a 
31.	Did this really happen three times?
32.	What's a paw paw?
33.	How much schooling did he have?
34.	Did he write his school lessons on the back of a shovel, 
using a piece of charcoal?
35.	Who taught him?
36.	What's a "blab school?"
37.	Did Lincoln ever go to college?
38.	If his education was so limited, how did he get so smart?
39.	Did he once accidentally ruin a book that he borrowed?
Chapter 2	Railsplitter
1.	What's a railsplitter?
2.	So Lincoln didn't really split rails for a living. What did 
he do, before he became a lawyer and politician?
3.	Was this the trip when Lincoln saw slave markets in New 
Orleans and 
4.	decided he would dedicate himself to ending slavery?
5.	What about his other jobs? Wasn't he a storekeeper?
6.	Did he really once walk two miles to return change to a 
7.	What else did he do for a living? 
8.	If his partner drank up the store's stock, are you saying 
that Lincoln kept a 
9.	saloon?
10.	As postmaster, did he really carry letters around in his 
11.	What was his religion?
12.	Wasn't he secretly baptized when he was older? 
13.	If Lincoln wasn't a Christian, why are his speeches full of 
talk about God?
14.	This religious conversion he went through-didn't this 
happen at Gettysburg?
15.	What did Lincoln do for fun as a young man? Did he play 
16.	Could he dunk a basketball?
17.	So, what sports did he play?
18.	What else did he do for fun? Did he drink a lot when he was 
19.	Did he smoke or chew tobacco?
20.	Did he gamble?
21.	Did he swear or tell dirty jokes?
22.	Was he lazy?
23.	So did Lincoln have any bad habits?
24.	How about good manners?
25.	He probably didn't need much in the way of manners for his 
first girlfriend, Ann Rutledge, did he?
26.	Did he leave New Salem because of Ann Rutledge?
Chapter 3	Springfield
1.	Why did he move to Springfield?
2.	When a guy says to another guy, "it's a good place to meet 
people," he usually means "it's a good place to meet 
girls." Is that what really brought Lincoln to Springfield?
3.	If he didn't do so well with the ladies, is it possible, I 
mean, I once heard a story that he used to visit, you know, 
working girls....?
4.	Was Lincoln gay?
5.	Why does anyone care?
6.	What was it in his youth that made him great?
7.	Lincoln never was much of a lawyer, was he?
8.	Where did he go to law school?
9.	How did Lincoln do on his bar exam?
10.	What kind of law did he practice?
11.	Runaway slaves? I assume he was helping them to get free... 
or did Lincoln represent slaveowners?
12.	What's his most famous case?
13.	What was his most important case?
14.	Did he make a lot of money as a lawyer?
15.	Is it true that the real reason he spent so much time at 
the office and "riding the circuit" was to get away from 
16.	About Mary Todd Lincoln-was she crazy?
17.	How did Abe and Mary meet?
18.	What did she see in him?
19.	Who broke the engagement?
20.	How did Abe and Mary get back together?
21.	Lincoln fought a duel? 
22.	What did Lincoln write in those letters that was so bad it 
made Shields want to kill him? 
23.	Was Mary pregnant when she married him?
Chapter 4	Politician
1.	It's amazing how Lincoln failed at everything he tried, but 
kept on trying, until one day he was elected president. I 
read about this in "Dear Abby." How did he do it?
2.	So he considered himself a failure before he became 
3.	Is that why he went into politics in the first place? For 
attention and fame?
4.	Wasn't Mary Lincoln the real source of Lincoln's ambition?
5.	What did Lincoln do in the Illinois legislature, if he was 
so ambitious? 
6.	Didn't he once jump out of a window or a trap door or 
something when he was a legislator?
7.	Wait a minute-I've been to the Old State Capitol in 
Springfield, and the House chamber windows are at least 
twenty feet from the ground. How could he have survived 
that fall?
8.	When did he become a Republican?
9.	Was he the founder of the Republican party?
10.	What happened to the Whigs?
11.	If he were alive today, what party would Lincoln belong to?
12.	If Lincoln were running for office today, could he have 
gotten elected?
Chapter 5	Speaker
1.	Are there any recordings of Lincoln's voice?
2.	If they didn't have sound equipment, like microphones, how 
were big audiences able to hear Lincoln's speeches?
3.	Was Lincoln a good public speaker?
4.	How did he learn to speak so well?
5.	Did he write his own speeches?
6.	Didn't Lincoln once make a speech that was so good nobody 
wrote it down?
