Table of contents for Cooking : a kitchen education / James Peterson.

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The 10 Basic Cooking Methods
What Is Roasting?
How Hot to Roast?
When Is a Roast Done?
Roasting Racks and Pans
Gravies and Jus
Faking a Jus
Meat Jus
Gravies and Thickened Jus
Long-Braised Stews
Pot Roasts
Short-braised Stews
Glazing vegetables
Start with Cold liquid or Hot?
What Liquid to Use for poaching?
Poaching Meats
Purpose of Saut¿ing
Heating Fat
Deglazing-How and Why
Difference Between Steaming and Poaching
How Steaming Works
Cooking en Papillote
What Kind of Steamer to Buy (and How to Improvise One)
How Frying Can Be Healthy
Getting Frying Temperatures Right
How Frying Works
Difference Between Grilling and Barbecue
Where Flavor Comes From (Smoke, Fire)
How to Handle Live Fire
How Smoking Works
Materials to Use
Hot Smoking
Cold Smoking
A Collection of Techniques (Roasting, Smoking) Are Used
Basics for Beginners
Boiling (blanching)
Which Foods to Boil/Blanch and Why
Blanching Is a Two-Step Process
Start with Cold Water
To Salt or Not to Salt
Recipes to Learn By
Cheese Puffs (Goug¿res)
Puff Pastry Vol-au-vents
Broths and Soups
Uses for Broth, Double and Triple Broths
What About Canned Broth?
Brown Chicken Broth
White Chicken Broth
Chicken Consomm¿
How to Make White Veal Broth with a Breast of Veal	 
How to Make Brown Stock with Veal Bones	 
How to Make Meat Glaze	 
Beef Broth	 
Miso Soup	 
Garnishes for Miso Soup	 
How to Make Dashi	 
Garnishes for Simple Broths and Consomm¿s	 
Pasta in Soup
Rice in Soup
Vegetables in Soup
Herbs in Soup
Other Flavorings
Vegetable Cream Soups	 
Leek and Potato Soup	 
Soup Croutons	 
Leek and Potato Soup	 
Cream of Asparagus Soup	 
Cream of Green Pea Soup	 
Cream of Mushroom Soup	 
Cream of Spinach Soup	 
Cream of Celeriac	 
Cream of Cauliflower	 
Other Vegetable Soups	 
French Onion Soup	 
Tomato Soup	 
Garlic Soup with Poached Eggs (Sopa de ajo)	 
Fresh Corn and Chili Soup	 
Indian-style Spinach Soup	 
Moroccan Lamb and Tomato Soup	 
Mixed Vegetable Soups	 
European Peasant-style Improvised Vegetable Soup
Meats in Soup
Fats in Soup
Slow-Cooking Vegetables	 
Liquids, Tomatoes, and Slow-cooking Herbs	 
Fast-Cooking Vegetables	 
Flavorful Finishes	 
Pesto and Pistou	 
Seafood Soups	 
Seafood Soup Model	 
Aromatic Ingredients Cooking in Fat at the Beginning	 
Cooking Fat	 
Liquids and Moist Ingredients	 
Herbs, Spices, Aromatic Ingredients Simmered in Liquid	 
Vegetables Added for Substance, Color, and Flavor	 
Thickeners and Enricheners
Makin Fish Broth	 
"Deconstructed Bourride with Basil and Tomatoes"	 
Bouillabaisse-Bourride Hybrid	 
Creamy Seafood Cider Soup with Fresh Herbs	 
Brazilian Coconut Peanut Fish Soup	 
Chicken Soups	 
Mexican-Style Chile and Chicken Soup	 
Mexican-Style Tomatillo and Chicken Soup	 
Making a Flavor Base for Thai Soups	 
Chicken, Tomato and Tarragon Soup	 
