Table of contents for Architect of global jihad : the life of al-Qaida strategist Abu Mus'ab al-Suri / Brynjar Lia.

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1. Introduction	7
Sources on al-Suri's life	21
Who is Abu Mus'ab al-Suri?	22
2. The Syrian Jihad	25
Turmoil and Uprising	25
Joining the Rebels	26
A Jihadi in Exile	27
The Hama debacle	31
In exile in Saudi Arabia	32
3. Exile in Europe	34
Between Exile in France and the Syrian jihad	34
In Andalus	35
Al-Suri's First Publication: 'The Islamic Jihadi Revolution in Syria'	38
The Bombing of El Descanso restaurant in Madrid?	41
4. Afghanistan: Land of Holy War	44
The Road to Afghanistan	44
From a Syrian to a Global Jihad	46
With Abdallah Azzam and Osama bin Laden	47
Training and Combat	50
From Military Instructor to Jihadi Intellectual	52
The Rise of the Egyptian Jihadi Trend in Peshawar	54
Introducing 'A Global Islamic Resistance' Concept	62
Leaving Peshawar	64
5. Behind Enemy Lines	66
Algeria: His Next Jihad	67
The GIA and al-Qaida in Sudan	75
A New Syrian Jihad Group?	78
The Rise of an Al-Qaida Cell in Spain	81
6. A Media Jihadi in Londonistan 1994-97	87
In the Service of the Algerian GIA	89
Bin Laden's Media Agent	93
Al-Suri's Film on Channel4	95
Facilitating CNN's bin Laden Interview	96
With Al-Quds al-Arabi in Tora Bora	99
Meeting the Financial Times	100
Suing the Arab World's Largest Newspaper	101
7. Companions, Rivals, Acquaintances	106
Abu Qutadah al-Filastini: A Love-Hate Relationship	106
Muhammad Bahayah: Life-long Friend and Companion	111
Taysir Allouni: A Point of Contact in al-Jazeera	113
Amir Azizi: A Moroccan Aide and Training Associate?	116
Adil Abd al-Bari: a Fellow Jihadi journalist	120
Saad al-Faqih and Khalid al-Fawwaz: Acquaintances inside the Saudi Camp	122
Noman Benotman and the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group	127
8. In the Service of the Taleban	131
Leaving Londonistan	131
Taleban: the True Islamic Emirate	134
The Afghan Training Camps	140
The Ghuraba Training Camp	142
Teaching Jihadi Terrorism	147
Moroccan jihadis, Abu Layth al-Libi and Abu Mus'ab al-Zarqawi	150
Writer and Journalist	154
Al-Suri and the al-Qaida Leadership	157
A Secessionist Leader?	165
Weapons of Mass Destruction	168
The September 11th Attacks	176
9. A 5 Million Dollar al-Qaida Fugitive	179
New Books, a Reward, and Global Fame	179
His Activities and Whereabouts	182
Al-Suri, Al-Zarqawi, and the Iraqi front	185
Masterminding Terror?	187
A Message to the Europeans, July 2005	191
Al-Suri's Testament	192
The Capture of Al-Suri	192
10. 'The Global Islamic Resistance Call' (Key excerpts)	195
11. Bibliography and Sources	196
Jihadi Online Sources in Arabic	196
Abu Mus'ab Publications - Compilations	196
Abu Mus'ab's lectures, speeches and interviews	196
Abu Mus 'ab al-Suri's books and booklets	197
Selected Communiques and Articles	198
Miscellaneous	199
Abu Mus'ab al-Suri's Official and Unofficial Websites	199
Selected list of relevant Jihadi websites, 2005-2006	200
English translations of excerpts of al-Suri's writings	200
Court and police documents	201
al-Qaida Documents Reportedly Uncovered in Afghanistan	201
Selected reports by the Comisi¿n parlamentaria de Investigaci¿n del 11-M	202
Interviews	202
Islamists	202
Journalists and researchers	203
Investigators and counterterrorism analysts	203
Books and articles	203

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