Table of contents for Using SPSS for Windows and Macintosh : analyzing and understanding data / Samuel B. Green, Neil J. Salkind.

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Unit 1	Getting Started with SPSS 
Lesson 1	Starting SPSS 
Lesson 2	The SPSS Main Menus and Toolbar 
Lesson 3	Using SPSS Help 
Lesson 4	A Brief SPSS Tour 
Unit 2	Creating and Working with Data Files 
Lesson 5	Defining Variables 
Lesson 6	Entering and Editing Data 
Lesson 7	Inserting and Deleting Cases and Variables 
Lesson 8	Selecting, Copying, Cutting, and Pasting Data 
Lesson 9	Printing and Exiting an SPSS Data File 
Lesson 10	Exporting and Importing SPSS Data 
Lesson 11 Validating SPSS Data
Unit 3	Working with Data 
Lesson 12	Finding Values, Variables, and Cases 
Lesson 13	Recoding Data and Computing Values 
Lesson 14	Sorting, Transposing, and Ranking Data 
Lesson 15	Splitting and Merging Files
Unit 4A	Working with SPSS Charts and Output for Windows 
Lesson 16A Creating an SPSS Chart 
Lesson 17A Enhancing SPSS Charts 
Lesson 18A Using the Viewer and Pivot Tables 
Unit 4B	Working with SPSS Charts and Output for Macintosh 
Lesson 16B	 Creating an SPSS Chart 
Lesson 17B	 Enhancing SPSS Charts 
Lesson 18B	 Using the Viewer and Pivot Tables 
Unit 5	Creating Variables and Computing Descriptive 
Lesson 19	Creating Variables 
Lesson 20	Univariate Descriptive Statistics for Qualitative 
Lesson 21	Univariate Descriptive Statistics for Quantitative 
Unit 6	t Test Procedures 
Lesson 22	One-Sample t Test 
Lesson 23	Paired-Samples t Test 
Lesson 24	Independent-Samples t Test 
Unit 7	Univariate and Multivariate 
	Analysis-of-Variance Techniques 
Lesson 25	One-Way Analysis of Variance 
Lesson 26	Two-Way Analysis of Variance 
Lesson 27	One-Way Analysis of Covariance 
Lesson 28	One-Way Multivariate Analysis of Variance 
Lesson 29	One-Way Repeated-Measures Analysis of Variance 
Lesson 30	Two-Way Repeated-Measures Analysis of Variance 
Unit 8 Correlation, Regression, and Discriminant Analysis Procedures 
Lesson 31	Pearson Product-Moment Correlation Coefficient 
Lesson 32	Partial Correlations 
Lesson 33	Bivariate Linear Regression 
Lesson 34	Multiple Linear Regression 
Lesson 35	Discriminant Analysis 
Unit 9	Scaling Procedures 
 Lesson 36 Factor Analysis 
Lesson 37	Internal Consistency Estimates of Reliability 
Lesson 38	Item Analysis Using the Reliability Procedure 
Unit 10	Nonparametric Procedures 
Lesson 39	Binomial Test 
Lesson 40	One-Sample Chi-Square Test 
Lesson 41	Two-Way Contingency Table Analysis Using Crosstabs 
Lesson 42	Two Independent-Samples Test: The Mann-Whitney 
	U Test 
Lesson 43	K Independent-Samples Tests: The Kruskal-Wallis 
	and the Median Tests 
Lesson 44	Two Related-Samples Tests: The McNemar, the Sign, 
	and the Wilcoxon Tests 
Lesson 45	K Related-Samples Tests: The Friedman 
	and the Cochran Tests 
Appendix A	Data for Crab Scale and Teacher Scale 
Appendix B	Methods for Controlling Type I Error 
across Multiple Hypothesis Tests 
Appendix C	Selected Answers to Lesson Exercises 

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