Meat and Poultry (Other Than Chicken) Soups	 
Oxtail soup	 
Oxtail Terrine	 
Chinese Hot and Sour Soup	 
Hot and Sour Soup	 
Beans and Lentils	 
Indian Lentil Soups	 
Eating in Courses	 
Serving Family Style	 
Serving Salads	 
Green Salads	 
A Few Favorite Greens and Why 
How to Make Round Crunchy Croutons	 
Basic Vinaigrette	 
Creamy Vinaigrette	 
Vinegars and Oils	 
Homemade Vinegar	 
Infused Vinegars and Oils	 
Nut Oils	 
Garnished Green Salads	 
Bacon Fris¿e Salad	 
Frisee and Bacon Salad	 
Caesar Salad	 
Chicken Caesar Salad	 
Green Salad with Steak	 
Duck Salad	 
Duck Confit salad	 
Salade Ni¿oise	 
Crudite Platter	 
Celeriac Remoulade	 
Celeriac Remoulade with Hazelnut Mayonnaise	 
Grated Carrots with Parsley and Lemon	 
Shredded Red Cabbage Salad with Pistachios	 
Shredded Cabbage with Nut Oil and Pistachios	 
Cucumbers Salad with Yogurt, Cream or Cr¿me Fra¿che	 
Japanese Cucumber Salad	 
Thai Cucumber Salad	 
Marinated Mushrooms with Fresh Tarragon	 
Mushrooms Marinated with Fresh Tarragon	 
Baby Artichokes or Artichoke Bottoms with Toasted Walnuts	 
Artichoke and Walnut Salad	 
Fennel Salad	 
Artichoke and Walnut Salad	 
Tomato salad	 
Celery Remoulade Made with Hazelnut Oil	 
Cucumber, Yogurt, and Chile Salad	 
Frise¿ Salad	 
Shaved Fennel Salad	 
Tomato Salad	 
Heirloom Tomato Salad	 
Bell Pepper and Anchovy Salad	 
Potato Salad	 
American-style Potato Salad	 
French-style Potato Salad	 
Potato Salad Variations	 
Indian Potato Salads (chats)	 
Indian-style Potato Salad	 
Asparagus, Green Bean, Mushroom, and Chicken Salad	 
Chicken, Bell Pepper, Anchovy, and Tomato Salad	 
Mixed salads 
Seafood Salads	 
Citrus and Endive Seafood Salad	 
Tropical Fruit and Seafood Salad	 
Salads with Starch	 
Cheese and Egg Dishes	 
Boiling the egg	 
"Frying" the egg	 
Scrambling the egg	 
Poaching the egg	 
How to Poach eggs	 
How to Make Poached Eggs Florentine	 
Eggs Benedict	 
Baked eggs	 
Rolled Omelets
Omelet Flavorings and Fillings	 
Fluffy Omelets	 
Cheese Souffl¿s	 
How to Make Cheese Souffl¿	 
Twice-Baked Souffl¿s	 
Cheese Fondue	 
How to Steam Mussels	 
Mussel Steamed in White Wine (Moules ¿ la Marini¿re)	 
Mussel Saffron Soup	 
Cold Mussel Salad with Capers and Dill	 
Steamed Clams	 
Linguini with Clam Sauce	 
Clam Chowder and variations
Baked Clams	 
How to Cook Cockles	 
How to Shuck an Oyster	 
Oysters on the Half Shell	 
Cooked Oysters	 
Oyster "Pan-Fry"	 
Warm Oyster "Gazpacho"	 
Hot Oysters on the Half Shell	 
"Barbecued Oysters"	 
Saut¿ed Sea Scallops	 
Sauces and Accompaniments	 
Saut¿ed Sea Scallops with Sorrel	 
Braised Scallops	 
Braised Scallops with Fennel	 
Poached Scallops	 
Sea Scallops ¿ la Nage	 
Sea Urchins	 
How Many Shrimp to Serve	 
Saut¿ed Shrimp	 
Saut¿ed Whole Shrimp with Heads	 
Steamed or Poached Shrimp	 
Shrimp Stews and Soups	 
Basic Shrimp Broth for Soups, Stews, and Sauces	 
Corn and Shrimp Soup	 
Shrimp Tomatillo Soup	 
