Table of contents for Earthquakes : plate tectonics and earthquake hazards / Timothy Kusky.

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Preface												ix
Acknowledgments										xi
Introduction											xii
Part I. Plate Tectonics									
1. General Earth Structure and Plate Tectonics						1
Physiography: Shape of the Surface of the Planet						2
Historical Development of the Plate Tectonics Theorem					4
Alfred Lothar Wegener (1880-1930)								7
Alexander Logie Du Toit (1878-1948)							10
Plate Tectonics and the Hazardous Earth							14
How Plate Tectonics Works									15
Conclusion											19
2. Divergent Plate Boundaries								20
Divergent Plate Boundary Processes								20
Divergent Plate Boundaries in Continents							21
Kevin C. Burke (1929-)									23
Modes of Extension										25
Transition from Continental to Oceanic Rifting: The Afar Triangle				28
Divergent Plate Boundaries in the Oceans							30
Conclusion											35	
3. Transform Plate Boundaries and Transform Faults					37	
Transform Margin Processes									38
Transform Boundaries in the Continents							39
Tanya Atwater (19XX-)									43
Transform Boundaries in the Oceans								44
Conclusion											46
4. Convergent Margins									47
Convergent Plate Margin Processes								48
Southern Alaska's Convergent Margin							49
Arcs												51
Variations between Different Types of Convergent Margin Arcs				54
Collisions											59
The Tibetan Plateau										63
Conclusion											69
Part II. Earthquakes										71	
5. Earthquakes										71
Areas at Risk for Significant Earthquakes in the United States				73
Origins of Earthquakes									79	
Method of Locating Epicenters Using Three Intersecting Circles				82	
Measuring Earthquakes									84	
Earthquake Magnitude									86	
Conclusion											89	
6. Earthquake Hazards		90
Ground Motion										91	
Ground Breaks										93	
Mass Wasting											9
Liquefaction											95
Changes in Ground Level									96
Tsunami and Seiche Waves									97
Damage to Utilities (Fires, Broken Gas Mains, Transportation Network)			98
Conclusion											99
7. Earthquake Prediction, Preparation, and Response					101	
Earthquake Statistics										101	
Predicting Earthquakes									102	
China's Liaoning Earthquake: Successful Earthquake Prediction				106	
Seismic Hazard Zones and Risk Mapping							108	
Paleoseismicity: Understanding Ancient Earthquakes					108	
Architecture and Building Codes								111	
Agencies that Deal with Earthquakes								112	
Earthquake Responses									113	
Utilities Infrastructure and Emergency Response						114
Earthquake Readiness										115	
Conclusion											117	
8. Descriptions of Earthquake Disasters							119	
Earthquakes that Struck Convergent Margins 						121	
Earthquakes that Struck Transform Margins							137	
Earthquakes that Struck Intraplate Regions and Divergent Margins 				141	
Conclusion											149	
Summary											151
The Geological Timescale									154
Glossary											156
Further Reading and Web Sites								171
Index												182

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