7.	In which speech did he say "You can fool some of the people 
all of the time, and you can fool all of the people some of 
the time, but you can't fool all of the people all the 
8.	Are there other famous things that Lincoln didn't really 
9.	Was Lincoln a good extemporaneous speaker?
10.	What about his farewell to Springfield?
11.	Did he ever make bad speeches? 
12.	What was his greatest speech?
13.	Isn't it too bad we don't have politicians today who can 
debate issues like Lincoln and Douglas did?
14.	You seem to be saying the debates contained nothing new. 
What about the "Freeport interrogatories"?
15.	Why would he have settled for just the Senate? Didn't he 
always want to be President?
Chapter 6	President
1.	How old was Lincoln when he became President?
2.	If Lincoln's whole political experience was in the Illinois 
state legislature, plus one term in Congress, how did he 
ever get elected President?
3.	How did he win the election?
4.	Did he make a whistle stop campaign?
5.	Is it true that Stephen Douglas held Lincoln's hat during 
the inaugural ceremony?
6.	What about his Cabinet? Did Lincoln really fill it with his 
7.	Did the rest of the cabinet support Lincoln? 
8.	What's a chin-fly?
9.	So did Chase ever come to acknowledge Lincoln's superiority 
the way Seward did?
10.	Who was Lincoln's vice president?
11.	But Andrew Johnson became president after Lincoln was 
killed. Why the change?
12.	Why did Lincoln start the Civil War?
13.	Did Lincoln's presidential actions violate the 
14.	Still, arresting 13,535 political prisoners is outrageous, 
isn't it?
15.	What happened to those who did get arrested for opposing 
the war?
16.	Is it true that Lincoln had an arrest warrant made out for 
the Chief Justice of the United States?
17.	Was Lincoln responsible for the income tax?
18.	Did Lincoln make Thanksgiving a national holiday?
19.	Did Mary remodel the White House without telling him?
20.	Did Lincoln appear before a Congressional committee to 
defend his wife's loyalty to the Union?
21.	Did the Lincolns have a secret summer home?
22.	What was a typical day like for President Lincoln?
23.	How big was his White House staff?
24.	How much mail did he get?
25.	Did Lincoln answer his own mail?
26.	Why didn't Lincoln sign that letter [to John McMahon] 
27.	Did one of his secretaries write the Bixby letter?
28.	What was the "Blind Memorandum" that Lincoln wrote?
29.	What did it say?
30.	Why not just postpone the election?
Chapter 7	Commander-in-chief
1.	Before Lincoln became commander-in-chief, did he have any 
military experience?
2.	Were Lincoln and his men sworn into service [in the Black 
Hawk War] by Jefferson Davis?
3.	Did he teach himself military strategy when he became 
4.	Was Lincoln a military genius?
5.	You said Lincoln "eventually" found the right commanders-
why did it take so long?
6.	So why did he put up with McClellan?
7.	How did he finally get rid of McClellan?
8.	Did McClellan and Lincoln know each other before the war?
9.	How about Confederate General George Pickett, of Pickett's 
Charge fame-wasn't he an old friend of Lincoln?
10.	Didn't he once ask General McClellan if he could borrow the 
army, since McClellan was not using it? 
11.	Was he serious [about taking command of the army]?
12.	Why not? Didn't he understand military strategy at least 
well as people like McClellan? 
13.	Did he ever see a battle? 
14.	For real? Lincoln was involved in a dangerous military 
15.	Did Lincoln hire a substitute to fight for him?
16.	Didn't one of his generals plan to replace him and take 
over the government as a dictator?
17.	Didn't Lincoln offer to send a barrel of Grant's whisky to 
his other generals?
18.	Did he pardon a soldier who was about to be executed for 
sleeping on duty?
19.	Did Lincoln try to have Jeff Davis killed?
20.	Did Lincoln have something to do with machine guns?
21.	What did the soldiers think of Lincoln?
Chapter 8	Gettysburg
1.	Did Lincoln really think the world would not remember what 
he said at Gettysburg?
2.	Did Lincoln write the Gettysburg Address on the back on an 
envelope, on the train to Gettysburg? 
3.	So the train ride was too bumpy to write with a pen-could 
he have done it if he had a laptop computer?
4.	Didn't the Gettysburg dedication committee almost forget to 
invite Lincoln?
5.	If everyone there knew that Lincoln's presence was not just 
an afterthought but an appropriate part of the ceremony, 
how did this myth get started?
6.	So Lincoln didn't think the speech was a failure?
7.	What did others think of it?
8.	My kid's textbook has the Gettysburg Address in it, and 
they took out the phrase "under God." Can't these 
revisionists leave Lincoln's words alone?