Thai Hot and Spicy Shrimp Soup	 
Shrimp Tagine	 
Indian Shrimp Stews	 
Goan Red Spice Paste	 
Goan-Style Shrimp "Curry"	 
How to Kill a Lobster Humanely	 
Basic Boiled Lobster	 
How to Get the Meat out of a Cooked Lobster	 
Steamed Lobster	 
Lobster "Stews" and Soups	 
How to Make Sauces or Soups with Lobster Shells	 
Nouvelle Lobster ¿ l'Americain	 
How to Tell the Sex of a Lobster	 
Sea Bass or Striped Bass Filets with Lobster and Lobster Sauce	 
How to Cut Up a Live Lobster 	 
How to Cook a Whole Cut Up Lobster	 
Blue Crabs	 
Dungeoness Crabs	 
Jumbo Lump Backfin	 
Backfin or Lump Backfin	 
Claw Meat	 
Cocktail Claw Meat	 
Flaked or Special	 
Blue Crab Soup	 
Saut¿ed Soft Shell Crabs	 
How to Clean Soft Shell Crab	 
How to Saut¿ Soft Shell Crabs	 
Crab Cakes	 
Fried Squid	 
Red Wine Octopus Stew	 
Mixed Shellfish Stews	 
Combined Shellfish Stew with Wild Mushrooms	 
The Basics	 
Buying Fish	 
How Long to Cook Fish?	 
How to Filet a Whole Round Fish	 
How to Filet a Whole Flat Fish (Dover Sole)	 
How to Skin Fish Filets	 
How to Prepare a Flat Fish for Cooking Whole	 
The Techniques	 
Saut¿ed Fish	 
How Much to Serve?	 
Saut¿ed Firm-fleshed Thick Fish Filets (Salmon, Striped Bass, Sea Bass) 
Saut¿ed Thin Flatfish Filets (Sole, Flounder, Fluke, and Skate) 
Saut¿ed Whole Fish	 
Saut¿ed Fresh Sardines	 
How to Filet a Cooked Whole Flat Fish at the Table	 
Saut¿ed Round Fish	 
How to Saut¿ a Whole Round Fish	 
How to Bake a Whole Fish	 
How to Carve a Cooked Round Fish at the Table	 
Saut¿ed Flatfish	 
How to Prepare a Flat Fish for Cooking Whole	 
How to Cook a Whole Flat Fish "Meuniere"	 
How to Filet a Cooked Whole Flat Fish at the Table	 
Salmon Teriyaki	 
Sole and Other Fish Meuni¿re	 
How to Bone a Whole Round Fish (Red Snapper) Through the Belly	 
Skate or other White-fleshed Fished with Capers and Lemon	 
How to Prepare and Cook Skate	 
Saut¿ed Filets of Thick Fish (Wild Striped Bass, Tile Fish, Large Red Snapper with Miso Broth) 
Braised Fish	 
Filets of Sea Bass with Mushrooms	 
Filets of Striped Bass or Other White-fleshed Fish with Cockles or Mussels and Oysters
Thai-style Braised Filets of Striped Bass or Other White-fleshed Fish	 
Indian-style Braised Filets of Striped Bass or Other White-flesh Fish	 
Braised Filets of Striped Bass with Curry	 
Braised Filets of Striped Bass or Other White-flesh Fish with Tomato Sauce	 
Braised Filets of Striped Bass or Other White-flesh Fish with Mole Sauce	 
How to Braise Fish Filets and Make a Sauce from the Braising Liquid	 
Fish Stews and Soups	 
Red Wine Fish Stew ("matelote") with Assorted Fish	 
Baking Whole Fish	 
Baking Fish Steaks and Fish Filets	 
Baking in a Paper Bag (en Papilotte)	 
Salmon en Papilotte with Saffron, Garlic, Jullienned Vegetables and White Wine	 
Poaching Whole Fish	 
Poached Whole Salmon	 
Cold-Poached Salmon	 
Poached Whole Trout or other Small Fish	 
Grilled Fish	 
Which Fish to Grill?	 
