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Singing the Iliad
The Iliad of Homer
Book 1
Forced by Apollo's punishment to return Chryses' daughter, Agamemnon takes Achilles' prize-
girl; Achilles has his mother ask Zeus to favor the Trojans; Hera finds out and quarrels with
Book 2
After telling a deceptive dream, Agamemnon orders withdrawal; Odysseus halts it, then scourges
Thersítes for abusing Agamemnon; the lords rouse the army. Catalog of Achaíans and Trojans.
Book 3
Paris avoids Menel os' response to his challenge, then agrees to fight; from the wall Helen
identifies the Achaían lords; Priam goes and oaths are sworn; Paris loses, but Aphrodít¿ takes
him away.
Book 4
The gods confirm Troy's ruin; Athena makes P ndaros violate the oaths by wounding Menel os,
whom Mach on treats; Agamemnon urges the lords; roused by gods, the armies battle.
Book 5
Athena grants Diom¿des glory; he kills P ndaros and wounds Aineías and Aphrodít¿; the
Achaían and Trojan lords battle, joined by Athena, Hera, and Ares, whom Diom¿des wounds. 
Book 6
Without any gods the battle continues; Agamemnon kills Adr¿stos; Diom¿des and Glaukos talk
and exchange armor; in Troy Hektor encounters H¿kab¿, Helen, Paris, and Andrómach¿.
Book 7
Hektor challenges the Achaían lords; Agamemnon restrains Menel os, Ajax is chosen, the fight
is halted; Paris will not return Helen; the dead are buried, the Achaíans build defenses.
Book 8
Zeus keeps the gods away; the Achaíans flee the Trojans' attack but defend the wall; Hera and
Athena plan to aid them, but Zeus forbids it; at night the Trojans build watchfires.
Book 9
Heeding Nestor's rebuke, Agamemnon offers gifts to Achilles if he will yield; Odysseus, Ajax,
and Phoinix bear the message and plead with him; he relents--he will stay but not fight. 
Book 10
At a night council the Achaíans dispatch spies, Diom¿des and Odysseus, who capture and kill
the Trojan spy Dolon, then slaughter Rhesos and his Thracian troops and report back.
Book 11
Agamemnon rampages and is wounded; Paris and Sokos wound Diom¿des, Odysseus, Mach on,
and Eur pylos; Achilles sends Patróklos to question Nestor, who urges him to enter the battle.
Book 12
Battle rages at the wall, which gods later will destroy; the Trojans keep attacking, despite an
omen; Sarp¿don speaks to Glaukos; Ajax and Teukros fight, and Hektor breaks the gate.
Book 13
Poseidon aids the Achaíans; leaders of both sides battle; at the ships the Ajaxes hold off Hektor,
who decides to retreat, but, emboldened by Paris, answers Ajax's jeers and leads on.
Book 14
Poseidon encourages the Achaían lords to keep fighting; Hera plots to make Zeus sleep, aiding
Poseidon, who marshals the Achaíans; struck down, Hektor revives; the Achaíans prevail.
Book 15
Awakening, Zeus sends Iris to stop Poseidon and Apollo to aid the Trojans; Hektor fights Ajax,
then leads his army against the ships with fire; Ajax, ranging the decks, repels them.
Book 16
Yielding to Patróklos' plea, Achilles sends him out with the M rmidons; he kills Sarp¿don and
routs the Trojans; Apollo takes the body, rouses Hektor, and helps him kill Patróklos.
Book 17
Achaíans and Trojans battle over Patróklos' body; Hektor dons Achilles' armor; with gods
aiding, both sides rally; Achilles' horses weep; Menel os sends Antílochos to tell Achilles.
Book 18
Achilles, Thetis, and sea-nymphs lament the heroes' death; Achilles rescues Patróklos' body; at
Thetis' request, Hephaistos makes arms for her son, including an elaborate shield.
Book 19
Receiving the arms, Achilles renounces his wrath; Agamemnon blames Delusion, which harms
even Zeus, and gives both gifts and girl to Achilles; he arms; Xanthos foretells his death.
Book 20
Zeus sends the gods to aid both sides; Achilles speaks and fights with Aineías, whom Poseidon
saves, then faces Hektor, whom Apollo saves, then keeps on rampaging and killing.
Book 21
Achilles kills many men in the river, who begs him to stop, then threatens; Hera sends
Hephaistos to quell the river; the gods oppose each other; the Trojans go into the city.
Book 22
His parents beg Hektor to come in; Hektor refuses; Achilles chases him; Athena deceives him
into stopping; Achilles strikes him, rejects his dying plea, and drags him; the women wail.
Book 23
In sleep, Achilles sees Patróklos; he mourns; the winds light the pyre. The funeral games:
chariot-racing, boxing, wrestling, footrace, spear-fight, hurling a lump, archery, and spear-throw.
Book 24
Achilles keeps dragging Hektor; angered, Zeus says he must give up the body; with Hermes' aid
Priam goes to ransom it; they meet, Achilles restrains the battle, and Hektor is buried.
List of Proper Names in the Iliad

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