Table of contents for Reworking the ballet : counter narratives and alternative bodies / Vida Midgelow.

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Part 1: Approaching Reworkings of the Ballet in Theory and Practice
Chapter 1: Reworking the ballet: (en)countering the canon
Reworking the ballet
Defining the terms of the discourse
Reviewing five Giselles 
Counter discourses and the canon
Reconsidering the past: reworkings as postmodern historiography
Reworkings as Intertextual Practices
Towards a definition of reworkings
Chapter 2: Canonical crossings: narratives and forms revisioned
Strategies of dissonance ¿ moments of sameness
Inverting bodies: reformulating the dance vocabulary
Re-telling tales: new contexts, new narratives
Gender bending: Cross-casting and Cross-dressing
Feathered pantaloons and homoeroticism 
	Hyperbole and eccentricity 
The heterosexual matrix and beyond
Strategies of dispersal: Intertextuality and the carnivalesque
Part 2: Re-figuring the body and the politics of identity
Chapter 3: Female bodies and the erotic: Performativity, becoming and the phallus. 
Encounters between reworkings and feminism
Lac de Signes (1983) and The Ballerina¿s Phallic Pointe (1994) by Susan Leigh Foster
Looking-at-to-be-looked-at-ness: performance and spectacle
	Trans-contextualizing bodies: postmodern parody and hybridity
	Parodic comedy and the performativity of gender
	The phallus, the penis, the dildo and the ballerina
O (a set of footnotes to Swan Lake) (2002) by Vida L Midgelow
	Open texts ¿ enacting becomings
Hybrid body ¿ plural bodies ¿ my body
Breaking the gaze ¿ inscribing a haptic presence
Eroticism and the politics of touch
Chapter 4: Princely revisions: Stillness, excess and queerness
Masculinities, the male dancer and reworkings
The Hypochondriac Bird (1998) by Javier de Frutos
Swan Lake, 4 Acts (2005) by Raimund Hoghe
In the gaps and absences
Excess: De Frutos and homoeroticism
Stillness and (dis)ability: Hoghe and the ontology of dance
(Auto)corpography and (beyond) queer theory
Chapter 5: Intercultural encounters: Flesh, hybridity and the exotic
Reworkings as intercultural discourse
Shakti and Swan Lake (1998)
Masaki Iwana and The Legend of Giselle (Jizeru-den) (1994)
Cultural (ex)change and hybridity
Orientalism and the exotic
Enter the Silver Swan: excess and the erotic
Fleshly metamorphosis and becomings in butoh
Commodification, appropriation and the global market
Chapter 6: Conclusion: Transgressive Desires
Reworkings as canonical counter-discourse
The double gesture: beyond the binary of otherness
Diversity and difference: (re)inscribing the body
Pleasure and power: the (re)eroticised body

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