Grilled Whole Red Snapper or Other Medium-size Fish	 
Sauces for Grilled Fish	 
Grilled Tuna and Swordfish	 
Beef Roasts
Prime Rib
Roast Sirloin Strip or Shell
Less Expensive Beef Roasts
How to Grill a Steak
Internal Temperatures of Steaks
Basic Grilled Steak
Grilled, Broiled, or Saut¿ed Porterhouse
Saut¿ed Porterhouse
Carving Porterhouse
Making a Pan-Deglazed Red Wine Meat Sauce
Tenderloin Sandwich
Red Wine Pot Roast and Other Possibilities
Larding and Barding
Stages and Ingredients for Improvising a Stew
The Meat
Marinades for the Meat
Marinades for the Strips of Fat for Larding
Braising Liquids
Aromatic Vegetables for Braising
Herbs for Braising (tied into a bouquet garni)
Herbs for Finishing the Braising Liquid
Finishes for the Braising Liquid
How Thick to Make the Braising Liquid
Red Wine Pot Roast
How to Make Beef Pot Roast 
Veal Roasts	 
Cuts for Roasting	 
Roast Rack of Veal	 
Roast Saddle of Veal	 
Roast Veal Round	 
How to Roast a Whole Top Round of Veal	 
Braising Veal	 
Larding and Tying a Veal Shoulder	 
Braising a Veal Shoulder
Veal Pot Roast (fricandeau) and Variations
Classic Garnishes	 
Creamy Veal Stew	 
Osso Bucco with Julienned Vegetables	 
Saut¿ing Veal	 
Saut¿ed Veal Cutlets (slices from the round)	 
How to Cut Veal Round into Scaloppini	 
Breading Veal Scaloppini	 
Veal Saltimbocca with Sage	 
Veal Picatta	 
Veal Marsala	 
Saut¿ed Veal Chops with Madeira Sauce	 
Grilling Veal	 
Veal Organ Meats	 
Calf's Liver	 
Saut¿ed Calf's Liver	 
Calf's Liver with Onions	 
Calf's Liver with Madeira Sauce	 
Veal Sweetbreads	 
Braised Sweetbreads with Root Vegetable "Macedoine"	 
Saut¿ed Sweetbreads with Lemon and Parsley	 
Roast Lamb	 
Leg of Lamb	 
Crown Roasts	 
Rack of Lamb	 
Roast Rack of Lamb	 
Preparing a jus	 
Carving and Serving	 
Saddle of Lamb	 
Carving a Saddle of Lamb	 
Sauteed Lamb	 
Sauteed Lamb Chops	 
Sauteed Loin Lamb Chops with Fresh Oregano Sauce	 
Pan-Deglazed Sauces for Saut¿ed Lamb Chops	 
How to Make a Deglazed Pan Sauce with Fresh Oregano and Shallots	 
White Wine Marjoram Sauce for Lamb Chops	 
Braised Lamb
Lamb Pot Roast	 
Lamb Stew	 
Spring-Style Lamb Stew	 
Fall Style Lamb Stew with Wild Mushrooms	 
Irish Stew	 
Lamb Curry	 
Lamb Stew with Indian Spices, Cream, and Yogurt	 
Lamb Korma	 
Braised Lamb Shanks with Garlic	 
Glazed Lamb Shanks with Garlic	 
Pork Roasts	 
Boneless Pork Loin	 
Rack of Pork	 
Roast Rack of Pork	 
Leg of Pork (fresh ham)	 
Cured Hams	 
Country Ham	 
Roast Country Ham	 
Braised Pork	 
Braised Pork Shoulder	 
Pork Shoulder Pot Roast	 
Braised Shoulder Pork Chops with White Wine and Prunes	 
Braised Pork Shoulder Chops and variations
Saut¿ed Pork	 
Medallions and Noisettes and Pork Tenderloin	 