9.	Where are the copies now?
10.	When I heard the actor Sam Waterston recite the Address, he 
emphasized "people" in the last line: "of the PEOPLE, by 
the PEOPLE, for the PEOPLE" instead of "OF the people, BY 
the people, FOR the people," the way it's usually done. Why 
did he do that? Does he know something the rest of us don't 
11.	What was he trying to do?
Chapter 9	Emancipation
1.	Washington owned slaves, right? Jefferson owned slaves, 
right? Did Lincoln own slaves?
2.	Why doesn't [the question] go away?
3.	So consider it-what's the reason for asking if Lincoln 
owned slaves?
4.	But you already established that he didn't. There must be 
other justifications for the questions, no?
5.	And what is the big question about Lincoln and slavery?
6.	Which was he-the "Great Emancipator" or a clever, lying 
7.	So, Lincoln was a racist. Everybody knows that now anyway. 
Why is he still called "the Great Emancipator"?
8.	So Lincoln was not a racist?
9.	Did Lincoln use the n--- word?
10.	The Emancipation Proclamation wasn't announced until 
September 1862. If Lincoln cared about the slaves, why 
didn't he free them as soon as he became President?
11.	What about the constitutional amendment Lincoln favored 
that would have protected slavery indefinitely?
12.	Didn't he once say that he wanted to win the war, whether 
or not he freed the slaves?
13.	Isn't it true that the Emancipation Proclamation didn't 
really free any slaves at all?
14.	Did Lincoln write the 13th Amendment?
15.	Did Lincoln bribe Congressmen to get them to vote for the 
13th Amendment?
16.	Did Lincoln make Nevada a state just so it could ratify the 
13th Amendment?
17.	Why didn't Lincoln offer to pay the slaveholders for their 
slaves? That would have been easier than fighting a war.
18.	What about paying slaveholders not in the Confederacy, like 
the ones in Kentucky or Missouri?
19.	How did he come up with the value? Did slaves really cost 
20.	Did Lincoln want to send blacks back to Africa?
21.	Was he serious? 
22.	Did he know any African Americans personally?
23.	What did Lincoln think about women's rights?
24.	Was Lincoln black?
25.	What do you think Lincoln would have said about the idea of 
reparations for slavery?
Chapter 10	Lincoln the Man
1.	How tall was he? 
2.	What was his shoe size?
3.	Did people think he was ugly?
4.	Why don't any photographs of Lincoln show him smiling?
5.	What's the worst photograph of him?
6.	What's the first one?
7.	What's the last photograph of Lincoln?
8.	What's the best Lincoln photo?
9.	Are there any photographs of Lincoln with his wife?
10.	When did he decide to grow a beard?
11.	How was Lincoln's health?
12.	Didn't he have some kind of genetic disease that would have 
eventually killed him?
13.	What about the one that makes people really tall?
14.	Could his DNA be studied to find out if he had either of 
these conditions?
15.	Was he manic depressive?
16.	If Lincoln went into a suicidal tailspin just because of 
bad weather in 1835, isn't that pretty manic?
17.	Was he depressed when he was President?
18.	Did he take anything to treat his depression, like after 
Willie's death?
19.	Is it true that he once took mercury pills? Aren't they 
20.	Other than from mercury poisoning, did Lincoln ever lose 
his temper?
21.	Did Lincoln hate anyone?
22.	So Lincoln got along with everyone he met?
23.	I heard that he wrote some poetry. Is it any good?
24.	What about the "suicide poem"? Did he really write it?
25.	What was his favorite poem?
26.	Was this Knox his favorite poet?
27.	Was Walt Whitman his favorite poet?
28.	Then who was his favorite poet?
29.	Was the Confederate anthem "Dixie" really his favorite 
30.	Everybody knows that Lincoln was a great joker. What's the 
funniest Lincoln joke you know?
31.	OK, then what's the least funny Lincoln joke?
32.	Why did he tell funny stories? 
33.	How many children did Lincoln have?
34.	What kind of a father was he?
35.	Did he have grandchildren?
36.	Why isn't Robert Todd Lincoln buried in the Lincoln family 
37.	Did the President's children have pets?
38.	Is that where the tradition of the president pardoning a 
Thanksgiving turkey comes from?
39.	Speaking of signing pardons, did Lincoln have good 
40.	What was his favorite food?
41.	Was Lincoln a Mason?
42.	Did Lincoln invent something?
43.	Did he know that he would be considered by many people to 
be the greatest president ever?
44.	You said that Lincoln wasn't a Christian. Then why did he 
have "In God We Trust" put on our coins?
