Table of contents for Into the minds of babes : how screen time affects children from birth to age five / Lisa Guernsey.

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Preface, or the Three Cs: Content, Context and Your Child 00
1	What Exactly Is This Video Doing to My Baby¿s 
Brain? 00
ADHD and autism¿should I be worried?
Why do pediatricians say no screen time before age 2?
Notes 00
2	Is TV Turning My Tot Into a Zombie? 00
Why does it look like my child is tuning out?
At what age do children become mentally engaged?
Notes 00
3	Could My Child Learn from Baby Videos? 00
How and when do toddlers learn from audiovisual media?
What is the ¿video deficit?¿
Notes 00
4	My Toddler Doesn¿t Seem to Notice When the TV Is 
On¿Or Does He? 00
What is the impact of background television?
How does noise affect language development?
Notes 00
5	Which Videos Are Too Scary for My Child? 00
What content is most upsetting to young children?
What should I do when they get frightened by what they see?
Notes 00
6	What Is Educational About ¿Educational¿ TV? 00
What Are the Features of a Well-Designed Preschool Show?
Have Children Really Been Shown to Benefit from Educational 
Notes 00
7	Could the Right DVD Teach My Child to Speak, or 
Better Yet, Become Bilingual? 00
What exactly leads to language development?
Will foreign-language videos give my children an edge?
Notes 00
8	Can Electronic Media Enrich My Child¿s Vocabulary? 
At what age can a video make the most difference?
Under what conditions do children learn words from TV?
Notes 00
9	Could This Program Teach My Child to Be a Good 
Person? 00
Is there any evidence that videos can inspire good 
How are TV, pretend play and good behavior connected?
Notes 00
10	Is Interactive Media Worthwhile¿Or At Least Better Than 
TV? 00
Are screen-based toys of any use to babies?
Is educational software a good idea for preschoolers?
Notes 00
11	Will Screen Time Make My Children Fat? 00
Are there real connections between TV and obesity?
Does the location of the TV matter?
Notes 00
12	How Do Real Families Make Smart Media Choices? 00
How do they cope with siblings? sickness? single parenthood?
What are some examples of limits that stick?
Notes 00
Epilogue 00
Appendix I: Movie Review Web Sites 00
Appendix II: Web Sites with Reviews of Interactive Media 
Aimed at Children 00
Appendix III: Resources on the Use of Electronic Media with 
Children Who Have Special Needs 00
Acknowledgments 00
Bibliography 00
Index 00

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