Pork Tenderloins with Mushroom Sauce	 
Pork Tenderloin with Apples	 
Saut¿ed Pork Noisettes from the Tenderloin	 
Saut¿ed Pork Chops	 
Grilling and Barbecuing	 
Barbecued Pork Spare Ribs	 
Barbecue sauce	 
Grilled Pork Chops	 
Pork Stir-frying	 
Sweet-and-Sour Pork	 
Roast Chicken	 
Tips for Perfect Chicken
Chicken gravy or "jus"	 
Trussing a chicken	 
Roast chicken	 
How to Make a "Jus"	 
How to Carve a Roast Chicken	 
Saut¿ed Chicken	 
Saut¿ed Chicken in Butter	 
How to Cut Up a Raw Chicken for Saut¿ing	 
How to Make Boneless Chicken Breasts	 
How to Prepare Chicken Thighs	 
How to Make Fresh Bread Crumbs	 
How to Bread Chicken Breasts with Fresh Bread Crumbs	 
How to Saut¿ Breaded Chicken	 
How to Saut¿ Whole Cut-up Chicken	 
How to Make Ghee
Chicken with Tomatoes and Tarragon or Basil	 
Chicken with Red Wine Sauce	 
Coconut Curry Chicken	 
Simplified Blender Mole	 
Proven¿al Chicken with A¿oli, Tomatoes, and Basil	 
Moroccan Chicken Tagine	 
Chicken Cacciatore (Chicken with Tomatoes and Mushrooms)	 
Saut¿ed Boneless Chicken Breasts	 
Sauces for Boneless Chicken Breasts	 
Madeira Sauce	 
Breaded and/or Floured Boneless Chicken Breasts	 
Stews and Fricass¿es: Braised Chicken	 
Chicken Fricass¿e with Morels	 
Chicken Fricass¿e with Spring Vegetables	 
Boneless Chicken Stews	 
Thai Chicken Curry	 
Chicken Fricass¿e with Spring Vegetables	 
Velvet Chicken with Spices, Cashews and Ghee	 
Chicken with Shrimp	 
Chicken Kurma	 
Poached Chicken	 
Poached Chicken with Leeks and Root Vegetables	 
Grilled Chicken	 
Duck and Other Birds	 
How to Saut¿ Duck Breasts	 
Saut¿ed Duck Breasts	 
Orange Sauce for Duck Breasts	 
Berry Sauce for Duck Breasts	 
Duck Thighs	 
Slow-roasted Duck Thighs	 
Slow-roasted Duck Thighs with Sauerkraut	 
Slow-roasted Duck Thighs with Red Cabbage and Apples	 
Duck Thighs Braised in Red Wine	 
Braised Mallard Duck Thighs	 
Duck Confit	 
Ideas for Duck Confit	 
Mushroom and Duck Confit Salad	 
Squab and Other Little Birds	 
How to Roast Poussin and Other Small Birds	 
Saut¿ed Squab with Jus	 
How to Cut Up a Small Raw Bird
Squab Civet with Fava Bean Cassoulet	 
How to Carve a Small Roast Bird	 
How to Make a Jus from a Small Roast Bird	 
How to Serve a Small Bird	 
Saut¿ed Whole Quail	 
How to Truss Quail	 
How to Roast Quail	 
Saut¿ed Quail Breasts and Thighs "en civet"	 
Vegetable Gratins	 
Potato Gratin	 
Cauliflower Gratin	 
Leek Gratin	 
Turnip and Potato Gratin	 
Tomato Gratin	 
How to Seed Tomatoes	 
Tomato gratin	 
Endive Gratin	 
Zucchini and Tomato Gratin with Marjoram	 
Mushroom and Sausage Gratin	 
Spaghetti Squash Gratin	 
Green Vegetables	 
Mushrooms Marinated with Tarragon	 
Boiled or Steamed Green Beans	 