45.	Didn't he become more religious when he was president?
46.	Did he believe in dreams?
47.	What about Mary? Didn't she hold a séance in the White 
48.	How did he stand it being married to her?
49.	I read that she chased him with knives and broke his nose 
with a stick. Doesn't that go beyond "emotional highs and 
50.	Everyone knows he was born poor, but didn't Lincoln die 
Chapter 11	Martyr
1.	Did Lincoln know John Wilkes Booth?
2.	Did Lincoln have premonitions of death? 
3.	How did [the assassination] happen? Why didn't the Secret 
Service stop Booth?
4.	So there was nobody guarding the president?
5.	Is it true that Booth drilled a hole in the door to the 
presidential box, so that he could see if anyone was 
looking before he entered?
6.	Why were Rathbone and Harris invited? Were they special 
friends of the Lincolns?
7.	Did Major Rathbone try to stop Booth?
8.	What does "sic semper tyrannis" mean? 
9.	Didn't Booth say something else?
10.	How did Booth get a horse to wait for him? 
11.	What happened to Major Rathbone?
12.	Could modern medical techniques have saved Lincoln's life 
after he was shot?
13.	Where is the bullet now?
14.	Why did Booth shoot Lincoln?
15.	Did Booth act alone?
16.	What happened to the doctor who helped Booth? Didn't he get 
sent to jail and then pardoned?
17.	But weren't there also some secret conspirators? Wasn't the 
Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton, really behind the plot?
18.	Was the Confederate government involved in the plot to kill 
19.	Was Booth convicted of conspiring with anyone?
20.	Where is he buried?
21.	Are you sure?
22.	What happened to the rest of the conspirators?
23.	What about Mrs. Surratt's son? Wasn't he involved?
24.	Did anyone else ever try to kill Lincoln?
Chapter 12	Legacy
1.	Was Lincoln the greatest president?
2.	Does anyone hate Lincoln?
3.	What do you think would have happened if Lincoln had not 
been assassinated?
4.	Would Lincoln have been able to prevent the Radical 
Republicans from inflicting Reconstruction on the South 
after the war?
5.	So what would Lincoln have done?
6.	You think he would have supported black voting? Didn't he 
once say he was opposed to political rights for blacks?
7.	Are there any direct descendants of Abraham Lincoln alive 
8.	Isn't there another descendant, but they paid him to keep 
it quiet?
9.	"Other than that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?"
10.	What was it that Stanton said at the moment Lincoln died?
11.	Where was Lincoln's funeral?
12.	Where is he buried?
13.	Was Lincoln's corpse ever stolen?
14.	Is there a secret message in the hands of the Lincoln 
Memorial statue?
15.	What's the biggest memorial to Lincoln?
16.	Who is the best Lincoln impersonator?
17.	What is the Abraham Lincoln Association? Can I join?
18.	Are there any Lincoln groups not based in Springfield?
19.	What would Lincoln think of all the writers, professors, 
impersonators, museum guides, souvenir vendors, 
Bicentennial administrators, etc. who make their living 
from his memory? 
20.	Is it true that Lincoln and Charles Darwin were born on the 
same day? If so, what does this mean?
21.	What's the best book about Lincoln?
22.	What about the worst Lincoln book?
23.	Are there any good children's books about Lincoln?
24.	Is it true that there more books about Lincoln than any 
other historical figure?
25.	What's the best place to get Lincoln books?
26.	Alright, enough reading-what about movies and TV? What's 
the best and worst?
27.	Did scientists raise Lincoln from the dead?
28.	Speaking of JFK, what about the amazing coincidences 
between the Lincoln and Kennedy assassinations-what do you 
make of them?
29.	Let's say that Lincoln really could be revived. What would 
he have to say about legalized abortion?
30.	What museum has most of Lincoln's things?
31.	I have an artifact of the assassination. It's a copy the 
New York Herald from April 15, 1865. My grandfather passed 
it on to me, so I know it's old. How much is it worth now?
32.	If the missing Gettysburg Address is so valuable, why 
hasn't someone forged it?
33.	Which Lincoln museum is the best?
34.	I know that Lincoln was born near Hodgenville, but why is 
there a Lincoln museum in Fort Wayne, Indiana? Did he ever 
live there?
35.	So does that mean Lincoln Financial Field, where the 
Philadelphia Eagles play, is also named for Lincoln?
36.	Is it true that Lincoln Logs are also named for Lincoln?
37.	What about the Lincoln Town Car?
38.	What was Lincoln's greatest accomplishment as President, 
saving the Union or helping to end slavery?
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