Reheating Green Vegetables	 
How to Prepare Asparagus	 
How to Prepare Fennel for Braising or Roasting	 
Stemming spinach	 
Pur¿ed Creamed Spinach	 
Brussel Sprouts	 
Brussels Sprouts Stir-Fried with Bacon	 
Brussels Sprouts with bacon and vinegar	 
Cabbage Salad with Pistachios	 
How to Prepare Leeks	 
How to Julienne a Leek	 
How to Make Leek Gratin	 
Swiss Chard	 
Swiss Chard with Garlic and Olive Oil	 
Roast Parsnips	 
Glazed Parsnips	 
Baby Artichokes
Baby Artichokes with Garlic and Parsley
Artichoke Bottoms
How to Trim Artichokes to Make Artichoke Bottoms
Root Vegetables	 
How to Use a Plastic Vegetable Slicer	 
How to Prepare Carrots for Glazing or Roasting	 
Glazed Carrots	 
Broccoli and Broccoli Rabe	 
Steamed or Boiled Broccoli	 
Saut¿ed Broccoli Rabe with Garlic	 
Glazed Baby or Sectioned Carrots	 
Baked Carrots with Parsley	 
Roast Carrots	 
Glazed Pearl or "Boiling" Onions	 
How to Peel and Chop Onions	 
Creamed Onions	 
Glazed pearl onions	 
Roast Onions	 
How to Mince Shallots	 
How to Peel, Mince, and Crush Garlic to a Paste	 
How to Peel and Shape Turnips	 
Glazed Turnips	 
What about the microwave?	 
Roast Beets with Wine Vinegar, Butter, and Parsley	 
Beet salad with walnuts	 
Celeriac macedoine	 
How to Peel Chestnuts	 
Mashed Potatoes	 
Mashed potatoes with Fennel	 
Mashed potatoes with Garlic	 
Mashed potatoes with Celeriac	 
Mashed potatoes with Truffles	 
Baked Potatoes	 
Saut¿ed Potatoes	 
"Raw" Saut¿ed Potatoes	 
Potatoes Saut¿ed Raw	 
"Cooked" Saut¿ed Potatoes	 
Straw Mat Potato Pancake	 
Potatoes "Noisette"	 
Saut¿ed Straw Mat Potatoes	 
"Parisian" Style Potatoes	 
Roasted Fingerling or Shaped Potatoes	 
Potato Pancakes	 
Potatoes "Anna"	 
Fried Potatoes	 
Matchstick Potatoes	 
Classic Thin French Fries	 
Thick French Fries	 
Steamed Potatoes	 
Saut¿ed Mushrooms with Garlic and Parsley	 
How to Slice Mushrooms	 
How to Make Duxelles	 
Saut¿ed Mushrooms "Tartufati"	 
Mushroom Varieties	 
Saut¿ed Wild Mushrooms for Seafood or Meat	 
Saut¿ed Zucchini	 
Grilled Zucchini	 
Winter Squash	 
Bell Peppers	 
How to Peel Peppers	 
Peeled Bell Peppers with Herbs and Anchovies (Anchovies optional)	 
Poblano Chilies	 
Chiles Rellenos with Tomatillo Sauce	 
Slow-Baked Tomatoes	 
Tomato Tartar	 
How to Preserve and Store Herbs	 
How to Chop Herbs Efficiently	 
Chopping Parsley	 
Dried- to Fresh Herb Ratios
What is a Bouquet Garni?	 
Making a Bouquet Garni with Fresh Herbs	 
Making a Bouquet Garni with Dried Herbs	 
What Herbs Go with What?	 
Using Tarragon	 
Sauces, Salsas, Chutneys, and Relishes	 
How to Thicken a Sauce	 
Butter, Cream, and Egg Yolks in Sauce Making	 
Why Cream and Not Milk or Half and Half?	 
What is an Emulsion?	 
White Sauces for Fish, Meat, and Vegetables	 
B¿chamel Sauce	 
How to Make a Roux	 
How to Make B¿chamel Sauce	 
Classic Cream Sauce	 
White Sauces for Chicken and Fish: Velout¿, Cream Sauces, and White Wine Sauce
Cream Sauce Base for Fish, Chicken, or Veal	 
How to Make Veloute Sauce	 
Fines Herbes 
Cremini or Fresh Porcini Mushroom:	 
Spring Vegetables	 
Warm Egg-yolk Thickened Sauces	 
Sea Food "Cr¿me Anglaise"	 
Emulsified Seafood Sabayons and Hollandaise-style Sauces	 
Blender or Food Processor Hollandaise-style Sauces	 
Hollandaise and B¿arnaise Sauces	 
How to Make Hollandaise	 
Tomato B¿arnaise
Orange Hollandaise
Hollandaise Sauce with Whipped Cream (sauce mousseline)	 
Butter Sauces	 
Beurre Blanc	 
"Monter au Beurre"	 
Beurre Blanc	 
How to Make Beurre Blanc	 
Lightened Beurre Blanc	 
Compound Butters	 
Ma¿tre d' Butter	 
Tarragon Butter	 
Chervil Butter	 
Fines Herbes Butter	 
Morel or Porcini Butter	 
Truffle Butter	 
Foie Gras Butter	 
How to Make Maitre d'hotel Butter
How to Make Tarragon Butter	 
How to Make Morel Butter	 
How to Make Truffle Butter	 
Crustacean Butters	 
How to Make Lobster Sauce with Lobster Shells	 
Shellfish Butter Sauce Model	 
Brown Sauces	 
How to Make a Brown Mustard Sauce (How to Mount with Butter)	 
Improvising Brown Sauces	 
Classic Brown Sauces Made with Reduced Broth or Meat Glaze	 
Madeira Sauce	 
White Wine Bordelaise Sauce	 
Tricks for Enhancing Brown Sauces	 
"Improved" Brown Sauce	 
Burgundy-style Red Wine Sauce (sauce meurette)	 
Sweet and Sour Brown Sauces Made with Fruit	 
Olive Oil in Mayonnaise	 
Quick Bottled Mayonnaise Fix	 
Basic Homemade Mayonnaise	 
What about Raw Egg Yolks?	 
Mayonnaise Variations	 
Chlorophyll for Green Mayonnaise	 
Classic and Improvised Mayonnaises	 
A¿oli Sauce	 
Andalouse Sauce	 
Chantilly Sauce	 
Curry Mayonnaise	 
Green Sauce	 
Gribiche Sauce	 
Herb Mayonnaise	 
Hazelnut Mayonnaise	 
Tarragon Mayonnaise	 
Mushroom Mayonnaise	 
Morel or Porcini Mayonnaise	 
Cultivated Mushroom Mayonnaise	 
Mustard Mayonnaise	 
Saffron Mayonnaise	 
Su¿doise Sauce	 
Tartar Sauce	 
Serving Mayonnaise Hot	 
Warm Saffron Mayonnaise Sauce for Seafood	 
Warm Morel Mayonnaise for Chicken or Seafood	 
Warm Sea Urchin Roe Mayonnaise	 
Mediterranean Pesto-like Sauces	 
How to Make Pesto in a Miniature Food Processor	 
Rouille Sauce
Improvising Mediterranean Pesto-like sauces	 
Egg yolks	 
Fresh Chiles and Peppers	 
Dried chilies	 
Fruit juices	 
Vinegar and Lemon Juice	 
By Hand	 
Using a Processor or Blender	 
Basic Vinaigrette	 
Vegetable Pur¿e-based Sauces	 
Tomato Sauces	 
Tomato "Coulis"	 
Cooked Tomato Concass¿e	 
How to Chop Tomatoes	 
Roast Garlic Pur¿e	 
How to Make Garlic Paste	 
Dried Chile Pur¿es	 
Asian Sauces	 
Japanese Sauces	 
Tosa Sauce	 
Yakitori Sauce	 
Ponzu Sauce	 
Thai and Vietnamese Sauces	 
Tomato Salsa	 
Tropical Fruit Salsa	 
Sweet, Sour, and Salty Fruit Chutney	 
Herb Chutney	 
Popovers, Muffins, Crepes, Pancakes, Waffles, French Toast	 
Blueberry Muffins	 
Baking Powder Biscuits	 
Hot Berry Compotes	 
Cherry Cobblers	 
Strawberry Shortcakes	 
Crepes Suzette	 
French Toast	 
Bread and Pizza	 
Basic White Bread	 
White Sandwich Bread Made with a Sponge Starter	 
Rye Bread	 
Sourdough Whole Wheat Bread	 
Sourdough Whole Wheat Walnut-Raisin Bread	 
Pumpernickel Bread	 
Pita Bread	 
Grissini (bread sticks)	 
Coffee Cake	 
Cinnamon Rolls	 
Sticky Buns	 
Amounts of Frostings, Glazes and Syrup You Need for Making Cakes
Classic Sponge Cake (Genoise)	 
Sponge Cake for Rolling	 
Individual Chocolate Fondant Cakes	 
Angel Food Cake	 
Carrot Cake	 
Pound Cake	 
Classic American Butter Cake	 
Devil's Food Cake	 
Vanilla Butter Cake	 
Cheese Cake	 
Baba Rums	 
Cake Icings, Frostings, and Coverings	 
Butter Cream	 
Professional-style Butter Cream Made with Egg Yolks	 
Professional-style Butter cream Made with Egg Whites	 
Quick and Easy Butter Cream	 
How to Flavor Butter Cream	 
Pastry Cream and Mousseline	 
Cr¿me Mousseline	 
Stabalized Whipped Cream	 
Dark Chocolate Ganache	 
Cake Toppings and Decorations	 
Rolled Fondant	 
How to Decorate a Cake	 
Pies and Tarts	 
Pie and Tart Dough	 
Basic Pie and Tart dough	 
Extra Buttery Cookielike Pie and Tart Dough	 
How to Make Flaky Pastry	 
Apple Pie	 
Classic French Apple Tart	 
Blueberry Pie	 
Cherry Pie	 
Tarts Containing Raw Fruit
Baking "Blind"	 
Fresh Berry Tart	 
Plum, Apricot, or Peach Tart	 
Fillings for Tarts and Other Pastries	 
Pastry Cream	 
Lemon Curd	 
Brown Butter	 
Other Pies and Tarts	 
Linzer Torte	 
Banana Cream Pie	 
Coconut Cream Pie	 
Lemon Meringue Pie	 
Pecan Pie	 
Pumpkin Pie	 
Crispy Apple Tart	 
Puff Pastry	 
Quick Puff Pastry	 
Blueberry Turnovers	 
Croissant Dough	 
Danish Pastries	 
Cream Puff Pastry	 
Liquid Fondant	 
Cream Puffs	 
Assorted Desserts	 
Custard Desserts	 
Cr¿me Caramel	 
Cr¿me Brul¿e	 
Panna Cotta	 
Coffee Bavarian Cream	 
Fruit Bavarian Creams	 
Fruit Bavarian	 
Basic Chocolate Mousse	 
Marquises: Chocolate Terrines	 
Dessert Souffl¿s	 
Lemon Souffles	 
Grand Marnier Souffl¿s and Other Fruit Souffles	 
Raspberry or Strawberry Souffles	 
Basic Butter Cookies	 
Chocolate Cookie Dough	 
Checkerboard Butter Cookies	 
Marbled Sabl¿e Cookies	 
Shortbread Cookies	 
Baking Powder Butter Cookies	 
Jelly Cookies	 
Holiday Baking Powder Butter Cookies	 
Pecan Fingers	 
Chocolate Chip Cookies	 
Almond Butter Cookies	 
Almond Tuiles	 
French-style Macaroons	 
Coconut Macaroons	 
Petit Fours	 
Miniature Cake Petit Fours	 
Pre-baked Miniature Tart Shells	 
Miniature Fruit Tartlets	 
White Chocolate Ganache Tartlets	 
Tartlets Filled with Whipped Ganache	 
Chocolate Curls for Decorating Cakes and Pastries	 
Raw Fruit Tartlets	 
Fruit Curd Tartlets	 
Assorted Raw Fruit Tartlets	 
Miniature Puff Pastry Fruit Tartlets	 
Lemon Bars	

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